Dear Friends!

You might all be wondring why the lake has peen so quiet, that is bcuaze

Mama and me went on a Vaycation right after Daddy went back home.

She told me she was takin me to a place that might help me recovr

better. I think it worked!!! There’s lots of nice pok'mon ovr here, and 

Mama has been taking lessons to help protect us bettr wen we come

back home, and she haz been teaching me how to write and do these

weird symbols!! I think the time outside in the sun haz made her heart

shine brighter, and I drew a picter to show you all since we don’t have a

…uh…camera! I’m running out of this paper. We miss you all and will

be comin back home soon! I hope the Pelipper delivers thiz. BYE FRIENDS!

- Dewie

askteamshelds  asked:

Musashi: Hello~? I hope this is the right cave... Heather? It's Musashi. The Emboar that lives with Tums. He thought it'd be a good idea if I came down and helped you make some additions to the cave. Sansa's here too. She said something about wanting to see Dewie?

H: H-aha…Um..kid’s in the morning, am I right? U-uhm…Can I know what kind of additions you have in mind Mr. Musashi?

“Okay..I think everything is all in set..” Heather pats at her eyes to try to rub away her tears. She puts the bag over her son’s neck and grabs his head.

Dewie turns his head and looked down at his mother. “I’m not?…Are you coming along too?”

“Oh no, I have to stay, buuuuttt…”

Dewie looks at the Golbat and steps back in sudden surprise. 

“You evolved?? Since when!!! DO YOU SEE HOW AMAZING THE WORLD IS.”

“Yes…it’s very foggy. I only evolved recently, so I’m trying to get use to these eyes and feet. Anyways, the boats here, and the Lapras looks rushed. Let’s go!”

Dewie grumbled and stepped into the boat,shivering at the cold metal. He wen’t to turn to talk once more to his mother when he lurched forward.

Dewie watched as his mother waved from the shore, shouting goodbyes and sending air kisses.

He watched as the two water pokemon started to become enveloped by the fog, and when he couldn’t see their figures anymore he turned around and chatted with his new companion.

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Heather and Jack started to make their way out of the ball room and back in the main hall. “It was n-nice to see everyone so nice and dressed up huh? Though…I still want to see around Penny’s castle…a-and..maybe dan-” At that moment they both heard a deep growling sound coming from Jacks arms. Dewie looked up at them both innocently and shrugged. They heard the growling again and they glanced again at Dewie hanging his head in guilt.

“Heehee..D-Dewie are you hungry? has been past your usual feeding time, maybe we should go find something to” They walked around until they founded a dining room. As they entered they noticed that not much mons were there. “Hmm…I guess it got to late for others..Let’s at least get you something to e-eat Sweetie!” She smiled at the Tropius and suddenly her stomach growled as well. “Uhm..Eheh…I guess I’m hungry too..”

They settled down at a table and ordered their meals. Jack played around with Dewie, looking surprised and amazed when he presented the scalchop to the Samurott. Once they got serve, they silently ate their food, talking to one other at times. 

Once they were done, Heather wiped her mouth and sighed happily with the full stomach. She looked up at the Samurott and cracked a small smiled. 

“Jack…it seems you have a little something-something a-around your mouth.” He glanced up at her in surprised and wiped on the opposite side of the stain. Heather chuckled, “Um..A little to the right.” He tried again but missed. “I surely got it this time!” The vaporeon shook her head and smiled softly at him. “Here let me get it for you.”

Their eyes locked as she wiped his mouth, and she lowers her paw back onto the table. “Heh..Uhm..I-I think I g-got it..” Her face started to turn a deep red as she shyly looked at the napkin and pulled nervously at it. “ you..-”

They looked at Dewie and Heather’s face turned a deeper red as his belch echoed around the room. “D-Dewie…oh my g-gosh.” She wiped at his mouth as well and smiled. “I think, if I remember right, you need to say ex-excuse me when you do that dear.” Dewie nodded and smiled. “EhCUY mee!” She patted his head and they threw away their trash and walked out of the dining hall. “ I was saying..” She blushed and looked back up at the Samurott. “U-Um..I heard some mons were dancing in the ball room. Do you know how to dance Jack?”

“H-How does my dress look? Do you think it’s too much? Oh gosh..I d-don’t see anybody, I-I think we came too early! U-Uhm..Do you think Jack will come..Or uhm..n-nevermind. C-Can I swim in this dress..? Did you put your bow on right this t-time?”


(Heather is waiting outside the castle, and will be available for asks tomorrow. I just posted it up today cause I was too excited ;3; Also I changed some stuff to her outfit, not much though.)