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For the fic thing, "Okay this is without a doubt the stupidest thing we've done."

Castiel looked down at the ring on his hand. It caught the light, glittering and sparkling in the sun. This band of gold, this little thing, told everyone he came in contact with that he belonged, that he had another half- near or far - to whom he was bound. It was a lot of symbolism for such a little thing.

Dean gripped the wheel tightly. “I said this is the stupidest thing we’ve ever done. Don’t you think so, Cas? Pretending to be married for a case?”

“I think it’s stupid that we’re pretending,” Castiel said. 

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(1/?) All her life she had the tattoo on her arm, just like anyone else. A short description of her soulmate. She didn't like it, for she thought she was broken. Sometimes it changed, out of the blue, and people told her that she was broken, she was going to die alone, blaming her for her changing mark. Until one day when a man in a leather jacket, fitting in the current description, grabbed her hand and told her to run. She rejected him at first, too scared. But what if this men was Mr. Right?

(2/2) When he asked her again, she didn’t doubt it. And she kept her mark hidden. What’s the point? she wondered, if it was going to change eventually and this man would be even more broken. Until that day when his skin was coated with a golden fire, changing him, she felt her mark becoming warm. After all the fuss was fixed, and he was wearing that ridiculous paper crown, she red it. “Pinstripes” it said. Now she knew why it changed. And then, he showed her his own. “Pink and yellow”

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Dean/Cas. “That’s the cheesiest pickup line I’ve ever heard.”

The man is attractive. His eyes sparkle green when the flashing lights of the club catch them, and he has a charming smile.

Castiel waits for the man to make a beeline for Meg, just as all the others have done, cursing his awful luck. It’s unlikely anyone is going to try to pick him up in this club, at least not anyone of the gender he’s actually interested in, but if someone was, Castiel would want it to be this guy. 

The club is Meg’s choice and she’s in her element - getting free drinks, grinding on the dance floor and breaking hearts. 

This man is going to be like all the rest and Castiel is so envious of Meg, getting to use and discard someone so handsome. 

Much to Castiel’s surprise though, it isn’t Meg the attractive man walks up to, but him. 

“Did it hurt when you feel from Heaven?” the man asks.

Castiel stares at him. The man is so handsome that Castiel tries to fight back on the words that immediately come to mind, but they impulsively jump out of his mouth before Castiel can stop them.

“That’s the cheesiest pickup line I’ve ever heard.”

The man’s grin widens.

“Yeah, but now nothing else I can say is gonna sound half as bad. I’m Dean by the way. Can I buy you a drink?”

JeanMarco Neck Kisses fic

by nianator

(inspired by angry neck kisses anon) “Marco come onnn, I’m sorryyyy.” Marco has been ignoring Jean for the past few hours since they came back from their dinner out with Eren and Mikasa. “I wont do it again ok?”Apparently Marco didn’t appreciate Jean’s overprotectiveness when Eren poked fun at how going to the gym made Marco’s shirt fit him really well. That caused a bit of a scene. Now Marco’s sitting criss crossed applesauce on their bed, his back to Jean and arms folded, his lower lip jutting out in a pout. Silence. Jean groans and rests his forehead on Marco’s back. “Why do you have to be so stubborn.” Marco makes a “hmph”sound in return. “What can I do to make you not hate me?” That made Marco waiver for a second, but he resumed kissing the back of Marco’s neck. Marco’s breath hitches and his eyes go wide. The kisses start trailing up his nape, hot and smooth. Marco starts breathing heavily, clenching the comforter underneath him in frustration. “J-Jean. Sto-hhofuuu..” Jean smiles “You say something?” Ok. Marco’s had enough. “For fucks sake Jean.” He turns around swiftly, surprising the tan haired man, and effortlessly pins him against the bed. Jean takes a few seconds before he asks,”Does this mean you’re not ignoring me?” Marco rolls his eyes and leans down to give him a long sweet kiss, but abruptly comes back up. “Never punch Eren in the restaurant again.” Jean shrugs, “No promises sweetheart.” “You’re such an ass,” mumbles Marco as he goes down and kisses him.

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(1/5) I'ts a few minutes after 5 am as Oliver sits on the back porch of his and Felicity’s house and watches the sun creep up on the horizon. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the day the Gambit sank and Oliver has been feeling the darkness lurking around in the back of his mind for a few days now. He’s been trying to make it seem like he was okay but he knows his family noticed. Felicity’s soft glances when he says he’s okay and Diggle’s worried looks.

