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If you could look like any animated character...................………................... Who would that be

Well…………… face-wise probably Merida because I love her and her adorable round face and lil nose. But y’know who I look like already? I look like this nerd but a lady! 

We got the same hair (texture, color, even the part) same eyes and nose, same face shape, and personality. He’s me! All I need is freckles! Honestly I’ve thought about cosplaying him in the future if I ever get into that. Also tbh he helped me to feel better about my nose which isn’t my favorite thing but I’ve come to terms with it!

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Fictionkin askbox game

1. Who of your kins is most likely to stick out their tongue while focusing/working hard?
2. Which kin to you identify most with?
3. Who was your first kin?
4. What is your favorite memory?
5. What is your least favorite memory?
6. Which sense most connects you to your kin(s)?
7. How many kins do you have? (Fiction only)
8. Is there a kin you’re embarrassed about?
9. Who is your most obscure kin?
10. Is it hard for you to find canonmates?
11. Are you okay with doubles?
12. Who of your kins is most likely to cause mayhem or panic?
13. Which of your kins has the worst sense of fashion?
14. Who from your canon do you miss most?
15. What was your favorite canon?
16. Which canon do you have the most memories from?
17. Which canon do you have the fewest memories from?
18. Do any colors remind you of certain kins?
19. Do you have kins from the same source and canon?
20. Do you have kins from the same source but different canons?
21. Who of your kins is the biggest meme?
22. Who of your kins is the mom/dad friend?
23. Does any non-kin know that you’re kin?
24. Is there anything you could do in a past life that you wish you could still do?
25. Do you have any kins that aren’t from media? (Otherkin)

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here’s the thing. you need to vote and i need to write. so let’s help each other, yea?

if you go and vote for malec in the poll, then send me an ask with the percentage we were at when you voted, you can also send me a prompt and i’ll write you a fic. literally anything. anything malec. anything in sh (that’s not gross). this is out and out bribery folks, we need our progressive, healthy, mutually trusting biracial babes to win.

if you vote multiple times, any time the percentage moves you can send me another prompt as long as you keep voting

you could have sent me 100 prompts by monday. imagine that.

maybe i’ll double down when we get to winning.

i’ll double double down if we win the whole thing.

get to it folks.

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This is a question from get to know the blogger: What are your other deepest passions outside of animation? What causes you to vibrate with so much excited energy?0 unread message

Oh, good question! It’s making me think, because animation and art is such a big part of my life and dominates like everything I do skgsjdgsd… But honestly, animals make me really excited when I’m around them! I freakin’ love reptiles and birds especially because I don’t get to hang out with them a lot. I actually enjoy feeding pigeons, just having them land on me and giving them little scratches and coos. Pigeons are awesome. As for reptiles, I like looking up videos on instagram and such of them hanging out with their humans, and all of it just makes me excited because one day I really want to get some lizard or snake :’D 

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me!

30 fluff tropes + dcmk fills!

(from here)

a list of received/finished prompts, for reference – I am still taking requests, but writing may take a while so do be patient! just avoid prompts with strikethroughs and you’re good to go, though I generally prefer platonic ships and non-duplicate numbers. (feel free to specify only one character if you want me to choose the other!)

1. bedsharing
2. cuddling for warmth – Kaito and Aoko
3. animal adoption
4. making breakfast – Shiho and Agasa
5. forehead touches – Shinichi/Ran
6. reading together
7. nose kisses
8. fake dating
9. caring for the other when sick – Kaito and Aoko
10. stargazing – Kaito and Shiho
11. hugs
12. playing in the snow
13. watching fireworks – Ran and Kazuha
14. hand-holding – Sonoko and Ran
15. blanket forts – Kaito, Shinichi, Shiho
16. watching a sunrise/sunset – Kaito/Saguru
17. sharing an umbrella
18. accidental baby acquisition
19. at the beach
20. gift-giving
21. post no-good-very-bad-day cuddles – Heiji and Kazuha
22. rainy day snuggling
23. slow dancing – Kaito and Akako
24. sharing Ice cream
25. giving/getting flowers
26. pillow fights
27. wearing the other’s sweater – Conan and Ai
28. napping in a puppy pile – Conan and Ran
29. meeting each other at the airport – Kaito and Saguru
30. surprise party

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Top 5 Sastiel moments?? xc

Okay, Anon. This was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I had a whole list planned out when I started this response and then I kept thinking of more moments and it turns out I’m really super emotional about this ship??? I love all of the quiet, casual moments of interaction we get between them. These are two people who genuinely understand and get each other, in the end.
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1. “Nothing is worth losing you” - First Born (9.11)
Castiel: “Well, whatever Grace was inside you is gone now. What’s left of Gadreel is in here. We’ll just have to try the spell with what we have.”
Sam: “Damn it.”
Castiel: “Sam, I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do. But nothing is worth losing you.”

