anonymous asked:

When are you going to tell Panty how you feel??

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C-Confess? I-I’ve always thought of telling P-Panty how I feel, though, she’s…b-busy. A lot. T-Though, I think she’d brush me off like always! N-Not that I don’t mind. Laughs nervously.

((Fff. Blush was turned white. Darn uploading site.))

ladyikaricosplay  asked:

What color are your eyes?

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The color of my eyes? S-Since you asked nicely. T-The camera is bad quality but they’re a teal sort of color.

((Herp derp you can see my face >> And also, his flipping eye color is everywhere from blue to green D< So just chose the inbetween route. Well, it’s from what the actual art goes to fanart.))