He’s gotten better over the years with sharing his feelings and talking about things (thanks to Felicity) but sometimes, like right now, it’s just too difficult. He’s pulled from his thoughts by the feeling of a tiny hand on his knee. Sleepy (and slightly worried) blue eyes look up at him. 

“Daddy, are you okay?” his 4-year old son asks.

A small smile appears on Oliver’s face as he picks Tommy up and places him on his lap. “Yeah, I’m okay,” Oliver tells him but his son frowns at him. 

“But you don’t smile anymore,” he says in a small voice and his chin wobbles a bit. Looks like his son picked up on his mood as well. Oliver takes a deep breath and holds Tommy closer to him. 

“I’m sorry, buddy. I’m just a little sad but I promise you, I’m okay. You wanna know why?”

He feels his son nod against his neck. “Because of you. With you and your mommy in my life, I will always be okay,” Oliver says and places a kiss against Tommy’s forehead. “Something happened to me a while ago and when you’re old enough I will tell you about it.” Tommy sniffles a little and wraps his tiny arms around Oliver’s neck, a small smile on his face but his eyes still sad.

“Promise you smile again soon? I miss it.” 

The words tug at Oliver’s heart strings and he feels tears prick at the back of his eyes. “I promise, buddy. I will smile again soon.” 

Tommy nods seriously before leaning and kissing his daddy’s nose (a habbit he picked up very early from his mommy) and for the first time in days, Oliver’s feels a real genuine smile on his face.

“I love you, daddy.” 

“I love you, too, Tommy.”

That was absolutely beautiful, nonnie. Thank you so much for sharing it with me <3

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Rose, playfully, wraps a tie around her and the Doctor's hand, playfully stating that now he was handcuffed to her. She doesn't understand why he is looking at her with such awe and then whispers something in a strange language in her ear. The next hour is spent with him smiling like a kid with a candy and Rose trying to figure out what he said.

Did I just get my first askbox anon fic?!?! Oh, it’s fluff and fake marriage and love and sweetness all rolled up into 66 words. That image of the Doctor’s smile… Ohhhhhh. Thank you so much, lovely anon!

The Doctor’s coat fell over her, draped across her head and shoulders, big enough to cover her entirely. “Better?” “Yes,” she replied, “But-” “Just sleep, Charley.” “You’ll freeze, Doctor,” she protested. “I’m a little uncomfortable, but it’s a small sacrifice to make you comfortable. You need sleep. I don’t.” Charley smiled into his shirt, and remarked, rather drowsily, “This is probably the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been.” (½)

“Well, I’m sorry it isn’t swan’s down,” he murmured, and she could feel the weight of his chin on her head, “But I’m afraid this is the best I can offer right now.” His tone was light, intended to let her know he could still joke at his helplessness, but Charley thought that perhaps he was right. What he offered couldn’t compare to what he’d had to offer before. The whole of a universe. “I’ll take it,” she whispered, realizing it was the same, really. The whole of a Universe. (2/2)


I got my very first askbox fic from the absolutely lovely lixabiz yesterday, and I just wanted to repay her for the beautiful words! <3 I love Charley/Eight. She’s the only one aside from Rose that I ship any Doctor with.

Lesson here is nice askbox fics get nice little doodles in return. <3 <3

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Hook finds an injured mermaid(Emma) in Neverland, and against his better judgment, helps her.

A Hesitant Surrender

“Well, fuck.” The night sky spun over Emma, a whirl of stars and stringy clouds that made her head spin. The visual headache was compounded by the echos of Neverland’s tropical birds, the hiss and slap of the waves against the sand, and, far off, the low hum of the other mermaids. Everything sounded different out of water. It was too disorienting; she was losing too much blood, and everything had started feeling cottony around the edges… “Shit.” The tideline was too far away, even as she writhed in the sand trying to get back to the water, and she was growing weaker by the moment. The beach around her was sticky and red, and as she moved she could feel shards of coral stuck in the gashes that ran the length of her tail.

Emma’s elbows gave out under her and she collapsed onto the sand. The seashells nearby seemed to hum, “Don’t die so far from the sea…” and the last thing Emma heard was the crunch of footsteps.


“Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. This isn’t happening, turn around, you are not bringing her onto this ship, and I swear to God she still smells like tuna!” Smee wrung his red cap in his hands at the sight of his captain carrying the woman over his shoulder.

Hook glared at the sailor, and Smee snapped his jaw shut, cowering. “That’s enough,” Hook said, and then turned slightly, just enough for Smee to catch sight of the oh god were those scales where the woman’s legs should be.

