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hi sorry can you please explain the basics of what you said about alan turing 's story being sad? my phone isnt allowing me to search anything.

Sure i can. Go and make a cuppa and i’ll do my best at a ‘short’ introduction with thanks to the interwebs, BECAUSE YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIM, BENEDICT SAID SO.

THIS IS ALL REAL LIFE, AND ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN THE UK 60 ODD YEARS AGO. There are some other important bits i have missed out, do read up on him to get the complete story. This a very basic introduction to Mr Turing.

Ok; Alan Turing for people who don’t know the importance of Alan Turing.

Here he is, lovely Alan;

Alan Turing was a British mathematician, cryptographer, and computer scientist. He was an extremely clever (GENIUS) man.

He built lots of computer type things, was the first to help development of the first self-modifying stored program computer and was a pioneer for biology in the area of non-linear dynamics. 

During World War II he was principally responsible for cracking the German Enigma cipher. Largely helping us WIN THE WAR (Although don’t forget the others who helped too!)

Turing shares certain traits as our beloved Sherlock Holmes. Alan was a quirky and eccentric young man with little interest in conformity. As an adult he was socially clueless. He was opinionated, outspoken, moody (I personally think he was personally not well understood by his peers, so mistaking him for being moody when he was just in his own little world), and a homosexual with striking blue eyes, floppy short hair and a habit to keep talking if you tried to interrupt him (in his familiar high pitched voice!) He was a dreamer, ethereal and spiritual. He was a very shy man who preferred working on his own. He never saw the attraction of giving pointless hello’s to people he knew out and about at the universities and often passed his colleagues looking straight through them. He was quite the character. One time he ordered a barrel of beer for the office, not because he gagged for a pint, but because he knew it wasn’t allowed. He also almost reversed a car into a lake at Princeton, much to the amusement that he was dab hand at most machines, but not a car. When he was in America a man approached him in a bar and offered a sexual advance, shocking Alan completely at his openness! 

1928 Turing met and became close friends with a classmate called Christopher. The two shared loads of impassioned conversations about science and maths, often passing notes back in forth in class (in code sometimes) to share commentary on various puzzles and postulates in math or physics. A deep attachment bloomed between the boys, and Alan developed a purportedly unspoken crush. But in 1930 Christopher died  :(((( unexpectedly of TB. Deeply affected, Alan became obsessed with unraveling the nature of consciousness, its structure and its origins. He longed to understand what had become of Christopher. When Alan thought of something, he was obsessed with it and any aspect of it HAD to he looked at in great detail. 

So that was all a bit upsetting in Alan’s life, anyway he went to Princeton in America for a while and then he came back to Cambridge the Government Code and Cipher School hired him. Working as a cryptographer at Bletchley Park. He had made a fair few friendships and a couple of on/off relationships. He became familiar with a woman called Joan Clarke who he saw as one of the men and very much enjoyed being in her company. He proposed and got engaged to her but broke off the engagement (Via an Oscar Wilde quote “Yet each man kills the things he loves”) because he admitted he was gay and couldn’t lie to her.

He’d lock himself in a room for days at a time but he managed to reverse engineer the Enigma Machine — a stroke of pure genius that allowed the British and their allies to anticipate attacks and other vital information, changing the course of the war. But because of the secrecy of the Bletchley Park, Turing’s work (and others situated at Bletchley) went unpublicised for years. 

THEN (I have to copy and paste all this because it’s just too much awfulness to try and say myself), 

In 1952 during an investigation of a break-in at his home, Turing had revealed that one of the young men involved in the incident may have been his 19 year-old lover. As homosexual acts were still illegal in England at the time, Turing was arrested and made to stand trial. He pled guilty to 12 counts of ‘indecent acts’, and to escape imprisonment he agreed to undergo one year of estrogen injections (CHEMICAL FUCKING CASTRATION), intended to dampen his sex drive. One side effect of the treatment, complained Turing, was that he began to “grow breasts”. It was said that Turing kept in high spirits during the year of his treatment.

