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As a have some free time this summer, I downloaded All The Other Ghosts to read. BRON. THIS FIC.

omg anon this is my jam, let’s talk about rainjoy. i literally tweeted this earlier today

you’re making me very happy rn. but gosh, that fic, it hurts in all the right places and sometimes too many of the right places and really deep, but in a way that’s like, you know what i feel greater for having felt that hurt, this hurt feels relevant. and the way she writes them, their love is like this huge dense tangible complex thing and it never hits the wrong notes, and her kurt is such a beautiful kurt, oh no. ghost cuts so deep. all of her au’s are incredible in a way that i’d sell my soul for, but atog and grey are such a journey, bless her cotton socks, her writing makes life so much better. i hope you’re enjoying it so much anon, i’m so glad you popped by to tell me ♥♥♥

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Bron, you live in the same city as me so tell me: how fair you in this motherfucking heat?

i just tried to talk to my housemate while i had an icecube in my mouth and dribbled down my chin, it was my finest moment. i’m keeping a bit cool, but it still feels like every surrounding mountain’s going to catch fire at once unu hope you have the gift of aircon or icy poles or a kiddy pool rn

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Whenever I check your blog and see that you haven't posted since Dec. 3rd, I think: "The Christmas Episode killed Bron." (I can sympathize.) Hope you're doin' alright.

this gave me such a kick, omg hon bun. i’m okay, i’m chuggin’ along, thank you ♥♥♥

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hey bron did u kno it's seblaine week this week? so u wanna write some seblaine y/y??? excellent. thanks chickadee. (a[.]k.a it would be lovely if you did but of course, no pressure, only if it happens to take your fancy! love all your writing so much, thank you for it c:)

i did! i’ve seen so much adorable stuff on my dash *u*u* i’ve only written them a couple of times, i don’t think i have the best grasp of them, but i could give one of the themes a go (⊙﹏⊙✿) or if anyone has any prompts for the free day that would be rad. and thank you, lovely!