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So I want to ask everybody this question, What do you think about the New Godzilla 2014 movie coming this may

Let’s watch the trailers.

Doctor: Wait- It’s 2014!? I thought it was 2012. I… have to go do something? And make sure that Mayan robot doesn’t wake up.

Raven: I’m not too impressed. I’m still not sure what the story is. It sounds like another monster movie. We didn’t even get to see Godzilla in the trailer. We know it’s in the movie why can’t you show it.

Illyana: I’ve seen scarier shadows in Limbo.  I’m not impressed either.

Ash: It kind of reminds me of this time I was at a light house.

Finn: I want to fight that thing! It looks totally math! All huge like that! Just roaring!

Kari: I haven’t really been excited about giant monster fights since I was a little girl. I think the originals were better anyway.

Buffy: I don’t have much hope for it. Xander made me watch the  2000 one and…. let’s just hope it’s better than that one.

Maka: I’m not sure what happened there.

Sari: The video is a little hard to see anything. Is this from the same guy as Star Trek?

Kim: It looks like it has a lot of action and effects in it. It might be good, I want to see a trailer with more in it though before I decide to see it.

Sheldon: Oh! A classic Kaiju movie! I want to see how they use modern special effects to bring Godzilla to the big screen. Is it a squeal from the 2000 american movie? Is it a remake? Is it a squeal to the last movie, Monster Wars?

Syaoran: I’m not sure about this movie. Might make a good pop corn movie.

Aang: I’m having flash backs to the Battle at the North Pole.

Danny: Might see it with Tucker and Sam.

Ilana: It might be good. I’m not sure if I’d see it, there are enough giant monsters in my life already.

Usagi: I think its a movie my little brother would love to see.

Gwen: I would like to know the plot. It just seems like a basic movie were the monster just destroys everything. Ben would love it.

Akiza: It actually reminds of me of the Earthbound Immortals. I don’t think i’m going to watch it.

Zakuro: Not my type of movie.

Kirby: Po po po poyo po yo.