Once he was a convicted criminal :’(, Turing lost his security clearance and was barred from further cryptographic work with the British government. But because he was a homosexual Turing was doubly stigmatised for it was assumed by security forces that homosexuals were high risk :’(, owing to the threat of blackmail. And although Turing was barred from further government work, he still possessed a great deal of highly classified information. What’s more, as a brilliant cryptologist and computer scientist, Turing might have seemed a tempting asset to foreign governments. 

Alan Turing died in 1954 of cyanide poisoning*.

His post-mortem report revealed that he had some amounts of cyanide in him. It was concluded that he doused an apple in cyanide and ate it. Although no-one tested the apple for cyanide…. Alan’s friends and the people working with Alan said that he was enjoying life and planning trips and meetings. Even in the last few days before he died, nothing was unusual. The only unusual thing about the scene where he died was that his shoes were left outside of his bedroom door, something, his housekeeper said, he never did. A sufficient case to find out how Alan died simply didn’t happen. The people who he was last with were never interviewed. People have accepted that it ‘probably was’ cyanide that killed him (he had a spare room that he had a mini lab in (the little scamp) where he’d get up to all sorts - gold plating spoons for a laugh is just one example. Cyanide was something they found in the lab, also in crystal form, and cyanide was also found in his top drawer - it was all over the bloody place!) And in fact, he had written to his boyfriend at the time in 1938, while he was at Princeton, a suicide plan which consisted of an apple and ‘wiring’. Turing’s friend Robin Gandy had also said he knew of at least 2 people that had recieved letters from Alan talking about suicide years before his death too. Sadly, this too much of a coincidence, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it was indeed suicide. 

Lots of people, including Alan’s Mum dismissed that it was suicide.

In 2009, following a fucking huge internet campaign, our government made an ‘official public apology’ on behalf of the government for the “appalling way he was treated”. The House Of Lords also granted Turing a statutory pardon and that was backed by this government last year. Which was of course, far too late…

His story is inspiring, heartbreaking and incredible. When i saw this particular photo of Benedict dressed as Alan, that face, those eyes, the fucking acting happening HERE;

I know that with Benedict’s help, i’m going to bloody BREAK in half, probably way more than Third Star, at this story - The Imitation Game. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Keira Knightley. A story i can’t wait for the world to know about. Alan Turing being brought back to life, finally with a voice (there are no recordings of Alan Turing’s voice) getting the recognition he so deserves.

The foreword of the Hodges book by Douglas Hofstader says “Alan would probably have shuddered had he ever suspected that the tale of his personal life would one day be presented to the public at large.” Sorry Alan. I’m sure Cumberbatch will do you (the best) justice.

Mr Alan Mathison Turing everyone.

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Hello, do you know how many charities is Benedict involved with?

Sorry it’s taken me weeks to respond! So, how long have you got?

 Princes Trust (Palace 2 Palace bike ride was for this too & he’s an ambassador of PT!) The Prince’s Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help young people.

♢ London’s New End Primary School auctioned off a photo Benedict donated to them.

♢ Cards for Keeps - a celebrity charity auction run by Stampin’ Up! UK on behalf of children’s charity Coram.

♢ He supported the London Night Hike for Maggie’s Centres. Maggie’s offers free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer .

♢ He has supported and urged fans to donate to the MND charity. ALS/MND charities fund and promote global research into MND and provides support to people affected by Motor Neurone Disease.

♢ Donated a Spencer Hart suit to Annos Africa. UK based African children’s arts charity running educational arts projects in the Nairobi slums.

♢ Asked fans to donate to Myeloma UK one year for his birthday. Myeloma is a myeloma/multiple myeloma blood cancer disease

♢ Cool to be Kind - Benedict Cumberbatch knows it is Cool to be Kind to animals.

♢ Benedict hosted the Laureus Awards in 2014 & 2015. Laureus use the event to raise awareness and fundraise. The foundation is also partnered with the Prince’s Trust and aims to fund sports programs for disadvantaged kids.

♢ Was involved with Dramatic Need.  Dramatic Need is a creative arts charity helping vulnerable children in Africa to build hope & self-belief in the face of conflict, trauma & hardship. Benedict also contributed to a fantastic Dramatic Need again in 2015.

