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askcreativemode asked:

Hi hiiiii

-~*distant mun fainting noises*~-

1. First impression:
What’s with her calling anons her mum, really cute drawings though.
“Didn’t I meet her the first time with Riki around? She seemed a bit hyper, but otherwhise cool!”
2. Truth is: 
Senpai’s dick is too enormous for any worldly hole, it shall throw this world into unending despair, with her never calming party tits on the throne of justice.
“I absolutely love being around Nilla! Though she often got too much make-up on for my style, she’s really fun and I feel as if I could talk to her about everything!”
3. How old do you look: 
The Senpai’s face is a mystery to the world.
“20-22, makeup’s makin’ her old.”
4. Have you ever made me laugh: 
Senpai is fabulous laugh-king.
“Lots and lots!”
5. Have you ever made me mad: 
“She’s having some issues now and then but I don’t really mind that.”
6. Best feature: 
“Flying super hair of destruction!”
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:
Platonic crushes all the way.
“More than others, though she isn’t really my type.”
8. You’re my: 
“#1 bosom friend”
9. Name in my phone: 
Senpai #1 pussy destroyer
10. Should you post this too?
Yes/No Ctulthu has deemed thine offer worthy and united with Gaia to send this world into chaos.

Good end?...

[Riki]: N-Not like she is not good looking or is fun to be around or anything. She does not seem to be the person that would be interested in a relation anyway.

[[Yandere Nilla drawn by her mod Futa, based off a scene from Mirai Nikki. Also that ask is almost 2 years old. wow.]]