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6,15 & 18 :D

What are your biggest fan fiction pet peeves?

Mostly just character bleedy stuff. Blaine displaying Darren characteristic in fic, and that sort of thing. It’s got to the point where it’s perfectly understandable to me that Kurt and Blaine would have grown up reading Harry Potter, but I can’t bring myself to make any references to it when I’m writing. There are probably more, but that’s my biggest buzz kill.

Are there any plot ideas you want to either do or see someone else do?

Hmm… I dunno. I have zillions of ideas a day that I don’t even entertain because of the amount of stuff I have to finish. There’s this British show called ‘Spaced’, about a guy and a girl who get kicked out of their flats at that same time, and meet and move in together, and I’ve always wanted to write a Klaine au that’s vaguely based off that.

What’s on your fanfiction rec list?


And dozens more, but my memory is shocking… my fic rec tag is a pretty good indication of the authors I adore.

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Bron have you seen that matt bomer photoset where hes talking about how his mother made him a superman cape out of a blanket when he was little and pretended to fight crime? matt bomer is baby nightbird it is real gah lil blaine making coop wear a cape and patrol with him when kurt cant play and coop thinking its stupid and then getting super into and the anderbros save the neighborhood from crimes of litter and lost cats and stray dogs

I ONLY JUST SAW IT, I’M SCREAMING. their mama making Coop supervise Blaine sometimes. little Blaine holding his hand as they walk to the park, and Blaine making Coop push him super high on the swingset so his cape flutters out behind him and he feels like he’s flying. Coop giving Blaine piggy backs home when he’s all tuckered out from too much crime fighting, and he falls asleep with his pudgy little arms around Coop’s neck *u*

(and every time Coop eats the last of the cookies or tattles on him to their mama for being a brat Blaine pretends Coop’s a supervillain and hides behind furniture, glaring at him and murmuring to himself about ‘justice’ and 'nightbird will get his revenge’)

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Can I just thank you for bringing the image of baby nightbird into my life? When I'm sad I just like to think of him patrolling the neighborhood for crime and meeting Kurt in his front yard having a tea party and Kurt teaching him proper tea time etiquette and Blaine showing him all the best super villain hiding spots and how to clime trees and just generally being the most precocious little things. So thank you, Bron, for making my life a little bit better :)

thank you, i love hiiiiiim, i’m so glad you do to *u*u*u*

wah, imagine scrappy little bb blaine ambling past kurt’s house with someone’s random huge ginger cat bundled up in his tiny arms and squirming about, and he stops and says ‘hi’ to kurt and lets kurt wear his super special one of a kind mom-made blanket cape in exchange for kurt letting him play tea party with him, and kurt um’s and ah’s, but it’s just show because he wants to play with the curly haired little boy so badly. and then they play tea party and all the while there’s just this long suffering 'saved’ (re: stolen) ginger cat chilling next to them and licking its butt while kurt shows blaine how to pour tea for his teddy bears. then blaine’s like, 'will you be my best friend?’ and kurt’s like, 'yeah’ and oh hey, they suddenly are. (then the ginger cat makes a break for it and they end up running after it and giggling like tiny cuties and saving the world one cat at a time)

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omg but when nightbird!blaine was little and his family had to move he gave kurt his mask as a present so they remembered and at the dinner when they saw each other again, kurt pulled it out from a draw and blaine was surprised that he kept it after all that time

i feel like it’d take them a while to get to that. they’d be such flaily smitten dorks trying to reconcile their tiny kitten avenger selves with the handsome young men they’d turned into. and how much self-control they’d have to employ when each of them kind of wanted to kiss the other handsome young man given that they hadn’t seen each other for ten plus years. so much flaily uselessness *u*

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idk imagine if nightbird!blaine and his family had to move away and blaine was so sad because he misssed kitty and kurt and mama Hummel's cooking and then, if by fate, kurt bumped into a dapper teenage boy rushing to an inpromptu performance and bam, they remembered each other (did i go to far?)

i like the idea of them staying in touch as penpals and junk, like a massive letter every couple of months just to touch base and let each other know everything about their lives. but eventually they lose touch and Kurt’s mama dies and they get caught up in school and friends and junk until the Anderson’s move back to Westerville for papa Anderson’s work, and mama Anderson’s like, ‘we’re having lunch at the Hummel’s tomorrow, don’t plan anything,’ and Blaine’s like 'shit…’ and spends the whole morning deciding what to wear. anyhoo, they get there and greet Carole and Burt and Finn at the door, and Blaine’s fidgeting like cray cray and darting his eyes around the front hall looking for Kurt, and BAM, he comes walking down the stairs looking three times taller than he was when they were kids, and a million times more chiselled, and fucking flawless in tight jeans and green cashmere and in hindsight Blaine knows that’s pretty much when his heart flopped down at Kurt’s feet and rolled over, and their eyes meet, and the sum total of their joint thoughts is basically, 'well fuck…’

