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Cedar finished up in the lunch line and turned around to look for a seat in the and spotted Raven looking rather lonely. It seemed as though the other rebels hadn't arrived for lunch yet. Cedar made a beeline for Raven and plunked herself down in front of the girl. "Hey Raven. Excited about Thronecoming?"

Raven had been seated in the Castleteria reading a book with one hand while casually eating with the other and was startled when Ceder took a seat across from her. Closing her book, the young princess smiled.

“Hexcited but at the same time a bit nervous,” Raven admitted thinking that some of her fellow fairy teens didn’t like it all that much that she’d been nominated for court.

im sorry but i wont be updating this blog anymore

trying to draw answers is really stressful and as much as id love to draw cedar and update i just cant bring myself to do it without stressing out

i could make this an art request blog and see how that goes but if i dont get a response or that turns out to be stressful too this blog will most likely be deleted

im really sorry