♢ Went to the zoo with a fan with Cystic Fibrosis which was part of her ‘Make A Wish’. 

♢ Drew a ‘Dove for Peace’ who help raise funds for children in war zones. They asked people to show their support and draw a dove in aid of UNICEF for exhibition & auction.

♢ He is a patron for Odd Arts. Odd Arts has worked with over 60,000 people, making safer communities and individuals. They are market leaders in issue and evidence based arts work within criminal justice and community settings. 

♢ Signed a Deerstalker for St.Mungo’s. St Mungo’s is a charity registered in England to help homeless people.

♢ Urged his fans to donate to the late great Stephen’s Story who was suffering and sadly died of a incurable cancer. 

♢ An auction went live after the High Life interview and photoshoot where they auctioned Benedict’s coat that he wore for the shoot. This was for Flying Start is a global charity partnership, British Airways and Comic Relief UK. The aim is to raise money to help children living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world.

♢ Attended a charity dinner gala with Prince William to celebrate the work of the Royal Marsden. He also attended the Met Gala which is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s Costume Institute in New York City.

♢ Reportedly brought food for beggars in Kuala Lumpur. 

♢ Read at an event called “Letters Live” for The Reading Agency which raised over eleven thousand pounds for The Reading Agency.

♢ Fans had (somehow!) found out a t-shirt he had worn was bought at “The Henry Miller Memorial Library. Which is a public benefit, non-profit organization championing the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist and Big Sur resident Henry Miller.

♢ Drew a self portrait to auction off for the Willow Foundation which is dedicated to bringing special days to the seriously ill who are between the ages 16 and 40 years of age and live in the United Kingdom.

♢ Benedict was just one of the guest presenters at the Gold Award Presentation in St. James’s Palace on 19 March. . The DofE is a leading youth Charity the DofE gives all young people aged 14-24 the chance to develop skills for life and work, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.

♢ Benedict supported the drama training of upcoming actor Ben Eagle by donating items for auction at Bonhams, including an iconic, signed deerstalker.

♢ Benedict attended an event to celebrate five Los Angeles high school “stars” in recognition for their excellence in academic achievements, despite the overwhelming obstacles that stand in their way. This charity is called the Children’s Defence Fund. 

♢ He attended a charity gala for The Park Theatre which raised over £100,000 to help build a new education floor at Park Theatre.

♢ Benedict read (& is honorary Vice President) for The Story of Christmas event which raises funds to support charitable projects that benefit homeless people and disadvantaged children in and around London. The Story of Christmas is supported by private and corporate benefactors, together with famous faces from the worlds of stage and screen who perform live.

♢ Benedict attended Elton John’s Aids Foundation Oscar party. EJAF is an international non-profit organisation funding direct patient care services and AIDS prevention education.

♢ Benedict was photographed for a Stand Up To Cancer campaign where he was asked to run as if he were about to save a life. Stand Up To Cancer is a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4. They actors involved were part of an exclusive short film and set of photographs shot by renowned photographer and film director, Greg Williams.

♢ He attended the 2004 Amnesty International Burlesque party which helped raise over £100,000 for human rights. 

♢ Benedict & Martin took time out filming Sherlock in 2013 and 2015 to meet young people with cancer from the unit at University College London Hospital nearby.

♢ Benedict attended the Centrepoint Winter White galaCentrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, supporting 16-25 years olds with housing, learning, health and life skills.

♢ He’s supporting Bowel Cancer UK  who have been aiming to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer. 

♢ His nibs took a selfie for The Big C  The Big C Challenge urges people to take on any challenge beginning with the letter C throughout September. The aim of the campaign is to challenge cancer. 

♢ Benedict took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in the summer of 2014 when the challenge went viral. An activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

♢ Benedict took part in a skit for Red Nose Day, which debuted for the first time in America. Red Nose Day is a fantastic night of TV, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously.

♢ Benedict donated his famous sparkly Vuitton shoes to Small Steps Project which help children living on rubbish dumps globally.

♢ In 2014 Benedict attended the annual Young Patron’s Bright Young Things Gala which supports emerging artists at London’s National Theatre.

