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Fictionkin askbox game

1. Who of your kins is most likely to stick out their tongue while focusing/working hard?
2. Which kin to you identify most with?
3. Who was your first kin?
4. What is your favorite memory?
5. What is your least favorite memory?
6. Which sense most connects you to your kin(s)?
7. How many kins do you have? (Fiction only)
8. Is there a kin you’re embarrassed about?
9. Who is your most obscure kin?
10. Is it hard for you to find canonmates?
11. Are you okay with doubles?
12. Who of your kins is most likely to cause mayhem or panic?
13. Which of your kins has the worst sense of fashion?
14. Who from your canon do you miss most?
15. What was your favorite canon?
16. Which canon do you have the most memories from?
17. Which canon do you have the fewest memories from?
18. Do any colors remind you of certain kins?
19. Do you have kins from the same source and canon?
20. Do you have kins from the same source but different canons?
21. Who of your kins is the biggest meme?
22. Who of your kins is the mom/dad friend?
23. Does any non-kin know that you’re kin?
24. Is there anything you could do in a past life that you wish you could still do?
25. Do you have any kins that aren’t from media? (Otherkin)

Overwatch Asks ♡

Offense ♡

  • Genji: Any body modifications you want but are too scared to get?
  • McCree: What’s your #1 guilty pleasure?
  • Pharah: How closely do you think one should follow the rules?
  • Reaper: Tell us about an embarrassing middle school/high school phase.
  • Soldier: 76: What do you think you’ll be like at 60?
  • Tracer: Super speed or super strength?
  • Sombra: Favorite way to tease/annoy your friends.

Defense ♡

  • Bastion: Which animal can you see becoming your lifelong partner?
  • Hanzo: What advice would you give to your younger self?
  • Junkrat: Name your favorite pastime/hobby.
  • Mei: Favorite flavor of ice cream.
  • Torbjörn: Name three first three things that pop into your head.
  • Widowmaker: Last instance that really tested your patience.

Tank ♡

  • Reinhardt: What is the thing you love most about yourself?
  • Zarya: How do you bounce back from difficult situations?
  • Roadhog: Bacon, sausage, or neither?
  • D.Va: Of which accomplishment are you most proud?
  • Winston: What is your dream job?

Support ♡

  • Lúcio: The last song you listened to.
  • Ana: One thing that keeps you motivated.
  • Mercy: Do you prefer to give or receive?
  • Zenyatta: One thing that brings you peace.
  • Symmetra: Describe your aesthetic.
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Send a symbol for…

🌟- One of my favorite icons
🚫- One of my least favorite icons
🐑- One of my muse being cute
🐉- One of my muse being beautiful/handsome
🎩- One of my muse being silly
⛈- One of my muse being sad
🌶- One of my muse being angry
🥈- An icon from a random AU/verse
🎲- An icon I use frequently
🛵- An icon I don’t use very much
🚜- An icon I haven’t used at all
🏘- An icon from another RP blog (if applicable)
🏦- An icon that was given to me
📸- A thumbnail I used/have used
🎞- A thumbnail I have not used
💸- A random icon you click on without looking!

anonymous asked:

Oh my god if you're doing that drabble thing for destiel I would LOVE to read #32!!

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Dean doesn’t mean to say it. It just slips out, anger and fear working together to loosen his tongue.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

The words fall between them, hissing and spitting like a viper, and Dean turns away sharply to try and collect himself. He’d never meant to say that in anger.

He’d never meant to say it at all. It was his dirty little secret, something he would take with him to the grave.

But right now, with Cas looking so fucking fragile and painfully human (again, fuck), talking about making arrangements and wouldn’t burden them with his presence-

Dean couldn’t take it. He doesn’t look back at Cas. He can’t stand to even think of what kind of face Cas is making; anger and disgust or incomprehension and pity or some kind of horrible mix, but he’s not saying anything.

Dean swallows. The silence is thick and threatening, suffocating him as he waits for Cas to respond.

“Why would that terrify you?” Cas asks softly, as if he genuinely doesn’t know.

Dean wants to be glad Cas didn’t go for the obvious question first. He’s not.