“…Ah.” Smee bowed his head and stepped away. Hook turned back to him and raised an eyebrow. That was never good, thought Smee. The Eyebrow meant mischief, and Smee really just wanted to go a week without a near-death experience. Was that too much to ask? God, he hated Neverland.

That evening at dinner, the Captain was a no-show, so Smee grabbed a bowl of stew and tore off some bread to take to the Captain’s cabin. No need to exacerbate the mayhem with hunger, he thought.

“Uh, Cap’n? Brought you some food, because, uh, I thought you might be… indisposed? I, ahem, didn’t want you to be…”

The door swung open and Hook finished the sentence. “Hungry. Yes, that’ll do,” he said, taking the stew and bread from the Sailor’s hands. Smee’s words failed him. Hook was in shirtsleeves, spattered with blood, and there was the mermaid in the bathtub. Smee’s jaw dropped open, and the Eyebrow returned. “Is that all, Smee?”

“Uh, right. I’ll just…” Smee pointed vaguely behind him and darted off. This was so not going to end well.

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"Cas... Wha-what is this?" Dean asked while holding a positive pregnancy test.

Castiel composed his face into a perfect blank mask. He hadn’t meant to leave the pregnancy test out on the bathroom sink, but maybe subconsciously he’d wanted Dean to find it. He’d known his boyfriend was coming over today.

He’d taken the test this morning, just to see if his suspicion was correct. The positive answer hadn’t phased him. He’d been more concerned about what Dean would say, and so he’d abandoned the pregnancy test on the side of the sink and gone about his day.

Now, looking at Dean’s face, he was certain he knew what Dean would say. Dean was scared. He didn’t want to be a father. He didn’t want to have a child with Castiel. 

The lie came easily to Castiel lips. 

“It’s Gabriel’s test,” he said. 


Part Two

jeanmarco nsfw ask box fic/headcanon

ok this is the headcanon (??) thing. jean and marco live a D/s lifestyle with dom!marco and bratty sub!jean but they often switch alot with jean topping and marco bottoming but marco is usually in charge of what they do and every time 1 of them tortures/punishes the other the punishee (is that a word??) tries to 1up the other. 1 day jean is really ridiculously ANNOYINGLY horny and marco’s busy with work bc he has a huge presentation or somethig due tomorrow & jean keeps bothering him
and whining about how horny he is and how much he needs marco “RIGHT FUCKING NOW OR I’LL EXPLODE!!” even tho he knows marco is stressed and under a tight deadline and doesn’t have time to do a scene with him & even tho marco’s a patient angel he can’t work or concentrate with jean’s whining and with him rubbing his hands all over marco’s chest and thighs so he decides to put jean in his place. he gets up suddenly and throws jean over his shoulder and throws him on to the bed
and jean excited but nervous because he can tell how frustrated marco is and he gets even more excited when he’s covered in a pile of ropes as marco searches through their box of goodies and eventually jean finds himself tied up to the bed with a ball gag in his mouth (marco doesn’t want to disturb the neighbours bc he is a good boy), bullet vibrators attached to his nipples and a magic wand attached to his dick.
marco turns them all on to the highest setting and gives jean the sweetest smile ever before leaving the room and slamming the door shut behind him. he goes back to his work and sighs in content as he listens to muffled thrashing and screaming and moans of his name from the other room. by the time he finishes his work jean’s quieted down so he decides to check on him and finds a very tomato faced jean who’s flushed down to his stomach whimpering
and covered in drool sweat and cum. he turns off the vibes and takes off the gag and carefully unties him and asks if he’s ok which jean can only reply to with nods and whimpers since he’s basically lost his voice from screaming and marco carries him to the bath and cleans him up and cuddles him until he quickly falls asleep (remember kids aftercare is IMPORTANT!!). fast forward about a week where they’re getting ready for hardcore sexytimes and jean pushes marco
onto the bed & marco’s like “jean what are you doing?” & with a smug face he’s like “giving you a taste of your own medicine”. he ties marco up & attaches all the vibes but instead of leaving the room he fucks marco senseless and doesn’t put a gag on him because he wants to hear his cute needy moans & laughter from overstimulation. by the end they’re both messy & exhausted & they fall asleep together with limbs entwined & the most content smiles on their faces (◡‿◡✿) THE END

So I woke up today and there was a 700-word anonymous fic in my askbox O_O

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The first time Derek quotes Vonnegut, Stiles gives himself whiplash. Not fender-bender-in-the-school-parking-lot neck pain, but full-on I just fell out of a Boeing 757 and Derek’s monotone “so it goes” broke my fall like granite. He wonders if he’ll need a neck brace. He must look like the shock victim he feels like, because Scott is waving a hand in front of his face and there’s a muddled “dude?” echoing somewhere beyond the wreckage.