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oh my gosh, when little nightbird!blaine and little kurt become friends, kurt's kitty becomes really fond of blaine too and maybe if they fall asleep together when watching movies, kurt's kitty will sleep on the sofa with them :)))

bb nightbird!blaine naptime would be the cutest naptime. mama Anderson would have engineered it so nightbird’s cape could double as a blanket. big enough for one tiny curly haired kitten protecting hero and his tiny bowtie wearing best friend.

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what if little nightbird!blaine was playing with all the cats on his street like you said but one the cats belonged to a little kurt and they became friends?

i think off the bat Kurt would think he was a tiny dork, but a lovable dork, and he’d be such a bossy little kid, ordering Blaine this way and that and being super precocious, and sweet little Blaine would respond to him like a sheepdog and dive for the moon for him. or at least climb a tree to retrieve his cat for him, and offer him the last peanut butter and jelly sandwich quarter from the plate mama Hummel always makes for them *u*

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i am not here for love triangles but what if kadam and blaine had a threesome or better yet a poly relationship when blaine moves to new york??? what's the portmanteau for those 3? klaindam? kadaine?

yes please *______*

Blaine and Adam meet and are suspicious of each other for all of three minutes before they hit it off swimmingly, and Kurt just thinks ’oh god, what have i done?’ and has to spend the train ride home listening to them talking about palm oil and Orangutans in Indonesia and man-made black holes and the merits of Ice-T as an artist. they get back to Kurt and Adam’s and open a bottle of wine (and finish it) and open a second bottle of wine, and it gets to the point where Kurt’s just warm and tipsy and smiling and watching his boys. his best friend and his best friend/lover, and then oop, he leans in and kisses Adam, all slow and teasing, and then with one hand still on Adam’s neck, oop, leans over and kisses Blaine, and then Adam’s kissing Blaine, and if that isn’t a pretty picture, Kurt doesn’t know what is. so much so that he’s got his hand around himself in five seconds, and the three of them in his and Adam’s bed in thirty. then fabulous, laughter filled sex and broad hands and strong arms and all the orgasms.

and later Kurt zips off to have a quick shower and get them all a glass of water, and when he gets back they’re lying in bed talking like this, and he immediately has to get in there and squish himself between them *u*

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hi bron, sorry to bother you but, i was wondering; what are some of your favourite angsty/hurt/comfort klaine fics?

hmm. i don’t read that much angstiness/my memory is awful, so these are all kind of old (albeit wonderful) If I Die Young by blowthecandlesout, Going for Broke by Kyra, Looking for a Happy Ending (and sequel) by firefly-ca (read the warnings), Always Here in the Silence and Good for the Soul by Cimmerians (for the second one mild kink, heavy angst, wonderful Cimm, read the warnings) Fix verse and Tip/Tilt by rainjoy (dig through her masterlist, it’s full of gorgeous angst) How Something Like Luck You Are by ohquixotica, On Centrifugal Living by coincident, The Solar System of Our Cells by Highway Lights, Dismantle the Sun by Cas (oh man so perf, have a squizz at her other fics, there’s a bit more angst there) aaand that’s all i can remember rn, and a few more i recced here a while back. read the warnings etc. i hope there’s something!

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Can you please rec me some smut? Any pairing works. -different anon

any smut by Donna (ratings in the titles) any smut by Cimm, any smut by Ann (link goes straight to nc-17 tag) or skintightsocks (likewise).

the This Side series by Birdie (any of her smut for that matter, klaine and kurtbastian and klainetana). the How Kurt Hummel Got Married verse by Aubrey is the first smut i ever read in this fandom, and its coda. Sex Education by beautifulwhatsyourhurry, Kurt/Blaine Shaving fic by certaintendancies is super cute then super hot, Who Taught You to Use Your Hands by Cas, and its companion fic, also this and this. Broken (by the thought and the sight of you) is incredibly well done fisting, felching, rimming, spanking.

and more fluffy smut: Black and White, Eleven in the Morning on the First Day of My Life, and Like Stars by rainjoy are delightful. aaaaaaand it’s kind of a miracle i remembered that many, so i hope you find something you like.

