protector / protectee starters

  • “no. you can’t go, it’s too dangerous.”
  • “it’s not dangerous. i’ll be fine.”
  • “i’m not going to let anything happen to you.” 
  • “you can’t keep me safe from everything.”
  • “just be careful.” 
  • “i’m always careful.”
  • “you’re going to get yourself hurt.”
  • “i won’t get hurt, i promise.”
  • “i won’t let them hurt you.”
  • “you can’t save me from this.”
  • “please try and stay out of trouble.”
  • “if anything happened to you…” 
  • “i’m not sure how to keep you safe.”
  • “i’m not going to let you out of my sight.”
  • “this is the only way to keep you safe.”
  • “you can’t keep an eye on me twenty four seven.”
  • “everywhere you go, i go.”
  • “it’s not your job to protect me.”
  • “it’s my job to protect you.”
  • “don’t worry, i’ve got you.”
  • “no one will hurt you as long as i’m breathing.”
  • “you don’t understand how dangerous this is.”
  • “please come back in one piece.”
* hurt prompts
  • are you bleeding?
  • take it easy. you hit your head.
  • where does it hurt?  
  • sit still and let me take a look! 
  • how did you get that black eye?  
  • you should see the other guy. ’ 
  • did i say you could get out of bed?
  • that’s going to leave a bruise. 
  • i’ll get some ice.  
  • that’s what you get for picking fights.
  • are you trying to give me a heart attack?
  • what’s wrong with you?
  • you can barely stand.
  • did you throw the first punch? 
  • that’s a nasty bump.
  • get in the car. you’re going to the hospital. 
  • at least bandage it.  
  • no, you’ll get an infection. ’ 
  • wet floor signs are there for a reason, you know. 
  • you’re lucky. that icicle could’ve killed you.
  • where’s your gratitude? i rescued you! 
  • i’m calling the nurse.
  • was that stupid dare worth it?
  • what happened to you? 
  • sit down. i’ll make some hot chocolate and fix you right up. 
  • are those bandages?
  • you need stitches. 
  • look out for that tree branch.
  • i’ve got you. just stay awake. can you do that for me?
  • lean on me.
  • you got two choices: let me carry you, or die out here. take your pick.
  • shit, you’re burning up.   
  • you’re not dying. it’s only a sprained ankle.
  • lie down.
  •  i’m sorry. i know it hurts. here, hold my hand. 
  • you’re in no condition to be walking around.
  • wake up! wake up! 
  •  i don’t feel sorry for you. 
  • look at your face! 
Send “📂“ for a random yet completely useless headcanon I have


‘  when will you learn? when will you learn that your actionS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!  ’
‘  can i get a waffle??? can i PLEASE get a waffle!!!  ’
‘  go suck a dick, suck a dick suck a motherfucking dick  ’
‘  you better stop! biTCH STOP  ’
‘  do you ever like wake up and do something and you’re just like what the hec– fuck is goin on  ’
‘  what’s good, brah you don’t know me! you don’t– WHAT IS GOOD! YOU DON’T KNOW! YOU DON’T KNOW ME! ’
‘  it’s summer i got my hat on backwards and it’s time to fucking party  ’
‘  anyone ever tell you you look like beyonce?  ’
‘  and they were roommates!  ’
‘  oh my god, they were roommates  ’
‘  oh my god, i love chipotle chipotle is my liiiiife   ’
‘  this bitch empty YEET!!!!  ’
‘  bitch disgusting  ’
‘  yeaaah. yeAAAAAH.  ’
‘  so no head?  ’
‘  i’ll kill you. i’ll kill you. i’m not even worried about it.  ’
‘  ahh, fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this  ’
‘  aHH STOP! i could’ve dropped my croissant!  ’
‘  what’s up me and my boys are going to see uncle kracker  ’
‘  give me my hat back, jordan!  ’
‘  do you wanna go see uncle kracker or no!?  ’
‘  i sneezed! oh, i’m not allowed to sneeze?!  ’
‘  look at all those chickens  ’
‘  i smell like beef  ’
‘  i gotta go home cause i forgot to… vacuum my room  ’
‘  actually, megan, i can’t sit anywhere. i have hemorrhoids.  ’
‘  is there anything better than pussy? yes! a really good book  ’
‘  mom, i’m peein on myself  ’
‘  sorry, i’m on the toilet. i hope the ice cream don’t melt, bitch  ’
‘  honestly i don’t remember, i was probably fucked up. yeah, i was crazy back then  ’
‘  just shut up and die slowly, okay?  ’
‘  two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay!  ’
‘  mother trucker, dude! that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick!  ’
‘  you remember one time i liked you? GOOD! cause it never happened  ’
‘  if your name is junior and you’re really handsome, come on raise your hand  ’
‘  waddup i’m jared, i’m nineteen, and i never fucking learned how to read  ’
‘  oh my god why can’t you just take the fricken compliMENT  ’
‘  is that a wEED? i’m callin the police!!!  ’
‘  yo, drink this vodka down the hatch c’mon  ’
‘  it is wednesday, my dudes. aaaaAAAAAAH  ’
‘  there is only one thing worst than a rapist… a child!  ’
‘  get to del taco, they got a new thing called fre shavocado  ’
‘  *to the tune of ghostbusters* i’m an adult virgin  ’
‘  hi my name is tre, i have a basketball game tomorrooooow  ’
‘  babeyou’reafuckingbitchiwantyoutogetthefuckoutofmycarcauseiwannabreakupwithyou i fucking hate you   ’
‘  todays forecast we can clearly see that somebody got me fucked up. FUCKED. UP.  ’
‘  he needs some milk!  ’
‘  you are my dad. YOU’RE MY DAD! boogie woogie woogie  ’
‘  oooooh my boy going to prom. fuck it up! fuck it up! fuck it up!  ’
‘  hey, how you doin? i’m doing just fine. i lied. i’m dying inside  ’
‘  honey, you got a big storm comin  ’
‘  i wanna fucking DIE  ’
‘  road work ahead? uh yeah i sure hope it does  ’
‘  the yo-yo master did not answer, he just kept on yo-ing  ’
‘  welcome back to me screaming  ’
‘  you know sometimes i think to myself what are you waiting for you dumb stupid fuuuuuuck!  ’
‘  do you ever shut the fuck up?  ’

