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Emma sat on one side of Granny's dinner, and watched Regina, who was sitting on the other side, pretending to ignore her. Emma dipped her finger into the whipped cream on her cocoa, and slowly licked it off, keeping her eyes on Regina the entire time. She took a long sip, and licked her lips. She bit her bottom lip and let out a soft sigh, "Mmm', as she took another taste of the whipped cream. She felt her phone vibrate, "You better be in my bed tonight xoxo -R". Emma smiled. Mission successful.

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"I've been ravaged!" Emma cried, bursting through her apartment door after finally returning from the 'mother/son' camping trip with Henry and Regina. Mary Margaret looked up, a wide, surprised smile lighting her face. "Finally!" She beamed, "I knew this camping trip would be good for you and the mayor." Emma stopped short. "What?" She asked, frowning and with a finger pointing towards the small, red spots covering her arms, "I was talking about the mozzies."


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"I ONLY GOT ONE LOVE" Regina shouted. "And your mother destroyed it." She wrapped her arms around herself, seemingly trying to squash out the hurt inside of her. Emma stepped forward cautiously. "I know. I know, but Regina this is the real world. You get more chances here." Emma let her hands rest on the mayor's upper arms. "Give us a chance. Give our love a chance." Regina looked confused. "Our love?"

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As Emma pinned her to the wall, Regina had wanted to tell the whole truth rather than the simple 'yes' in response. The truth that involved falling in love with her destined destroyer and the truth that involved fantasies of a family with her and the boy they'd left behind in the hospital room. The boy that she'd put there out of stupidity. She hadn't even wanted Emma to have that turnover, but she was scared of the truth, terrified of it. So she just said yes instead.

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Regina sighs again, approaching the blonde. She rubs Emma’s arm with one hand while the other scratches the little rabbit on the head. “You realise we can't keep them all?” Emma opens her mouth as if to protest, so Regina cuts her off. “Emma, there are too many as it is. Do you realise how quickly they breed?” Emma’s pout stays in place, and Regina rolls her eyes. “Alright, you can keep two. One for you, one for Henry.” “What about you?” “Keeping you out of trouble is enough, thank you." (4/4)

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"Mmph," Snow mumbled upon turning onto her side and wriggling free from the debris beneath her back. Squinting up, she stared, aghast, at the two glaring faces looking down on her. Suddenly fearful, a hand subconsciously fell to Emma, slapping her arm, but her daughter did nothing but stir and mumble, unaware, "Mm, five more minutes, 'Gina..." And, suddenly, Snow White's fear dissolved with her raging incredulity... (belongs to previous anon - I couldn't resist! hehe)


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"Come on, Regina!" Emma whined, pawing at the door to the bathroom. "You promised!" Regina's voice was squeaking and indignant: "I'm NOT coming out like this!" "Please, baby," the blonde tried, adding a little pleading into her tone. "It's my birthday." Silence. Then : "Fine." The door cracked open, and Emma hurriedly ran back to get the full impact. "I can't believe you talked me into this," Regina griped. "Oh, come on, baby," Emma grinned at her wife. "You look hot dressed as Lana Parrilla!"

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“Can we cuddle?” Emma asked putting her right arm around Regina’s body. Regina groaned a little, apparently half asleep already. “I don’t cuddle,” she whispered. Emma never took her arm off and Regina never snapped at her. And so when they woke the next morning, limbs entwined and with Emma’s nose buried in Regina’s dark hair, they stayed that while, just a little longer. Even though Regina ‘didn’t cuddle’ she had to admit she cherished feeling loved and adored. She loved cuddling with Emma.

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Emma looked at the mayor, who was sitting at her desk, staring intently at her computer screen and typing vigorously. "Whatchya doooin, Gina?" she asked. Regina looked up from the computer. "Just office work, dear." She claimed. "You never look like that when doing office-. Oh my god, you're writing smut again, aren't you?!" Regina fell silent, a guilty look on her face. "Come on, out with it! Which pairing is it this time?" 

LOL regina you write smut in your free time?!!! WELL DONE!!!(which pairing which pairing c'mon out with it;))

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“Did you know that chocolate is well-known to be an aphrodisiac, Madam Mayor? You should have looked a little longer when you were watching me outside of Granny’s the other day” whispers Emma into Regina’s ear. “How much did you want to be the whipped cream back then, hmm?” she adds as she traces lines on Regina’s bare skin with the same finger she used to enjoy said whipped cream. “I wanted it really badly, Sheriff. Now be a dear and stop teasing. I’ve been told I’m even better than chocolate"

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Emma laid on the couch, enjoying the peace and quiet, concentrating only on the breathing of the small infant resting on her chest. The little girl had raven coloured hair, and dark eyes, just like Regina's. A few hours later, when Regina came home from work, she found the pair laying on the couch. She leaned down and placed a small kiss on her wife's forehead, and then on her daughters. This was her family, her happy ending.

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"Oh, Sheriff," Regina laughed as Emma pushed her up against a kitchen counter, "One would think you haven't had it in weeks." Emma growled, kissing down the woman's neck. "Shut up and kiss me," She finally whined. Regina was only all too happy to comply. Ready to lift the brunette up onto the counter top, Emma faltered when she heard a high-pitched, "Mama!" Breaking apart, they turned to view their youngest son. "Teddy said wants a cookie," He stated with wide, innocent eyes.

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"Ugh, get a grip Jennifer!" she sighed out loud, completely frustrated. <br> Lana was sleeping on the bed next to hers, as they had been rooming together for the SDCC. She was so beautiful, it phisically hurt her being so near her and not being able to do anything about it. <br> "She's your co-worker," she said to herself. "Your friend! Stop being stupid! This is silly-" <br> "What's silly?" Lana asked, in a sleepy voice.


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“It’s not my fault!” Emma insists. “Whale was doing tests on them, Regina.” “Emma,” Regina sighs. “Companies all over the world do that.” “I don’t mean testing medication on them!” Emma whines, pouting. “He was doing his weird Frankenstein thing on them.” “His wha-” “He was trying to make zombie rabbits!” Regina blinks. “… Oh.” “Yeah, ‘oh’.” (3/4)



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Regina can see Emma through the window of Granny’s. The way that woman dips her index finger in the whipped cream of her hot cacao is mesmerizing. But the way she licks it off is even more. Regina closes her eyes for a moment to let all the dirty thoughts come and lock them away for later tonight... in her bathtub... or in her bed... or both... She doesn’t notice the lust in Emma’s eyes as turns and walks away. Busted Madam Mayor, thinks Emma. <3

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Emma’s panting from all the physical activity Regina pulled her through. The Mayor got upset over some unsigned paper and Emma's only resort had been to push her against the nearest wall and have her way with her to shut her up. “And next time you pull a tantrum on me, Madam Mayor, I will have to spank you.” Regina turns her head to her and smiles wickedly at her “And you think that is a good argument?” she says before kissing her senseless and pressing their hot and sweaty bodies together. <3