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Did you really not have to sign an nda? Did parts of the episode feel like they were missing?

Did not have to sign a NDA. 450 people all lining up signing NDA’s? I don’t think so. 

We were asked and they put trust in us not to spoil anyone.

I’ve been to a couple Sherlock screenings and never had to sign anything.

The episode was correct in time and nothing felt missing. As Sue has said earlier… 

Please tell me why they’d keep any footage from PAYING Champion BFI members (who go to pre screenings and BFI events all the time), a paying audience, press, cast, crew, family and friends? Absolutely no logic. 

I love fandom and the fun in it but all this is utterly grating.

At the end of the day there’s something for everyone in the episode in my view and the last scene is a lovely full stop. If people come away utterly distraught, inconsolable and hurling abuse at creators and crew they only have themselves to blame i’m afraid. That’s not healthy or acceptable constructive behaviour from anyone who wants to be respected for their criticism. 

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What the fuck. If they're your friend telling you about their problems, maybe try supporting them? Then they'll in turn support you? No need to be passive aggressive.

Annndddd you’ve completely missed the point. You can be a friend and be there for them and offer advice until the sun goes down, and the reason i posted that for someone, they do this. But that friend never asks them how they are in return, off their own back or if they do, it’s the last thing they ask in a string of self centred emails which over time, a ‘how are you’ loses its sincerity, turns into an afterthought, and that is a problem, thank you very much.

Some people are an object of a narcissistics supply without even realising it. This is a real thing and it happens. Google it. I’ve read up on it hundreds of times and find it pretty fascinating (thank you Otto Fenichel). To be labeled a bad friend for giving what they need (attention, love, advice, being a human diary for their thoughts and feelings) but receiving half measures or barely a shimmer of it in return is a classic case of narcissistic behaviour and it’s up to you as the receiver to differentiate the two. We’re all human, we all crave an even grounded relationship and we’re all capable of knowing when it isn’t returned because we have something called ‘feelings.’

And your message is a perfect example of the internal struggle of what being on the receiving end of a narcissist friendship feels like. You start thinking what a terrible friend you are for wanting a bit of advice and enthusiasm in your own life in return. To feel like that other person genuinely cares about you, wants to sit and find answers for your own issues. You feel like you’re in the wrong and turned into a selfish person overnight. It’s only, in my experience, when you turn to other friends and explain the situation and they tell you how it’s not right and point out you’re not getting any empathy in return that you realise you’re none of those things. And that you’ve every right to tend to your codependent, caretaking self and have every right to crave for a reciprocal relationship. We all have friends so we all know when one just isn’t normal. 

You’ve obviously never experienced someone of this nature and that’s great to hear. But don’t jump down our throats when we recognise that we’re not in a healthy relationship, because it’s not a pleasant experience and it, truthfully, hurts to go through it. You lose parts of yourself with every conversation and you’ll be left shattered with little or no confidence in that friendship left. Especially when you’ve made every effort to make it work - it’s terribly degrading, exhausting, distressing and upsetting and more common than you might think. It’s painful when the pin drops and you realise you’re in a friendship that was purely cultivated to massage the others own ego. 

No one wants to feel like they are not truly cared about by someone they’ve desperately tried to love. 

(also anon i understand that image i posted doesn’t quite convey the same story as the one i’ve written here so easily confused i guess xx)

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your tumblr is becoming dull. are you afraid to comment recent BC's escapades?. regards. ljubljana

Actually, you know what, i will comment on his recent escapades. I think it’s downright rude that Benedict is not approving of squeezing tea bags. I know it was said a few weeks ago, but it still bothers me beyond belief. Every time i squeeze my tea bag every morning, i murmur, quite honestly and respectfully “fuck you….” Pfff Bet he doesn’t bloody mind a tea bag squeeze in bed THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING.

I’m very glad i could finally get that off my chest. Sorry for the dull Tumblr, there’s not been an awful lot happening. Benedict’s such a fucking bore.. He’s given us absolutely fuck all to blog about recently.