send me a heart to learn something about my muse!
  • ❤: does my muse consider themselves a romantic?
  • ♡: how does my muse act, consciously and/or subconsciously, around people they are romantically interested in?
  • ❥: what is my muse's ideal date?
  • ღ: how does my muse feel about displays of affection in public and/or in private?
  • 💕: how does my muse express their feelings? do they do through small but meaningful gestures, or through bold declarations?
  • 💘: how does my muse act/react when they first realize that they had a crush on somebody?
  • 💝: what would my muse consider a "perfect gift"?
  • 💓: how does my muse feel about physical intimacy?
  • 💌: how would my muse go about confessing to someone they liked? would they do it indirectly or directly, or maybe not at all?
  • 💟: what are three traits that my muse looks for in a partner?
  • 💙: how would my muse handle seeing their object of affection falling in love with someone else?
  • 💚: how does my muse feel about love? about falling in love? about being in love?
  • 💜: how long might it take for my muse to say "i love you" for the first time?
  • 💛: does my muse believe in love-at-first-sight? in soulmates? in fate?
* soft angst starters
  • stay with me tonight? 
  • don’t talk. save your strength.
  • hey, i’ve got you. it’s okay. 
  • i’ll be right here. don’t worry. 
  • i think we’re done. 
  • hold my hand.
  • it’s all been a lie, hasn’t it?
  • we’re out of time. 
  • you’ll always be a friend. 
  • just hold me.
  • i have to leave you behind. i’m sorry. 
  • don’t do that. it’ll only hurt. 
  • go on, cry. 
  • keep your eyes open.
  • can i hug you? 
  • i trusted you.
  • do you remember? 
  • i loved you.  

For every “⏳” I receive, my muse will openly talk about a bit of their backstory.

cuddly / platonic-ish memes

  • “your feet are cold.”
  • “movies are made for watching, not for asking questions.”
  • “you’re hogging the blankets!”
  • “we should cuddle… for warmth.”
  • “is that your hand on my leg?”
  • “scoot over.”
  • “can we watch something else? this is scary.” 
  • “are you shivering?” 
  • “if you start snoring, i won’t be responsible for what happens to you.”
  • “did you eat all the popcorn?”
  • “your hair keeps getting in my face.”
  • “are you even wearing pants??”
  • “stop kicking me!”
  • “you’re a good pillow.”
  • “do i look like a foot-rest to you?”
  • “do i look like a pillow to you?”
  • “i’m cold.”
  • “why can’t you ever just lay still?”
* interview the muse
  • do you miss anyone? 
  • how are you doing?
  • do you believe in ghosts?
  • what makes you laugh? ’ 
  • list your top three bands or singers. ’ 
  • how many blankets do you sleep with?
  • does your name hold any special meaning to you? 
  • gum, cake, pie or ice cream?
  • favorite book?
  • are you a good person?
  • describe love.
  • have you ever taken part in an uprising? ‘
  • favorite song?
  • name a guilty pleasure.
  • the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you today?
  • tell me one truth and one lie.
  • do you like people? 
  • what motivates you?
  • describe the perfect weekend. 
  • any pet peeves? 
  • do you need a hug? 
  •  would you like to have kids? ’
  • do you have any tattoos? 
  • classical, oldies, punk, hip hop or country? 
  • when was the last time you cried?
  • are you religious?

