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Also featuring theadventuresofhotfudge

[If you all want a still of your OC, just message me.]


Second video update for the blog

Sunday, Jan. 11th, 2015: Marks the 1st anniversary of Chubby Apple Bloom; I will be making a video of how Chubby Apple Bloom really came to be instead of the spoof I did of Hot Fudge. Video will be out on the following Monday or Tuesday. [You can also send in asks on why I started the blog and I’ll answer them in the video. If you want to]

Post will be coming out slowly due to school, cause I am almost graduating; my laptop computer’s hard drive is full and need to clean it out; and I am looking for a job to get money for better Adobe Program instead of CS2.

Finally I am looking for a co-writer for the main story of the blog. Message me at my Tumblr to paul-1992zepeda or email me to You must have a Skype account to communicate with me, have some sort of file sharing cloud like Google drive or dropbox