Always and forever my top Sastiel moment. This was the episode that took me from casual “This is kind of cute” onlooker to “THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING” shipper. For the first time in way, way too many episodes seasons someone finally told Sam how important he was. It wasn’t someone telling Sam that they needed him or that his life was important to them. It was Castiel telling Sam, to his face, that his existence was worth everything. And, again for the first time in a long time, we see someone - Cas - understand Sam and relate to how he feels. Sam seems to get shunted to the background so often in these more recent seasons, so to see Castiel tell him how important and valued he is just for being gives me a massive case of the warm and fuzzies.
And then we get that adorable scene of Sam and Cas hugging at the end of the episode and I can forget for a little while how much I disliked this season. Also, the bonding over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

2. The unabashed flirting in Holy Terror (9.09)
Castiel: “It is so good being together again.  You know, this is my first beer as a human.  I hope it’s okay, me joining you?”
Sam: “Why wouldn’t it be okay?”

These giant fucking nerds and their casual flirting. Cas is so pleased to be acting like a real hunter and Sam just thinks it’s the best damn thing ever and they both keep giving each other these ridiculously dopey smiles and Dean’s just being dragged along for the ride. Plus there’s that whole “Agent.” “Agent.” exchange that’s just so adorable that it makes me weak.
It’s the kind of casual interaction between Cas and Sam that I so long for all the time on this show and it’s the most adorable damn thing ever before the entire episode goes to shit.

3. Boyfriend Road Trip - Inside Man (10.17)
Castiel: “So you will answer our questions, or Sam will, um … What’s the phrase?  Blow your fricking brains out.  It’s called leverage, Metatron.”
Sam: “Learn it, live it, love it.  How do we get rid of the Mark?”

This episode was such a gift. An entire episode focused almost entirely on Sam and Cas road tripping their way through a heavenly crime spree of angelic kidnapping. It’s the stuff AU dreams are made of to be honest. Sure, their ultimate goal is to find a way to help Dean, but. Castiel listens intently to Sam’s research. Cas tries to show off and impress Sam by busting down the door to the psychic’s house. SEANCE HAND HOLDING. Working together to scare the everloving shit out of Metatron because they are intimidating, dorky, adorable, ruthless boyfriends who just happily road trip cross country with each other.

4. Cas choosing Sam over everything in The Song Remains the Same (5.13)
Castiel: “The answer’s still no. Because Sam is my friend.”
Anna: “You’ve changed.”
Castiel: “Maybe too late, but I have. Anna, we’ve been through much together, but you come near Sam Winchester and I’ll kill you.”

Oh, you know, just the moment where Castiel chooses Sam over the entire damn world. Anna offers up an opportunity to prevent the apocalypse and stop Lucifer - and Cas tells her they’ll find another way. Like, Anna - one of Castiel’s friends and superiors - literally proposes a solution where Sam’s death alone could save the entire world, and Cas says no to her. Because Sam is his friend. He chooses to go against Anna and heaven and the entire world for Sam Winchester.
Honestly, what makes this moment so remarkable to me is that it’s the first time I really saw a clear indication of how much Sam meant to Cas. Before, it felt like all of their interactions were through a Dean lens of sorts where everything about them revolved around Dean’s role in their lives and preventing the apocalypse and then we get to this episode and… Gah. Cas chooses Sam’s life over saving the world.

5. Netflix and Cas just casually hanging in Sam’s bed for weeks (11.04)
Sam: “Your job is to relax. Read a book, watch some Netflix.”
Castiel: “What’s a Netflix?”
Sam: “Go to my room, turn on the TV. You’ll figure it out.”