   jealous / possessive  meme

  • you’re mine. you hear me?
  • were you with him/her? ” 
  • why is she/he calling you?
  • do they know we’re together?
  • were you with him/her?
  • i don’t want you seeing them anymore
  • did she/he make a pass at you?
  • i know you were with her/him
  • you belong to me
  • i can’t believe you were with her/him
  • i don’t like the way he’s/she’s looking at you
  • im NOT jealous
  • i thought you only had eyes for me
  • he/she can’t make you feel the way i make you feel
  • you’re too good for her/him 
  • is there someone else?
  • you were flirting with them
  • they were flirting with you
  • i don’t want you talking to them again
  • i can’t stop picturing you with him/her
  • the thought of you with him/her makes me sick
  • tell me i have nothing to worry about
* love ♥ starters
  • want me to stay?
  • we’re almost home.
  • you should be in bed.
  • we can share it.
  • stay there. i’m coming to get you.
  • shh, shh. you were dreaming.  
  • grab my hand.
  • i’m just going to pick you up.
  • everything okay?
  • i won’t leave you behind. 
  • don’t worry. better out than in.
  • who did that to you?  
  • sit down and rest.
  • sweetie, i would never think that.
  • come lay down in my lap.
  • i know you think you’re all alone out there, but you’re not. 
  • call me when you get home.
  • we should change those bandages.
  • you’re safe here.
  • honey…
  • of course we love you.
  • wait here. i’ll go run a bath for you.
  • take my bed for tonight.
  • i promise.  
  • you’re always welcome here.
  • don’t talk like that.
  • bad dream?
  • talk to me.   
  • it’s okay to cry. 
  • you need to be more careful.
  • we should hug this out. 
  • i worry about you.
  • can i hold your hand?  
  • because i care about you.
  • it made me think of you.  
  • take care of yourself. 
  • put your seatbelt on.  
  • where did you go?  
  • i didn’t mean to worry you.
  • i made breakfast.
  • sing something for me?
  • open it and find out.
  • how long have you been like this?
  • you look nice.
  • here, take my jacket.
  • close your eyes and try to get some rest.
  • focus on my voice.  
  • i meant every word.
  • i was here all night.
  • look both ways before you cross.
  • you don’t have to talk.  
  • this is your favorite, right?
  • you’ll feel better in the morning.
  • you have a nice laugh.
  • here, take my jacket.
  • you could stay here. with me.
  • we’ll figure it out together.
Dangerous Loyalty RP Starters
  • "It scares me what I'm willing to do for you."
  • "I don't care about anyone else, you're all that matters to me!"
  • "You know you can't refuse me anything I ask of you."
  • "You know I'd never refuse anything you asked of me."
  • "Say the word and I'm yours forever."
  • "If you love me as much as you say, then prove it."
  • "It's time that you proved your loyalty to me."
  • "I'll serve you forever if you'll allow me to do it."
  • "What will it take to make you go back on your oath of loyalty?"
  • "Will you trust me with the rest of your life?"
  • "My life is in your hands."
  • "You're going to take this gun, you're going to pull the trigger and you're going to shoot them. And do you know why? Because I told you to do it."
  • "I'd die if you asked me to."
  • "You would die if I asked you to."
  • "I could stab you in the heart and you would still come crawling back."
  • "You can do anything you want to me, I don't care!"
  • "I'll take the fall for you."
  • "I want you to take the fall for me."
  • "I could never act against you, not even to defend myself."
  • "My safety isn't important! You're what matters!"
  • "If hurting me is what makes you happy, then I'm only happy to indulge you."
Even More Unusual Asks

😬- If you bit someone, would it hurt?
🏨- Name a time you were badly injured. What happened and what caused it?
🏆- Do you consider yourself competitive at all? What will you do to win a game/fight?
🥘- Are you good at cooking? What is the best dish you have made. Alternatively, how bad are you at cooking? What’s the worst dish you’ve made?
🌴- Do you like going on vacation? Or does your boss force you to take a break?
🐚- When treasure hunting, what do you look for? Stuff that sparkles and shines or dusty ancient relics?
👓- How good is your eyesight? Do you ever need glasses for anything?
👛- What are the contents of your purse/bag/pockets?
👘- Describe your formal attire. What would you wear to a wedding, fancy dance/date/dinner, funeral, or similar formal events?
🐩- What dog breed bests suits you?
🐆- What cat breed best suits you?
🐻- What wild animal best suits you?
🎀- Do you like cute things at all? What is the cutest thing you have or have met?
🎉- What is a typical birthday celebration like for you? How do you go about celebrating other people’s birthdays?
🗝- What is looped around your key ring?
🛁- What do you do to treat yourself?
💉- Do you dislike shots and injections?
🌅- Are there any scenic locations you would like to live out your retirement in?
🍸- Do you need to relax right now? What do you do when you take the day off?
🏰- If you owned a castle, what would you make it look like?
🚏- How good are you with directions? Do you get lost easily?
⚽️- What games did you play with other kids when you were younger?
🍱- Are you hungry right now? Are you craving anything to eat?