I’m living my life and sadly and it doesn’t evolve round this. Ho hum…. 

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Bridach, favorite thing Cian does? Whether it be woodworking, or paying mind to the kids or paying mind to you or whatever.

He’s mindful. If I say something, he remembers. Laoise and I both have slingshots of our own now, and he carved me a comb. He even engraved a design in the handle so it would be pretty. And there’s a drying rack for furs that he’s putting together too. He’s soaking the lashings for it now. If I say I need something, he makes sure I get it. 

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Yea for James, but I'm sorry, Benedict looks shite, dafuq happened? :(

Ohhhhhh you know nothing too major, like, one of his best friends has just gone through a very emotional and gruelling 14 months (and possibly even longer if you count writing the thing), in which Benedict decided to go and support him in that life changing moment this morning, in which the supreme court has allowed his bestie’s very salient story to finally be published. Which if you think about it, is an extremely poignant moment because it’s a victory for freedom of speech…. whiiiiiiiiiiiich i would imagine is an ENORMOUS weight off of James’ shoulders but also off his immediate support group’s shoulders too aka his wife, aka his friends (Benedict included here btw), aka book publisher etc and not even just the freedom of speech thing but also the absurdity that they even had to go to that length anyway, so how many emotions do you spy in this story friend? Oh and also prepping for an incoming tiny human. P.p.s today wasn’t about him it was about James which is the important thing here, no? Cos you’ve basically just said to me “I know he’s just supported his friend through a hellish and emotional ordeal but he could have put on some make up cos he looks like shit!”.  Miss Shallow Fuckwit, Are you real??

Sooooooo yeah THAT’S what happened.  

Nothing too emotionally draining for everyone involved, obviously….. Obviously.

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Dang, now the media are criticizing bc for getting the cbe thing :(

It’s funny. Saying he’s too young is agism and so old fashioned. They should take another look at his IMDB and shut up. Talent and accomplishments > Age. And honestly, i’m surprised anyone really cares?? Who would make the effort to send a tweet saying ‘BC doesn’t deserve a CBE’? Who honestly has very deep and sincere feelings that he’s ‘too young & doesn’t deserve’ a CBE? Like, it’s the most pointless thing people should waste (negative) energy on caring about, seriously. LoL Queen’s honours get dished out to loads of great/brave/talented people every year. He’s been in lots of things and attends charity events for drama related purposes,etc etc. He does a lot, is very talented and to have done so much so young is fucking wkd and it’s been recognised by our Queenie. What of it?:)

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Hi Tor! You've been a fan for a while, do you have any stories or anecdotes about Benedict that some of us might not have heard about? :^}

I literally asked a tonne of friends and we’re stumped. You just need to scroll through my archive fam! 

- He gave me the rest of his champagne after Cabin Pressure once (i think cos he was getting fucked off trying to hold it and sign) and i got a cold a few days after i drank it so i blame him forever.  (This whole story caused outrage at the time as well LOL people thought i’d ‘stolen’ it. His actual words “Have some..” >> “You can have it.”So i took some champagne on the tube home with me *anon outrage!* LoL!)

- He put on a silly temporary tattoo during AOC filming, danced with a pregnant lady to JD McPherson and went to a Burlesque show with actual realistic shaped ladies. (AOC filming era was a fkn good craic) 

- Derren Brown once called Benedict a vagician.

- The Westboro Baptist Church called the Sherlock fandom the antichrist once, that was fun. 

- BC went to Glastonbury in a dragon hat (or something..)

- Did a stupid ass Harlem Shake video while bored on a plane. 

- He’s very human at tea time. 

I’m tired of going through my archive now haha. You’ll have to do it. And search my fan photo tag. 