This entire little storyline brings me so much delight. Sam - Sam who has never really felt comfortable in a home his entire life - offers up his room to Cas while he recovers. He just gives Cas permission to go into his room and hang there as long as he wants to. And boy does Cas hang there for a long damn time. Long enough that he gets through a handful of significant series on Netflix. And, no big deal, just casually lays himself down in Sam’s bed to do his TV-watching. However long two episodes is in Supernatural time he hangs in there. I get really emotional to think about Sam letting Cas into this safe space of his and allowing him to stay there. In his bed. On his Netflix account.
What does Cas do when Sam goes to bed? Is there cuddling? Does anyone else totally melt at the idea of Sam having that quiet, reassuring company beside him at night?

Runner ups include… Sam plotting out his ship name with Cas like a student doodling portmanteaus in the margins of their notebooks in 10.05. (Like why is this not a top 6 because I love this moment so much???) Sam praying to Cas after everything in 7.01. Cas going on his own to rescue Sam from The Cage before season 6.

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Ariadne on Haunts-the-Fearful. c:

Most admirable quality: “Many would be quick to denote her strength, but it is her desire to protect and nurture that warms my heart…”

Most attractive physical feature: “Whether she sheds the skin of a wolf or feels closer to who she is at heart, she is captivating. There are the most adorable dimples in her cheeks…though I must confess that I find the power of her form most alluring.”

Most annoying habit: “How could you say that? Haunts-the-Fearful has no such flaw… Anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

Something they would like to do with them: “I would like to see her raised into a rightful place where she might lead with the wisdom and savagery that I have had the honor of seeing firsthand. Were we not overseen by a tyrant, perhaps my voice would account for something among the minority…”

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skull emoji I used to find you intimidating because you know So Much about maps and history and Charles Jeanne and Les Mis and I was kind of scared to ask you anything for fear of embarrassing myself BUT now that we're friends I know you're a huge nerd <333

spacestationtrustfund said:that was not anonymous but WHATEVER

Awwww <3 <3 <3 I’m glad we are friends now.

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Margaret on Tadashi

Most admirable quality: “His intellect, surely. He’s got an eye for anything he puts his mind to and the capability to accomplish anything he wants. I’ve got to spend some time learning to be so discerning…otherwise I’ll spend the rest of my life missing important details.”

Most attractive physical feature: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile. He’s got very nice skin and big dark eyes… He’s a bit of a pretty boy, isn’t he?”

Most annoying habit: ”I don’t find much of what he does irritating, but that may just be that we’re both difficult people.”

Something they would like to do with them: “I saw that he’s been collecting old reels from foreign cinemas - I’d like to sit down and watch some of those films with him. I like that we both can shut the fuck up and just sit in silence.”

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Margaret on Cillian or Ulrich on Ana Sophia or Both

Most admirable quality: ”He’s a fuckin’ Callaghan. What’s there not to admire?”

Most attractive physical feature: “I don’t know from which side he got that head of blond hair, but I rather like it. He’s got a certain swagger that we all possess in some way, I suspect…and the family temper, too. Are those physical? They could be.” 

Most annoying habit: “He’s a good man who’s always good for a laugh. Anyone who’s got a different opinion is selling something…or too tightly wound to appreciate his humor.“

Something they would like to do with them: “Drink. Carouse, go out on the town, dance…anything I would’ve done with any of my kin back home if any of them were still alive.”

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Dean/Cas, 4

4. “I’m flirting with you.”

It’s official, Dean’s in love with the densest man (’former angel’, he reminds himself) on the planet.

Dean’s tried the subtle thing. He’d tried the long stares, the lingering touches. He’s a master at seduction, damnit. He may as well have a PhD in sex and all that leads up to it. He’s charmed countless men and women into his bed.

Just… none of his tried and true techniques feel right. Cas isn’t a quick lay and he isn’t a one night stand. He’s not even a weekend fling. He’s something more and while that kind of terrifies Dean on some levels he also wants this so badly it hurts.

Still, literally anyone else would realize what he was doing. Hell, everyone else has realized what he’s doing. Dean thinks Sam’s teasing and the knowing, pitying looks from the waitresses in the last dozen no-name diners they’ve stopped in would be easier to bear if his flirting were actually getting him anywhere.

Hell, he’d even tried pick-up lines. Cas had mostly just stared at him blankly, uncertainly, like he wasn’t sure if Dean was trying to teach him some form of humor other than the deadpan snark Cas had perfected.

Dean sighs.

He’s doomed. He’d smoldered, let himself just touch Cas more, for longer, let his hand linger, invited Cas closer, let his voice go husky and low when he delivered some of his best lines…

But nothing. Dean supposes it doesn’t help that Cas already has no idea what personal space is, so the staring and the touching probably didn’t seem strange to him at all.