♢ Benedict was photographed by Jason Bell, who was commissioned by TK Maxx to shoot a variety of famous faces, including Liam Neeson, Kate Winslet and Jerry Hall, to celebrate ten years of its Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, which has raised more than £17 million for Cancer Research.

♢ Benedict joined a host of stars in calls to “Save Soho" from gentrification and also featured in their Save Soho video. The Save Soho campaign aims to protect performance arts venues in the area. Benedict is also seen sporting their pins at events. 

♢ He’s a patron of Phoenix Cinema who will participate in an event there for their friends and community, as soon as his currently very full schedule allows. The programme of events and films on offer is curated by people who truly love and know cinema and is made possible by a charity that puts people before profit.

♢ Benedict helped design a Paddington Bear. The Paddington Trail helped to raise in the region of £950,000 for NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), ChildLine and Action Medical Research when the bears were sold at auction.

♢ Benedict and the cast of The Imitation Game signed posters for The Turing Trust to auction off. The Turing Trust is established by the nephew of Alan Turing and is a UK based sustainable development charity which makes people more employable by bringing transformative technologies to those that will otherwise miss out.

♢ He signed prints for photographer Ian Derry to auction off for Cure Leukaemia.

♢ The inspiring champ Stephen Sutton raised lots of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which helped him throughout his battle with colorectal cancer. Stephen’s campaign went viral in 2014 and broke all records on Just Giving. Benedict shared a photo via his bud James Rhodes urging people to donate to Stephen’s cause. RIP Stephen Sutton. 

♢ Benedict and Sienna Miller filmed themselves doing Sohana’s EBtonguetwister challenge for the Sohana Research Fund which is helping to find effective treatment for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa.

♢ Benedict donated some Gucci glasses, Modalu bag and a signed photo to #Boxathon who send boxes to people who fill it with things they can auction off to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. 

♢ Benedict donated another pair of shoes, this time Edward Green’s to Small Steps which helps children and famlies living on rubbish dumps. 

♢ He signed a Yorick skull in auction for @barbicantrust.

♢ Benedict donated a pair of Gucci Sunglasses and designer bag for Boxman who donated the proceedings to the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

♢ Signed a photo for African Children’s Fund which is a UK charity working to break down the barriers preventing African children leading happy & fulfilled lives.  

♢ Another signed photograph went up for auction for photographer Ian Derry who was raising money for @CureLeukaemia.

♢ There was a celebrity auction in aid of Deafinitely Theatre in which Benedict sent a signed photo for them to auction. Deafinitely Theatre support bilingual theatre for deaf and hearing children.

♢ Benedict donated an Armani cardigan of his for Turn2us which is a national charity set up in 1897 to fight poverty in the UK.

♢ During Benedict’s 3 month run of Hamlet in 2015 Benedict appealed for Save The Children at the end of every performance which raised £150k. As well as that, he participated in a Save The Children video  for the charity single raising money for Syrian refugees.

♢ Benedict featured in a video for ‘Save Our Human Rights’ supporting a campaign to stop the Government scrapping the Human Rights Act.

♢ For America’s first red Nose Day in 2015. Benedict was one of many celebrities to help out with a video skit. 

♢ A huge bear joined Benedict and Johnny Depp on The Graham Norton show in Nov 2015 which Benedict attacked live on the show. Johnny and Benedict signed the bear to be auctioned off for @GOSH. Great Ormond Street Hospital provides world class care to hundreds of children every day.

♢ Benedict donated a signed photo to auction off for the Holy Cross Catholic Primary School in East Cowes in the Isle of Wight. 

♢ Benedict called up radio host Christian for Who’s Calling Christian who spent two weeks looking for celebrities to Call Christian for the chance to win £20,000 towards the charity of their choice (or £10,000 for their charity and £10,000 for a listener who told them to call up). After selecting the top 5 calls and then opening up the vote to you to choose the best. Unfortunately Benedict didn’t get to the final Top 5. 

(That’s not including all the other charities and gala’s he attends and help that we don’t know about).

