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askchibieren-deactivated2014101  asked:

Big Eren, I question your tastes as to why you wanted to marry a younger version of yourself.

People don’t realize how much was really on the line here.

Had he not jumped in there and claimed his own hand fast enough, a lot of disasters could have happened. 

“If you married Mikasa, I guess…It won’t be super bad. But her over protectiveness might make you less dependent on your own will and rely more on her.” Not too bad, but certainly not great. 

“If you married Armin, you might lose that recklessness that will later become useful. If you married Sasha you’d become a hardcore potato lover. If you married Annie you would definitely have trouble with that battle later SPOILER ALERT.” Hm, what other possibilities were there? “If you married Ymir then she can’t be with Christa and that will mess up the plot. If you married Hanji she’d try to experiment on you while you slept every night. If you married Mike then you’d probably start sniffing people too! If you married the tongue biting guy you’d start biting your tongue or copy Levi’s moves too. If you married Reiner OR Bertl you’d have to agree to a menage a trois because there is no way one of them would leave the other behind.”

"And if you married heichou…”

Oh god.

Oh god.

“…You’d become a full time cleaning maid boy and you’ll do it in a feather duster skirt ahh. That cannot happen!” In other words, little Eren is only safe in the hands of older Eren. With his not-so-calm guidance, little Eren will grow up to be the fine Titan-hating ball of rage he should be.