He also won’t be able to have this conversation facing Cas (and wishes he didn’t have to have it sober), so he continues to stare down the wall.

“You leave,” he says tightly, forcing the words out sharp and short. It hurts, it hurts like hell, but it’s the truth. Cas leaves him. Cas has left him, over and over again, and every time it drives the knife a little deeper.

Dean Winchester can’t get anyone to stay. He isn’t worth anyone staying, but it would kill him to have Cas and then realize that he’s still not enough to get Cas to stay.

“Not by choice,” Cas says, voice heavy with sorrow. Dean hears him step closer. “Dean, I-”

“Don’t,” Dean snaps, shoulders tense even though he still doesn’t turn. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, but for a moment, all he sees behind his eyelids are flashes of burned wings. He breathes again, shoulders shaking.


Cas’s voice is right behind him now. He’s so close Dean can feel his body heat and he tenses, every nerve ending keenly aware of the body behind his.

When Cas’s hand touches his shoulder, it’s like a live wire pressed to Dean’s skin.

“Ask me to stay,” Cas says. Dean breathes.

“Ask me to stay,” Cas repeats, voice lower, more hoarse. “And I will.”

Dean opens his mouth but his tongue won’t work. His vocal cords feel paralyzed and he wants to, he wants to say it.

Has he ever said it?

Dean turns. He finds Cas’s eyes, seeing his own desperate hope reflected in them.

How long had Cas wanted this?

Dean lifts his hand to cup Cas’s cheek, feeling almost as if he were dreaming. He’d dreamt this so many times, but the scratch of Cas’s stubble against his palm is grounding and real.

“Dean?” Cas asks. Dean looks at him, really looks.

How long had Cas been hoping Dean would just ask him to stay?

“Cas,” Dean says, and his voice is wrecked, he can’t stop himself from slowly closing the distance between them. “Stay with me?”

Cas beats him to the punch and, by way of answer, crashes their mouths together in an enthusiastic kiss.

More Unusual Questions for your Muse

🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings?
🙊- How good are they at keeping secrets?
🎖- Is your muse the “forgive and forget” type or do they hold grudges?
⚖️- If your muse had superpowers, what would they be?
📐- Did your muse get an education? What was their best subject in their studies?
🖋- If your muse was an author/poet, what kind of stories would they write about?
📕- What “Banned Books” could you see your muse reading?
🔖- When they shop, does the price or product matter more?
🐶- If your muse was forced to get a pet, what would they get?
✌️-How often did they get into trouble as a kid?
⭐️- What’s their favorite constellation in the night sky?
🍼- Would your muse raise an abandoned orphan they found or opt to relocate them to an orphanage instead?
🏄‍♀️- What kind of leisurely sports do they partake in on their downtime?
💐- What are their favorite flowers?
👑- How would your muse react if they suddenly found out that they were the long-lost heir to a rich kingdom?
👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave?
💥- if Your muse wakes up with complete amnesia, how would they react? How scared would they be? What caused it?
🍳- What does your muse’s typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like after their larder has been fully replenished?
🎣- Would your muse go fishing for any reason? Would they catch-and-eat or catch-and-release?
🎼- What part in a choir would your muse sing? Soprano (½), Bass, Tenor, or Alto?
🎬- Pick three movies you could see your muse watching (and enjoying)
🎨- Find two famous pieces of artwork you think your muse would enjoy.

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here’s the thing. you need to vote and i need to write. so let’s help each other, yea?

if you go and vote for malec in the poll, then send me an ask with the percentage we were at when you voted, you can also send me a prompt and i’ll write you a fic. literally anything. anything malec. anything in sh (that’s not gross). this is out and out bribery folks, we need our progressive, healthy, mutually trusting biracial babes to win.

if you vote multiple times, any time the percentage moves you can send me another prompt as long as you keep voting

you could have sent me 100 prompts by monday. imagine that.

maybe i’ll double down when we get to winning.

i’ll double double down if we win the whole thing.

get to it folks.

