((Hello followers who haven’t jumped ship yet! I’m so so sorry I have neglected this blog so terribly, I’ve been in a major funk for… a while now. I’m really sorry.

So this is not by me, as is likely obvious. This is by the illustrious Cornbread, the mod of transdimensionalbeing. I cannot express how cool he is. Because he is cooler than that. We’re working on a non-pony project together that hopefully someday I can talk about in public without revealing secret secrets :) Don’t worry, I’m not drawing for it, I’m just the writer.

Agh, I miss Corn and Sugar and Honey…

I ALMOST FORGOT she’s not falling to her death, she is going to be ok, honest. This was for that story with Nestor the deer-moth prince, idk if I will finish it ever :/))


((The last of the mini-contest prizes! I know I said they’d be hand drawn but I got lazy and just did them digital (sorry :() Anyway, one Pinkie hugging an albino octopus (which is hard to tell in line art, sorry :S), one cool colt and his Munchlax, and one proposal! Now I can go back to regular updates!))


((Was listening to Let It Go the other day and thought of an AU where Sugar Craze lost control of her chaos powers, runs away from Ponyville, leaving it in a chaotic state. Anna… Err, Corn Silk, pursues her and is cursed with a chaos heart, which slowly but surely changes her into a chaotic… Thing. Like Screwball.

It was all an elaborate excuse to draw that cute dress. Even so, replacing “cold” with chaos, and the song does fit Sugar rather well))

Inquiry: “And Buttercup soon came to realize that when Wesley said ‘As you wish’ he was really saying 'I love you’…”Corn: “There ain’t gonna be a lot of kissin in this story, is there?”((Prize for AskInquiry for the Pokemon mini-contest! She asked for Inquiry reading to Corn Silk or Sugar, which made me think of the greatest movie-about-a-person-reading-to-a-kid, The Princess Bride!

((I could not resist. This is Wellspring, the daughter of Silver Shill and Coco Pommel. She is a sweet but slightly spoiled little pony, constantly coming up with new ideas. Like her mother, she likes fashion, and wants to work as a business partner for “Miss Rarity”, whom she has never met but adores from her mother’s stories. Fun fact, originally Corn Silk was going to idolize and try to assist Rarity, but I think the trait works better for Wellspring :) ))