~ Additionally Benedict  joined the Stop the War Coalition protest against the Iraq War in London, addressed activists in a protest sponsored by the Trade Union Congress in Westminster on the suggested risks to the arts due to spending cuts expected in the Spending Review, was a signatory of Amnesty International’s letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron campaigning for women’s rights in Afghanistan for International Women’s Day 2014, protested against what he perceived were civil liberties violations by the UK Government, publicly backed “Hacked Off”officiated the same-sex marriage of his friends and was among a group of actors to voice their opposition to the Government’s plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

And every year for his birthday his ever growing fan base raise thousands to his chosen charities or charities they want to support. Perhaps the biggest, for example, Cumberbatchweb organises one. One year £10K for the Teenage Cancer Trust was raised, last year £15k for Myeloma UK and this year (as it stands currently) £6,163 to The Princes Trust. Not forgetting all the other fans raising large amounts for other charities throughout the year in his name. 

♢♢ In 2015 Benedict was acknowledged in the Queen’s Birthday Honours with a CBE for his services to performing arts and services to charity. ♢♢

“Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.” - Moliere.

In the light of a seeming constant intrusion into his whereabouts and privacy, it would be a delight to make a few frenzied discussions on what he does to truly deflect his own fame for good. Take his lead & shine a light into a weary world.

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How did the shink comment come about do you know?

Someone asked him if he has ever had trouble shaking off characters after a job and he said he’d actually seen a shrink just to make sure he’s alright and that it’s just not him - and that there should be more open discussion about mental health.

And of course he’s right about the latter.

Edit: It’s not depression, he just wanted to know if he was dealing with fame ok and wanted the all clear - which he got. 

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Actually, Benedict's chinese nickname does not means 'dickhead', it is sounds a little bit rude, is it? His nickname is '缺爷'that is means 'Master Dork', '缺’ = 'Dork' (of course is not dickhead, he is such adorkable!) and about Martin's nickname is not just 'Fashion', we call him '潮爷‘, means 'Master Fashion' or 'Mr.Fashion'. So, Benedict = Master Dork/Mr. Dork, Martin = Master Fashion/Mr.Fashion.

That was a excellent lesson in their Chinese nicknames!

And Benedict, don’t fucking exaggerate. You’re Master Dork and Martin is Master Fashion! As well as Curly Fu and Peanut, right!? LOVELY!

‘Another anon here. Curly Fu is a nickname for BC’s version of Holmes. Holmes in Chinese is 福尔摩斯 (FuErMoSi) and BC’s Holmes has curly hair so he is Curly Fu. Watson in Chinese is 华生 (HuaSheng) which sounds very similar to 花生, which means Peanut. :) Just in case non-Chinese fans are wondering what’s with the nicknames.’

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Wait, Ben's in NYC??? Good God, how much flying can one man do?! Also, do you know what he's there for?

Yes.  And as a matter of fact i do. You know how we all know he’s a giant puzzle enthusiast?

I blogged about it a few months ago. He was trying to finish a 12,000 puzzle piece of the Creation Of Adam. I know he was struggling a little with it cos he likes to have a whiskey you see, when he’s doing it, and obviously the tipsier he got, well, the more he fucked it up. But i think he managed to do it. It takes him so long you see, because he works a lot so i think the Creation took him about 18 months in the end. 

But in NYC they are secretly getting together the famous people who like doing Puzzles. It’s a secret group called Puzzles For The Prestigious (AKA P4TP) And they gather, once a year, in a secret location and try out the years new and biggest puzzle. I believe this year it’s this;

I know Benedict bagsied doing the panda face and Jupiter. You can put your name down at which bit you’re going to attempt first. I think Quinto has got his eyes on the marine life bit. He’s not fussed which. Patrick Stewart likes doing space ones so he’s made it very clear that that part is well and truly HIS. 

So that’s happening over the course of this week. They can nip in if they please. Apparently Benedict’s been literally RUNNING to his sessions because he just loves it so fucking much. And i admire that sort of excitable behaviour and it’s a shame he doesn’t speak about something he loves so passionately.  

So there we have it. I’m sure they wont mind if i tell you all but it’s between me and you, ok?

