Well theres a quick line sketch of something ; w; 

I’m almost done with the comic strip (yay..) and the reason why i havent posted anything is in that first frame ; w;

(also..i love chubbyapplebloom.. too cute > w < this quick unfinished comic strip was for your following arrival~~ ; w;)


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This comic features:

Also featuring theadventuresofhotfudge

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"Thanks for following this blog y’all! And coming to my cupcake party" ~ AB

Those who came to the party:

MOD: get what did there? It’s like the intro to Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)


"I’m not sure that your the one Luna was talking about… I think that he is an older stallion.

Though I probably won’t remember ‘til seeing him will jog my memory.

Yea I should get new friends.

I don’t have a problem with blank flanks, I did that so Sun Glimmer and Archer won’t look at me weird if I told them to stop.

I get what Luna was sayin’. I feel really bad about making fun of those two fillies.


This post features:

commission post coming soon…


"I don’t really plan on gaining that much weight, but the feeling of my doughy belly really warms me up.

You see, I’m not that great at baking, I tried baking before, but I nearly burned down the kitchen…

Thank you, I would really like to hang out with you

Cutie Mark Crusaders? Who’s the mule who came up with that name?

*looks at side*

No offense.”

[big thanks to askchubbytwilight for drawing the posts]


Apple BloomWha… What’s going on?

Squishy LunaWelcome to your nightmare young Apple Bloom

Apple BloomMy… Nightmare?…

Squishy LunaYes, it seems you can’t get over the fact that you’ll lose your respect with your two friends if you befriended young Sweetie Belle. I want you to look at something.

Apple BloomThat… That’s me with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, Why are you showing me this?

Squishy LunaBecause in that universe you and the other two fillies are close friends, but I want you to look closely to your other self.

This update features the Princess of the Night, the lover of Giant Chocolate Cake, the one and only, asksquishyluna and chubby CMC art by askchubbytwilight


A commission set for ask-a-the-dragon, askbludgeonandfruitcake, and askchunkybigmac. Made in Macromedia Fireworks 2004, yea I know, like before Macromedia was bought by Adobe. Big challenge since I am used to the current Creative Suite of Adobe products. So yea, hope the commissioners like as much I made them today/yesterday.