Sal Mod: Bla, not so good with these kinds of things. Didn’t think I could go through with it, but here we are, the 6 winners of our contest! 

Wind Painter (false-real-life)
Bloody Mary (amvnightmare)
Corn Silk (askcornandcraze)
Violet Rain (ask-violetrain)
USA (ask-usa-pony)
Slava Medik (checkup-time-with-slava) (NSFW)

Congratulations to the winners, it was fun drawing your ponies, and thank every single one of our followers for 300+ Followers! Didn’t think Ember would get this far. She and I both are very very grateful for all of you. You are all awesome!


((Hello followers who haven’t jumped ship yet! I’m so so sorry I have neglected this blog so terribly, I’ve been in a major funk for… a while now. I’m really sorry.

So this is not by me, as is likely obvious. This is by the illustrious Cornbread, the mod of transdimensionalbeing. I cannot express how cool he is. Because he is cooler than that. We’re working on a non-pony project together that hopefully someday I can talk about in public without revealing secret secrets :) Don’t worry, I’m not drawing for it, I’m just the writer.

Agh, I miss Corn and Sugar and Honey…

I ALMOST FORGOT she’s not falling to her death, she is going to be ok, honest. This was for that story with Nestor the deer-moth prince, idk if I will finish it ever :/))

So I’m warming up and practicing a bit before trying to do a storyboard, so here’s the ever illustrious Prusina and, I dunno, some pony.

Yep guys, gonna maybe have a little Luna in the story because her mane is easier than Celestia’s the Epine wings ARE based off of luna moths. It will be a fairly minor role, though, so don’t get all excited if you’re a Luna fan.