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do you have any multi-chapter fic recs?

super duper quick off the top of my head:

aaaaand help, i actually can’t remember if i’m following any WIP’s at the moment other than AtOG… i’m thinking of all the fab multi-chapters i’ve read and forgotten and weeping ;_____;

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I hope kurt never lets blaine live 'bros helping bros' down. like at random points in their future when theyre doing anything sexy kurt will just pause for a moment and be like 'this a bro thing right? youre only putting your hands down my pants to help a bro out?' he just mercilessly teases him and theres lots of giggling and flailing

‘hey bro, i couldn’t help but notice your penis is looking a little lonely. and i’d never want that. being such a good bro and all. i’ll just help you out of your pants, okay?’

‘i hate you so much, i’m never having sex with you again.’

‘not even bro sex?’

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hii! do u know any good badboy blaine fics? like go your own way or fix? xx

eeeeeeh, not many, Fix is kind of my go to, and i’m really bad at keeping track of the shit i read. i read this a little while back, it was pretty boss. this tag is full of bad boy blaine if you want to check it out. and if you’re willing to settle for bad boy kurt, this one by alilactree is fab, and Good (You Know What I Mean) and its two sequels here and here are about as good as it gets. Oh! and Always Here in the Silence by cimmerians, so good. sorry, that’s like all bad boy!kurt >_____>

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Chris Colfer trips and breaks his arm. You are one of the writers of glee and you need to figure out a way to write his broken arm into the show; what's your plan?

given that it’s Glee i probably wouldn’t mention it and just hope that nobody notices.

either that or a recounting of a bawdy farce involving the power going out while Kurt’s in the shower and Kurt slipping and falling and making a ton of noise. Rachel runs in to help and gets an eyefull of penis, goes bright red, and laughs to relieve tension, and Kurt’s just sitting there in extreme pain, glaring at her going, “i’ll have you know Blaine says i have a very nice penis, and he’s seen more than enough porn to tell the difference, now hand me that fucking towel.”

and that’s why i don’t write for Glee.

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bron can you imagine finn having a baby and kurt and blaine getting to be uncles and kurt getting crazy baby fever but blaine says they should wait a little when theyre more ~responsible~ so they get a bunny to practice being parents on and they give it a cheesy name and blaine gets crazy attached and it sits in his curls and naps with him and feeds it treats he shouldnt and then a year later they have a for real baby and they all have big family cuddle sessions in their bed and this is gross

omg you shouldn’t get me started on klaine and bunnies i’ll giggle for the rest of time *u*u*u*

THE IDEA OF THEM AS OVER ENTHUSIATIC UNCLES IS THE SWEETEST THOUGH. Finn lives in Ohio and they live in NYC and once Finn’s kid/s get old enough they go spend whole weeks on vacation with uncle Kurt and uncle Blaine, and they’re so much cooler than daddy and they let them eat so much frozen yoghurt and take them to all the touristy areas and teach them to dance on the rug in their living room and have an old ginger tabby cat called Odin, and Kurt and Blaine have a little two year old girl and have just had their second kid, so Kurt’s going around with this sweet little curly haired brunette on his hip and Blaine has a sleepy little angel baby boy permanently strapped to his chest and omg they’d be the most adorable rag tag bunch of cutie patooties, all of them holding hands while crossing the road (including kurt and blaine) and no this is gross, stop me.

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I just wish, that after the break-up and giving each other some space, we could see Kurt and Blaine doing little things for each other (like picking up the bow tie, sending postcards or singing voicemails or sth). Because even if they are not together, they still love each other and miss each other and stuff. And they could be both shy and unsure about getting in touch again, hence ~little things. And I would die of cutness.(and hopefully you too?)

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Oh Bron, I'm totally freaking out because A) Glee's BACK!!!! but B) THE BREAKUP is near and it's happening, everybody makes it sound like that's that and Klaine won't be endgame and that HURTS my poor heart ;-; Do something, please!!

Once upon a time Kurt and Blaine broke up…

Kurt cried so hard for so long that he thought his head was going to split, and he didn’t know it (it wouldn’t have made him feel any better anyway), but Blaine cried so hard he was sick. Kneeling on the cold floor of the bathroom and telling himself that this is for the best this is for the best this is for the best even though it didn’t feel like it would ever stop hurting.

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