Dean’s done everything short of just flat out telling Cas-


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Gianna... on... Namtar

Most admirable quality: ”There were none so capable among the Kindred of Cambridge as he. If one needed a lamb butchered or a man killed, he would do both unerringly and as commanded with little err. It has been many long years since I have set my eye upon him…but he would be a welcome sight, no matter the circumstance that transpired.”

Most attractive physical feature: “There is some measure of draconian beauty in stone…cruel, unyielding and cold. To see him poised to strike is a true pleasure for the martially inclined and the unfortunate end to any who should draw his ire.”

Most annoying habit: “None that I recall. I was never frightened of him, growling in irritation or roaring in aggravation besides.”

Something they would like to do with them: “I would be pleased to meet once more beneath the full moon and take tea with him and his beloved. The years have changed me…but perhaps they have changed him, as well.”

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For both your fmab oc's: Mugwort & Hellebore :)

mugwort: what makes your character happy?

on the surface, money and the cons he pulls to get it makes Cyrus happy, but Reina is what makes Cyrus truly happy. despite his shady business, he genuinely loves and cares for her. she brings out the best in him, as well as a softer side that he doesn’t let anyone else see, and he would do anything for her. 

for Reina, traveling and writing about her journeys make her happy. in a big way, she doesn’t know the details of Cyrus’ work, and she lives in blissful ignorance that their money is not honest money. Cyrus keeps her from getting too involved by buying her new clothes and jewelry and trips to beautiful places in Creta 

hellebore: what’s the biggest mess your character has gotten into?

for Cyrus, it’s difficult to say, since he tends to make a mess everywhere he goes. he hasn’t been caught in his own game yet, but at the rate he’s going, that might not last for much longer. the biggest mess, besides the loss of his family though, is probably the aftermath of his first con back in his hometown. he’s a wanted criminal there, and can’t go back unless he wants to be arrested

for Reina, she’s Living in her biggest mess and doesn’t even know it. Cyrus is lying to her abt the way he gets his money, and she’s none the wiser that it’s conned. Cyrus is playing a very dangerous game and is too proud to see it. he had just better hope that his actions won’t lead to anything happening to her

Music Asks!

I’ve never really noticed a set of questions on tumblr that are music based, so here’s to all my fellow music lovers out there.

1. Do you play an instrument?

2. Do you sing?

3. What instrument do you think sounds the best?

4. What instrument do you think sounds the worst?

5. Are you in any musical groups?

6. What’s your favorite song?

7. What’s your favorite band?

8. What’s your favorite album?

9. If you were able to go see any band perform live for free, what performance would you go to?

10. What concerts have you seen?

11. What was your favorite concert you’ve ever been to?

12. What’s your favorite musical genre?

13. What’s your least favorite musical genre?

14. What type of music do you listen to while you’re working or doing homework?

15. What song has the most meaning to you?

16. What’s your favorite piece for band?

17. What’s your favorite piece for orchestra?

18. What’s your favorite piece for chorus?

19. What songs do you like to listen to when you’re dancing?

20. What songs do you like to listen to when you’re driving?

21. What songs do you like to party to?

22. What songs do you listen to when you’re sad?

23. If you could learn to play one instrument, what would it be and why?

24. Have you ever written a song?

25. What movie soundtracks do you like?

26. Are you, or where you ever, in marching band?

27. Are you a fan of watching Drum Corps?

28. What’s your favorite Drum Corps?

29. Who’s your favorite musician?

30. Would you ever consider a career in music?

31. Do you study music (high school, college, grad school)?

32. What song lyrics are meaningful to you?

33. If you could meet one famous composer, who would it be?

34. If you could meet one famous musician, who would it be?

35. If one band got back together and went on tour again, what band would you want it to be?

36. What’s your favorite theme song?

37. Put your music on shuffle. What song came up first?

38. If you play an instrument or sing, what is one song you’d want to perform in your lifetime?

39. What is your favorite song that you’ve ever performed?

40. What was your favorite performance experience?

41. What’s song you’ll never get tired of listening to?

42. For the next week, you can only listen to five songs. What would you choose to listen to?

43. What’s the last song you listened to that gave you chills?

44. Do you have any funny music related stories?

45. Any question you want!