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Overall, what was your opinion on "His Last Vow"?

I loved it. Admittedly, i am very easily pleased, laid back, perhaps not as passionate as others and take most things with a pinch of salt so if you’re looking for an overly critical opinion, i am certainly not the one to ask. I just sat back and enjoyed the show, there’s not much more to it.

For me, series 3 was a constant vibrato gradually leading up to a massive crescendo at the end. It had me on the edge of my seat, it had me in hysterics, it had me crying (something S1or2 failed at!) It was smart, astute, stylish, lively, fun and i felt intelligent for watching it. All 3 of the episodes made me feel this way. It really had something for everyone, plus more. The subtle nods to canon and fandom were wonderful. The acting was sublime. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were on another level and at their absolute best. Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbington, Louise Brealey, Una Stubbs etc etc were all absolutely amazing as well. Simply adored how Benedict’s parents were also in it. You can’t forget those guys, they really helped bring it. I do need to watch the whole 3rd series again to get better composure of it all as i’ve not had time, but it certainly wet my palette. HLV is probably, again i need to revisit, my favourite episode so far and i’m perhaps biased because i really thought Benedict was absolutely dazzling in it. It’s, in my opinion, the best thing on television. I love the aftermath on the internet. I love how it brings out creativity in other people like nothing i’ve seen before. I love reading peoples theories and opinions, however different they may be. I love the art, crazy gifs, cosplays that comes out of it. I actually enjoy (really now) how we only actually get 3 every now and again, i think that’s healthy. I enjoy how it gets people talking! Again, it’s not like ANYTHING else out there. I genuinely can’t fault it (although sometimes have a hard time relating to the opinions that do, but open minded as ever.) Ultimately, through all the theories and how hardcore it can get in fandom, it’s just a television show made for peoples entertainment, you aren’t going to please everyone. But me? I absolutely fucking loved it.  It gives me the same sort of feeling that seeing live music gives me and that’s euphoria and pure joy. You can’t beat it.

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hi there, I was just wondering what your views are on female body image. I think we're about the same age and I sometimes feel a bit inadequate. I look at BC and to me he's beautiful whether he looks like Khan or Patrick from Starter For 10. I know there is no chance that I would even meet BC let alone be his friend or go on a date or whatever cause I don't look like those beautiful women you see him with. how do you stay positive about yourself?

Hey anon. We ALL have insecurities about ourselves, everyone. Even Bender. But it’s about trying to gain the confidence in yourself to start loving yourself and accepting yourself. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be more confident and sometimes men and women find a confident woman very attractive. What are the reasons you feel inadequate? Is there anyone around you who is being a negative influence, or was there in the past? If there is you probably wanna start backing away from those dudes. I find a lot of PMA (positive mental attitude) is a massive tool in every day life and that can help with the way you feel about yourself and your outlook on yourself. Instead of being like, i dunno uh, “Oh i hate the shape of my nose, why can’t i have a nice nose? Why can’t i be beautiful like that girl on the red carpet.” change that thought to, “But i DO have beautiful eyes and i have the most gorgeous dress that would make me EQUALLY as gorgeous as those women on the red carpet.” There are both positive and negative aspects to most situations. We get to choose which ones to focus on. You gotta catch yourself when you’re being negative and try thinking the opposite - the positive. It can be stressful being with other people, even people that we really like - so don’t be scared of taking some time out for yourself and enjoy being with yourself. Do things you enjoy doing, whether it be reading, listening to music, painting, jogging, swimming, watching movies etc. Be kind, positive, be true to yourself, trust yourself, encourage your own dreams, grow spiritually, look after your body, try and see the beauty in everything then you can start appreciating the beauty in yourself etc. To help boost your self confidence find something or seek opportunities to help improve your self confidence. If you know you’re good at something, do more of it, it’ll be a self esteem boost. Use your mental Photoshopping skills, and work on your self-image. If it’s not a very good one, change it. Figure out why you see yourself that way, and find a way to fix it. It is a fact that when you start dressing nicely, dressing yourself in things you love, you’ll feel good about yourself. SMILE. Always smile. 

