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How about in 104 when Blair says, "did Serena send you?" and Dan says "No, I came here myself" vs 514 where Dan says "Serena just left" and Blair says "Actually I was looking for you." In both cases they think the other came because of Serena...but it's actually just to have a Dair!talk! Hope that made sense!

Yeah make sense :) But you need to wait for it until i finish to download the HD season 1 (it’s almost finished don’t worry, at least tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!) … i like this parallelism a lot :P i’ll do it with pleasure and i have just in mind how to do it!

Such excitement!

((A little OOC post.

As you may well know, Erik, Christine and Raoul have all been nominated for some fandom roleplay awards! It’s very exciting, and I’m so proud of them. They’ve really developed the characters in such a way that makes it feel like we’re looking in on -and occasionally involving ourselves in- a part of their lives. Congrats!

As for the rest of us in the RP, I know we have our busy lives so we’re not on as frequently, and we’re also the supporting cast. We have minor roles that aren’t as well recognized. But we’re important, too. Phantom isn’t Phantom without us.

So I award us the Best RP Group award. We’re fleshing out smaller characters and having a hell of a time. Congrats to us all for taking a small idea and making it something spectacular!))

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Send me a ship: I say Sterek. i'm curious to what you'll answer :)

I’ve read so many fics that i think i can probably say everything about every aspect of them (and than not remembering what is canon! XD)

Who cooks: Stiles, because Mama Stilinski teached him.. (but also Derek for breakfast, cause he is a morning person!)
Who does the laundry and other chores: Derek and Stiles, they are well organised in those situations
How many children do they have: 2, a boy and a girl.. and obviously all the pack because they are the mum and the dad of the pack ;p
Who’s more dominate: Derek about sex and Stiles all the other things.
Favorite nonsexual activity: watch movie together and/or with the pack
Their favorite place to be together: The old rebuilded Hale house.
Any traditions: Christmas with the pack.
Their “song”: The Reason by Hoobastank
What they do for each other on holidays: Try to find and new and creative present for each other.
Where did they go for their honeymoon: Derek asked to go where their parents went for their honeymoon!
Where did they first meet: In the wood.. of course.
Any pets: pack.
What do they fight over: Stiles is always worried for Derek and Derek always wants Stiles to not get hurt.
Do they go on vacations, if so where: They care to much for the pack that they don’t, but they want to have a pause sometimes

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Hey-I don't know if your still doing d/b parallel suggestions but I was thinking in 5x01 when Dan say's " I'll be there with you, for whatever you need" vs "I meant what I said-whatever you need I'm here for you" in 5x14. She leaves with Louis both times but under completely different circumstances and in completely different climates-dair wise. Thanks! Love your gifs and blog btw :)

Oh yeah i always on search of dair parallels, so please if you find others tell me, i want to do them! I’m already doing another parallel, hope you and the fandom will like it :) Feel free to ask me whatever you want and thank you for appreciate my blog and my graphic, thank you so much n_n

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about your hidden facts post: I think Ethan does not fit the pattern because the darach originally chose Isaac as the third werewolf to sacrifice. But it did not work out, because for Isaac, these feelings were nothing new and he hid instead of trying to escape them trough suicide. Therefore, Ethan probably was only "plan B" after Isaac didn't work out as planned, which would explain why he doesn't fit the technology/guilt pattern.

Yes, it’s exactly what i think too. This is why i also added that Ethan was not in Darach plan, so we can also sees he doesn’t have any problems with any technology or “guilty" problems (even if later he says that Stiles shouldn’t have saved him). I’m going to add this to the post :D Thank you for your opinion!! It really explain it very well.

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ᄇ: Have you ever broken a bone?

Yup. I broke my right pinkie finger when i was 9. But this story is very funny but also sad. It was btw only a fracture so..

We were playing basketball at the school gym and then a ball rebounded from the basket to my direction so i was prepared to receive the ball back, but at the end i “took” the ball ONLY on my baby finger. You know that ball weighs 500gr, right?!

The worst part is that i was so afraid to tell i was hurt to my mom, so for 3 days i didn’t tell anybody, then i really started to feel so bad and i told my parents, and i for i week or so i felt SO STUPID with something like this XD And you can btw tell the baby finger are still different.

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♚ What are your top 5 favorite Stiles quotes? :3

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Answer: Hmm what an interesting question!

  1. No, a body of water. Yes, dumbass, a dead body!
  2. You swing for a different team but you still play ball, don’t cha, Danny boy?
  3. Be a werewolf, not a teen wolf. Be a werewolf.
  4. Ok, why is it starting to feel like you’re Batman & I’m Robin? I dont want to be Robin all the time!
  5. Your Yoda I will be.

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Sometimes I sneak into your house and stay in your closet and watch you. I did that the other day. And I stole a pair of your underwear. Convert or die. Chair Factory

You must be so tiny to stay in my closet..oh right! tiny as your heart! Right! Thanks for the suggestion, but i’m pretty safe where i am now :)