From right to left:

Either the “doctor whooves and the assistant” from youtube doctor or’s doctor. (they aren’t the same doctors, but their designs are the same)

Here’s some of the pony doctors I like! :D Kind of old; I’ve got a couple more doctors I should add. Maybe I’ll do a follow up with the doctors I like not featured here. :)


Style Emulation (I Did It Momma I Finished Them All Request Edition, Round 2)


papillonshive / fleurmod


asksailorponies / askfraglantia (One pony, one pony sailor!)


askclockwisewhooves / comacoat 

ask-king-sombra / ask-wiggles (I already did Wiggle’s style before, but I always felt like I kinda flubbed it then, and there were multiple requests this round. Also nose jokes!)

((Like the last one, all styles requested by followers))

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