WIlson: that means ‘whats up my homie’ in japanese.

if you want to meet some people, i’d suggest off the top of my head Zub, the giant white guy, Kei the big scary dudeKellan, he’s pretty friendly. uh… Ender(foo) if she’s still alive (i haven’t checked), Eind maybe, Daster’s a bit confusing but he’s polite, Opal’s pretty nice and there’s Ravik too. I haven’t talked to those people in a while though. Oh, and Tams is pretty awesome but he’s kind of grumpy because he never sleeps. Some of the more popular people aren’t as friendly to people like you, though. They prefer to hang out with close friends and avoid unfamiliar people. Who else.. uh.. Arson… JamesAdventurerRedux, i guess. Maybe Void, Endi, Jest is cool, uh, Radio’s pretty nice, although i’m not sure if he’s still himself or if he’s still around. Vanessa has nice dresses, i guess. Enny’s cool. There’s that other Wilson, too.Galablue is pretty adorable, and so is Parker, well, Adult parker. The younger parker is like, some weird deathsnap/human ghost hybrid thing and i haven’t talked to her in a while. That’s all i can think of. There’s probably a lot more that i know of, but i either have never actually talked to them or i’ve completely forgotten about them.

My best suggestion for making friends here is to find people you barely know who seem like fun people to be around, and talk to them a lot. Eventually, you’ll make more friends, and soon you’ll have an army of nerds with which to conquer foes with. 

It’s fun stuff, i assure you.