(Btw you’re more than welcome to add your own)

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Hay! I was just wondering if you could please give me the link to the video where Ben is writing answers to question on a white board.. I think it is in a Penguins of Madagascar video? Thank you so much :)

There is no video. Just gifs, from Buzzfeed click me. Not just gifs, one of the best gifs of all time actually, see below:

(He’s joking btw obviously)

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I'm still feeling very down after Alan Rickman's death... I knew it'll affect me but never thought that this much... And seeing these post makes me sad and happy the same time. Happy because so many people are remembering him, but sad 'cause the obvious reason. He was my favourite icon/actor/everything since I was 11. I grow up loving him. It's like my childhood ended once again. And it's soo god to know that there are poeple who understands because my friends think it's stupid. So thank you! <3

I didn’t think it would bother me as much as it has either! It’s such a strange thing cos i feel very sad still, whenever i think about him. And his wife Rima. Aw! Bless you. There are lots of us here in the same boat, just a click of a button away!

I read a tweet saying something like, he was always someone you thought about just always being there, like out having a coffee, or being at a dinner party with someone famous and fabulous! I’m not naive enough to say indestructible, but he was just so young and it was.. still is, such a shock. Such a nice man and these stories about him just confirm it - he was completely selfless and would use his good fortune, talent and opportunities and just give, give, give to others less fortunate. I love that story of him being on the 360 Tim Burton set for ST and running into RADA gathering up as many techie students as he could and taking them on set with him so they could check out this amazing T.Burton set - i loved hearing that. And there are so many similar stories! I don’t think i know anyone else quite that kind and caring that does that?

 I think a lot of people never realised how much of an impact he had on them until he died. But they say that, don’t they? You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.  

And yes, i agree with the last sentence. None of my RL lot really get it either. But worth reading what JK Rowling tweeted today, “So do we have the ‘right’ to grieve for someone we don’t even know? Absolutely. The day we feel we cannot grieve for a hero is the day we need to question how we are approaching grief in general. And maybe through this process, we can even learn how to approach mortality and personal grief in a more uncensored way.”

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What's the tummy bug story?

Benedict turned to Harrison and mentioned something like “I’d heard a story about you on the Indiana Jones set actually? You had a tummy bug.. and.. “

Harrison was like, “a what?”


But you could see maybe he was thinking, ‘i shouldn’t have said that…’ LoL but he repeated himself  and said something like “A tummy bug? A tummy upset…? You were sick on the Indiana Jones set..?” and then he went on to it being a question i can’t remember what that question was, maybe how he’d carried on like a trooper? My memory really fades here (maybe someone can elaborate who was at the recording) but Harrison was just like “Oh right, yeah.. yeah..” and then told a story about being on the IJ set. But yeah they cut that part… for some reason unbeknownst to me hahaha.

“TUMMY BUG” i can hear it still now

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Hello Cumberbuddy. We've noticed some material on your site which isn't approved for public sharing. Please can you remove the audio file of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter Letters Live performance 2016, taken from the Hay Festival website. Hay Festival were not authorised to share these files and have now respectfully removed it from their site. Please could you do the same. Many thanks!

Of course!

Pass it on.

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What do you even do with 50k+ followers?

Well, I wait for their call and then i go to their beds at night. I read them a little poem or, if preferable, i read them a chapter of their book or fan fiction of choice. I then tuck them in, kiss their foreheads softly (or elsewhere, roughly - this is arranged prior), i then turn on their night light and then i leave them in their tired, post coital state to a world of first-rate, bonzer, beautiful dreams. 

Poetic, i know. 

oh btw this is all done wearing a benedict cumberbatch mask from the pound shop. You can’t say i don’t know how to treat ‘em right

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Is it possible to send fan mail to Benedict? And where can I send it. Thank you x

It is. 

FAO: Benedict Cumberbatch, c/o Conway Van Gelder Grant, 3rd Floor, 8-12 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 8HW, UK.

He gets A LOT of fanmail and can’t possibly reply and shift through them all personally. But he does receive most of the gifts he gets. It might be super late but he does!Promise!