It’s easier to bring change if you just put your mind to it and change your thoughts. We can’t always control things that happen in our lives, but we can, with some effort, control what we think. And this is how you start. What about these women is it that you find attractive, and how can you carry it over to YOU. If you like the way their hair is, see if it’ll work on you. You’ll get it done and you’ll think, ayy my hair looks cool today. AND THAT’S THE START. But don’t ever compare yourself to others. REMEMBER, people on red carpets, these privileged ladies that attend these events have stylists, they are able to shop in new expensive fashion, often given clothes and not to mention will be photoshopped to hell and back. 

Maybe anon, invest in a couple books? How to accept yourself books and read lots of Gautama Buddah quotes? The fact you’re asking me shows you’re already looking for inspiration and actively trying to find ways to stay positive about yourself, so that’s awesome. But god, you don’t want to rule your life on whether Benedict bloody Cumberbatch, this one man, will find you attractive. Who fucking cares what he thinks? He isn’t the be all and end all, he’s just an ordinary bloke who i can tell has a great life and well being about him. He’s likely to, as i’ve listed above, find beauty in every thing. He has mentioned before about Buddhism, so he’s probably a vaguely spiritual guy. I don’t know the extent of it, but It’s insulting to him i would guess, why wouldn’t he find you a beautiful person? Anyway, it really is what YOU think.

Don’t give up on yourself, you are worthy, you are beautiful, you have a heart and a soul and you are unique. 

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” 
― Gautama Buddha

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.William Shakespeare, Henry V.

(i don’t know if this was what you were after but never mind. Just. Please. Don’t. Rule. Your. Life. On. That. Mother. Fucker. Above. There are more things to life than him - don’t put him on such a high pedestal… It isn’t healthy, okay?)

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Wow Karon... Certainly wouldn't have been my choice of clothing at the Oscars


I can’t even belieeeee ~i even received messages from people about Karon’s attire, and several reblogs about her previously - all acrimonious bull shit. Y’all sound like fucking pretentious idiots, do something more useful like read a book about Alan Turing. Personally, i know what it’s like being judged for my hair, or what clothes i wear by nobodies. You keep it real with your plain white long sleeve shirt and off coloured jeans and run your mouth like what you say matters. Tbqfh Karon’s level of fucks about what you think (and everyone else that’s reblogged/written on their website about her) is zero (i hope). If you’re too busy looking at Karon over Benedict then WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WIT YOU? :) Not everyone likes bananas, not everyone likes the same clothes, not everyone has the same opinion, i respect that. I don’t respect ganging up on someone and talking shit about somebody because of an item of clothing. You can decide whether YOU thought it was appropriate, that’s fine. Ultimately, She and anyone else can wear what they likes, and you shouldn’t care, if that’s their choice. I hate the ‘who looked hot on the red carpet and who did not’ bullshit and i hope i’m alive to see the day it fucking stops so i can watch E! shove it’s fanny-cam up its own arse.

Do i care about what people are wearing, no. Do i care about people being judgemental, pointing fingers and being unnecessarily nasty about someone? Yes. 

Anyway, guess who got invited to accompany your dorky darling Benedict Cumberbatch to the Oscars?

Not you.

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I want to thank you for your blog. It is my most visited website because you rarely fail to make me smile. There are more educational sites on the internet, but none more amusing.<3

Awwwww nonster thank you. I can be educational too. Hang on.. Ok. Here we go; A man’s beard grows fastest when he anticipates sex. A duck has 3 eye lids and… An American urologist bought Napoleon’s penis for $40,000.

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What do you think about gay/bi people?

I love gay/bi people as much as i love anyone else. This message might as well have read “What do you think about people?” 

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Hi listen to me carefully. This may shock you but I I have an important message for you. Your timeline has been changed, someone is messing up the future. My friend Michael got killed but he was the only one who could change your life. He was the one who was going to introduce you to him, to your husband. You think you feel draw to him because he’s a celebrity but no, it’s your emotional memory, the one from the original timeline. He is your husband but the future changed and you two never met!

So, Anyway.. guess this would make a cool movie…? Lo