Even More Unusual Asks

😬- If you bit someone, would it hurt?
🏨- Name a time you were badly injured. What happened and what caused it?
🏆- Do you consider yourself competitive at all? What will you do to win a game/fight?
🥘- Are you good at cooking? What is the best dish you have made. Alternatively, how bad are you at cooking? What’s the worst dish you’ve made?
🌴- Do you like going on vacation? Or does your boss force you to take a break?
🐚- When treasure hunting, what do you look for? Stuff that sparkles and shines or dusty ancient relics?
👓- How good is your eyesight? Do you ever need glasses for anything?
👛- What are the contents of your purse/bag/pockets?
👘- Describe your formal attire. What would you wear to a wedding, fancy dance/date/dinner, funeral, or similar formal events?
🐩- What dog breed bests suits you?
🐆- What cat breed best suits you?
🐻- What wild animal best suits you?
🎀- Do you like cute things at all? What is the cutest thing you have or have met?
🎉- What is a typical birthday celebration like for you? How do you go about celebrating other people’s birthdays?
🗝- What is looped around your key ring?
🛁- What do you do to treat yourself?
💉- Do you dislike shots and injections?
🌅- Are there any scenic locations you would like to live out your retirement in?
🍸- Do you need to relax right now? What do you do when you take the day off?
🏰- If you owned a castle, what would you make it look like?
🚏- How good are you with directions? Do you get lost easily?
⚽️- What games did you play with other kids when you were younger?
🍱- Are you hungry right now? Are you craving anything to eat?

xeylah  asked:

Iwaoi #22?

#22 - two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

Tooru is only seething a little bit and it’s not his fault. Stupid Tobio is getting married meanwhile Tooru has only had one functional relationship ever and it was years ago. It’s not enough that Tobio is better at his job than Tooru and going to eventually surpass his hard earned position at their company now he has to have a more functional romantic life too. He wishes he could say without a shadow of a doubt that Tobio was at least having bad sex but he had met Hinata for the first time earlier and the guy seemed to be nothing but enthusiasm and energy.

With a grunt Tooru knocks back his shot of vodka and ignores the stranger who walks up to the open bar (thank god) next to him.

“What can I get ya?” the bartender asks.

“Something really fucking strong.” the stranger replies.

“Aren’t you supposed to be happy?” Tooru can’t stop himself from asking. “Aren’t people usually happy at weddings?”

The stranger gives him a flat glare. “That’s none of your business.”

Oh no. He’s hot. Like really hot. Tooru has to stop himself from ogling.

“Totally fair,” Tooru says, nodding rapidly.

The stranger rolls his eyes. “What about you? You certainly don’t look happy.”

Tooru sticks out his tongue. “You’re just as miserable so you can’t judge me. Besides, you don’t even know my name so I don’t owe you anything.”

The stranger is glaring at him again and Tooru can’t help but find that extremely hot. “I’m Iwaizumi Hajime, a cousin of Tobio’s.”

Of course Tobio has extremely hot cousins because he can’t fail at anything in his life the bastard. Oh well. Just this once Tooru is intending to take advantage of Tobio’s perfect life.

“Nice to meet you, Iwa-chan,” Tooru says with a grin, “My name is Oikawa Tooru.”

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  1. The umbrella, when it rains - 
  2. The popcorn at the cinema - 
  3. The baby, when it cries - 
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share - 
  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - 
  6. The basket, when they go shopping - 
  7. The door, on dates - 
  8. The other’s hand, most often - 
  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - 
  10. The camera, when they take pictures together - 

letscuttle  asked:

94.7 WSBK + missing scene PLEASE i loved this one!!!! <3

Let’s do an alternate version! Remember how Emma didn’t want Killian coming by the station? (94.7, WSBK)

“I can come to the station,” he said. “I just have to wait for my coworker to get here to take over for me for the rest of the shift.”

Whoa. He … but he was just DJ Jones. The late night DJ she talked to because she was bored. And suddenly he was going to come here?


Right. He wanted to come over. She wouldn’t get in trouble or anything; before Aurora’s shift changed, she used to visit Mulan during the night shift. It was just a matter of whether or not she’d let him.

But she didn’t even know his name.

Oh god, she was going to let him come over. She could feel it happening even before she opened her mouth. “Yeah, I’m at the station.”

