Taka: What kind of father spends all his time at work, ignoring the people he cares about? A shitty one, that’s who! You don’t need advice from a person like that.

Taka: Take it from me, kid; parents just want to control you and make you do what they want. They don’t have any desire to let you do what you want. So ignore them. Do your own thing. You’ll be much happier, trust me.


(( “We know you were feeling down and we worried a lot but we wanted to make you something to show that we care about you and love you and if you ever need us, we’re here for you, we’re friends” -elecmandotexe

“Adding on to that, please don’t ever feel like you need to do that. You’re great and awesome and you don’t deserve to feel like that, never ever! If you ever feel sad or angry or whatever, please tell us! We care about you so so much and we love you so much and we can’t stand for it if one of our friends were like this :‘0

We’ll always be here for you, and once again, we love you so so so much!!! :D” -ask-chibilan

(P.S if you were wondering why I didn’t respond to your message, this is kinda why <3333) ))

A collaboration by ask-chibilan and elecmandotexe

its literally eight am i didnt expect to see this but i–

thankyou for making me feel like i belong again thats– thats all i really ever wanted to feel. thankyou, both of you, all of you, everyone ive come in contact with– thankyou…

(( aaaaah this is a requesty sort of thing? Um, I didn’t want to keep you waiting too long, so here’s a doodle sort of thing of Lan and Mayl as Rin and Len Kagamine from that song Juvenile? I looked it up though, and it seems like the song was meant for like…older teenagers…um…idk
So I didn’t draw in a chibi sort of style…uh

Sorry it’s traditional, I’m on the road right now, I’ll scan later and fix

Ah, and you don’t have to go on anon, it’s okay! :’D ))