askcannibalsamwinchester replied to your post“Hey, Dean…” Sam waved.

“Not exactly… Got kind of mixed up in something and now I sort of don’t remember most of what’s happened in the past seven years.” He shrugged. “S’not really a big deal.”

         ———- ❝Wait, what?❞ Dean frowned and stared at the other one. ❝You don’t.. remember? Well, uhm.. I don’t know about you, but that’s a really big deal to me.❞ Dean tried not to raise his voice, no matter how irritated he was. ❝Well, we’ll start by bringing up what you actually do remember then…❞

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Sam shook his head. "I can't... I've tried, Dean. They pumped me so full of drugs I barely knew which way was up and I still couldn't go to sleep. This isn't something we can 'work through' or 'figure out'." He looked back out the window, slumping in his seat.

They’d been driving longer than Dean originally thought. It had been — what, mid-morning when they escaped from the hospital? Something like that… but now, as the older brother glanced out the window, the sky was already darkening a little. The time read 5:06 already, and the hunter shook his head, looking out again.

“But we’re still gonna try,” he replied quietly, shifting and fixing his eyes to stare straight ahead. As a flashing sign caught his eye, he turned his head again, lips pressed together as he pulled over. “See, a nice motel, kay? We’re gonna be fine, Sammy. Just try an’ get some rest here.”