“Okay,” he said after a few seconds, and she realized he’d been holding his breath. “Give me an hour?”

An hour. An hour for her to regret her decision. “Okay.”

It was the longest hour of her life, and the weirdest part? The regret wasn’t setting. The nerves sure as hell were, but not the regret.

She wiped at her eyes again. It would make her feel better if she wasn’t alone tonight. And this was for the best; this way, she could talk to Jones without him constantly having to put her on hold. It would be weird, meeting in person, but it wasn’t any different from online dating–not that this was a date.

An hour later, she heard the front door open, and there were footsteps. “Uh, hello?” Yep, DJ Jones.

“Just down the hall,” she called out, straightening up in her chair. Why was she nervous?

And then DJ Jones was there, right in front of her, in the doorway. Her jaw dropped un-ironically.

He was dressed pretty casually, which she figured was normal for a DJ. He had a prosthetic hook instead of a left hand, which she only noticed because he had a plastic grocery bag hanging off of it. He looked anxious, like he wasn’t sure how she would react to the situation, but also a little surprised.

“I picked up a few things,” he said, and he scratched at the back of his ear with his right hand. “I hope that’s all right.”

Her jaw hadn’t dropped for any of those reasons. It had dropped because DJ Jones was beyond hot. And he was here to comfort her throughout the rest of her night shift.

She’d made worse decisions in her life, that was for sure.

Fic ask game

What RPG class do you see my muse as?

Some examples:
Dungeon Crawler
Mace Knight
Spear Lancer
Black Mage
White Mage
Animal Tamer


thesschesthair  asked:

So... we know Killian's got centuries of experience under his belt... but what do you think Emma's taught him about the modern wonders of this realm?? *adjusts her innocent halo*

  • First and foremost I think would have to be that he doesn’t have to put his dick in a sheep’s intestine for them to be safe 
  • Emma’s more than a little ready to vomit the first time he whips one of them out - though bless him he’s the first man to think of HER safety that she’s been with - and she refuses to think of WHO he went to for said sheep’s intestine and how that conversation went down
  • She’s also never been more thankful for the birth control pill then in that first, heated moment that she’s poofing the intestine away as she pulls him down on top of her
  • Vibrators, def. vibrators. Can you imagine a man like Killian Jones using one on you? There’d be no quarter given until you were a quivering pile of flesh 
  • Because lock jaw happens for men too, ladies
  • Killian is a bit uncomfortable with porn in the beginning until he realizes the talking phone he has can store similar images of Emma 
  • (sexting is also one hell of a convenience over writing what you want to do to a woman on parchment and praying her father doesn’t stumble upon it) 
  • Speaking of vibrators - Killian’s favorite is the one that comes with the app that allows him to control Emma’s pleasure even when he’s not around
  • It comes in handy on their 5th wedding anniversary when he’s stuck in another realm (ofc) and Emma refuses to think of how the cell reception reached across realms
  • (she ignores the wink Zelena throws at her upon everyone’s return, as well as the stage whispered, ‘YOU’RE WELCOME, SAVIOR’ - she really has been a shipper of it since the beginning, guys)

Many thanks to @fergus80 who helped compile this because I was scratching my fucking brain! I should turn in my gutter flower card

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anonymous asked:

Any smutty head canons that haven't been shown in Beyond the Horizon?

This isn’t really a head canon so to speak, but at one point I was considering having them encounter one of Emma’s former suitors in port and sparking some major Jealous!Killian that would have of course led to some hot, possessive sex later on. I wound up dropping that plotline, but I may write an extra scene along those lines, it’s always been in the back of my mind as kind of a companion to the scene where Emma is jealous of a flirty barmaid in chapter 16 or 17. Or she flirts with another pirate as a way of gaining information for the crew and Killian does NOT like watching his princess with another man, a la punching himself in S3.

But I think Killian is very possessive of Emma in Beyond and it extends to their sex life as well, although I’ve always tried to portray it in a manner that’s not like she’s something he owns (and lets face it, she owns his leather-clad ass completely and he knows it), but that she’s the most precious thing in his life.

(send me any of the following in my ask box!)