Saying goodbye to summer, here’s a pic with all the ponies I drew for the swimsuits contest, this is also a way to say thank you to my 641 Followers ^^ (sorry it took me so long finish all of them).

Better resolution image HERE

line from left to right
Back line from left to right


A compilation of all the wonderful fanart I’ve gotten over the years! I honestly got emotional while making this video because I’m just so overwhelmed with gratitude! ❤️

Just to clarify, when I say “fanart”, I don’t limit it to just images that were submitted to me. I also include images where someone included either of my characters in their ask blog answers, as well as images people made for me at my request. All of you took the time and effort to draw my characters and you deserve equal recognition for your talent! :D

Artists featured (in order of appearance): @ask-cassette @ask-myst-eerie @ask-4-pegasus @ask-boo-and-spooks @askcolorflare @ask-hydeart(formerly askemeraldshade) @askflourishbrush @ask-ashy-and-friends @askprosecutie @ask-rp-crystel-dancer @askskypetalblossom @ask-soad-and-pawz-gang(nsfw) @azure-quill @cattytheartcat @comic-panel @dark9thief @deejay-the-first @dr4xx0r @festiveflutterboy @fidelissibs @thegirlthatsketches @harpypon @heartstallion @just-ask-nirvana MLP Ivy Dark MLPThornRose @moon-wolfie @nanocupcakes @nopony-ask-mclovin @ask-the-out-buck-pony @rdashflare @slanderousmist @ask-star-singer @the-smollest-kirin-pony @tiketytok @goaskwanderluststuff @askstrangeweird 

I hope the deactivated accounts will see this too so they know how much I appreciated their work. Or at least if they’ve changed their URL’s or set up new blogs entirely, I find out what they are so I can mention them.

If you’ve ever drawn my characters before, whether it be fanart, request or blog answer, and it was not featured in this video, PLEASE let me know, and I’m sorry if I forgot you. 

Thanks again everyone! I love you all! ❤️

Welcome to the party!

(Mod: A big thanks to Leolion for reblogging my rainy day comic and bringing in the last few 100 + followers XD

Yeah, sorry guys, but I can’t draw all of my first 100 followers, so I picked randomly XD

If I can’t see your cutie mark or can’t figure out how it looks/is colored/ or am having a really lazy day I won’t draw it ^w^;)