no but imagine Nico’s skull shirt getting really dirty or bloody or something cause idk he’s Nico so he has to borrow a camp shirt and the seven just see him standing there sulking with his arms crossed, in that bright-orange shirt that’s way too big on him and suddenly he doesn’t look so scary, he’s just that pale, shy skinny little 14-year-old that he is and I can’t


Kyla here to help you out on creating your own world(s). Are you wanting to create a roleplay with your own world in mind? Or maybe you need help with a novel/story you want to start in a fantasy world where you need to create lands and towns and taverns. I’m here to say that you need not search anymore, if you’re looking here that is. This is the first installment in my “How to Create” series. And below the cut you will find resources and a guide on how to create your own world(s).

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Okay but can we talk about chapter 27 (spoilers up ahead if you haven’t read it)

of all the scenes in her dream she thinks about Kei TWICE and it’s a moment that’s ACTUALLY HAPPENED which means Kei is a thing in her life that matters to her. They l o v e e ach ot her ;w; 

(edit: i…remembered that moment wrong i rememebred it wrogng sorry oops)

omg you guys are making me ship bellamy and clarke. i haven’t even seen an episode of the 100. i’m like legit fangirling about them and i DON’T EVEN KNOW THEIR STORY.