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The day Rose started wearing a 32nd century wonder bra was also the day the TARDIS no longer supplied the Doctor's shower with hot water. He'd managed to break two button on the console and the coffee maker in the first hour alone due to all consuming thoughts of burying his face in her ample cleavage. The day he did was the day Rose walked around the TARDIS in nothing but lacy knickers and that glorious, wonderful, FANTASTIC wonder bra.

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Mist grazes Rose's face as the dimension canon lands, grounding her on a dark, cold street. There's a tug on her heart that she hasn't felt in years & behind that a whir of otherworldly gears. She fires at the dalek before the thought enters her mind & then she drops the gun & runs; except it feels more like gravity, pulling her to where she belongs. Time recedes as he wraps his arms around her & kisses her long & sweet & slow. The stars are going out, but her world has never been brighter.

When Rei was six his mother took him to the doctor. He doesn’t really remember much, just the cold press of the stethoscope to his chest and his mother’s worried smile and the lollipop he got afterwards. The doctor let him listen himself, though, he knows; he remembers that part, the weird feeling of the wire in his ears and then the knowledge, however impossible for his little brain to understand, that that was his own heart in his ears, a thump-thump-flutter of life a little off-tempo.

Nagisa’s still breathing hard next to him, but the only thing Rei can hear is the butterfly fluttering of his own heart in his chest.

“You saved my life,” he says, or tries to, the words mixing up in his mouth and mostly lost in coughing anyway. He slumps forward with the weight of it and Nagisa catches his shoulders, peering up at him through the sodden tangles of his hair, his eyes huge and worried.

“I’m sorry,” Rei says softly, closing his eyes and trying to catch his breath. His limbs feel like lead, all beauty and strength sucked out of him by the sea.

Nagisa doesn’t say anything, and Rei opens his eyes, thinks maybe he hadn’t managed to speak intelligibly after all, and tries again. “I’m sor—”

Nagisa leans in and slots their mouths together, his hands coming up to cradle Rei’s jaw.

Rei makes a noise—pretends, for the sake of any dignity he might ever have again, that it’s just the end of the word—and kisses him back, because. This. This wasn’t the plan, this isn’t in his calculations, but god if it isn’t the best feeling he’s ever had, boneless with relief and thrumming with surprise and Nagisa’s perfect soft mouth against his.

His hands come up almost without his permission, would fist in Nagisa’s shirt if Nagisa were wearing one but just end up tracing hesitantly over his chest, and, fuck, he’s shaking, they’re both shaking, and thunder booms deafeningly close and then they’re clinging to one another, now too close to be kissing and still shaking and Nagisa is so warm against him, steady and warm and he saved Rei's life.

“Um,” he says, half into Nagisa’s throat and half into his hair, and Nagisa presses a kiss to his temple, humming a little, happy and hysterical all at once.

“Um,” he says again, and Nagisa pulls back enough to look at his face, smiling. 

“Sorry, Rei-chan,” he says, not looking sorry in the least, “I just really wanted to do that.”

“N-no,” says Rei, “it’s really—very alright.”

Nagisa shifts, and he’s really just in Rei’s lap, now, all warm slick skin. “Is it,” he says, eyes twinkling, and leans up to press tiny kisses up Rei’s jaw. “So it’s fine,” he says between nips, “if I keep going?”

Rei gulps humid air, wonders, maybe, if somewhere he’s still drowning. He slides his hands up Nagisa’s back, tracing patterns through the droplets of water clinging to his skin. “Please,” he says.

He can feel Nagisa grin against his ear. “Told you. Deserted islands are always a good idea.”

Rei rolls his eyes and curls a hand around the back of his neck, shifting so he can kiss him properly. He tastes like seawater and sleep and panic, and Rei has never been happier to be alive.


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dean & cas are on a job at a couples retreat, to make things less suspicious, cas grabs deans arm. dean: what are u doing? cas: to blend in. dean gives this yeah ok look but plays along w/ it & cas is enjoying that deans actually playing along. [couple walks up to them] you guys look really good together. dean starts to blush "thanks" everyone keeps complimenting them. dean starts to wonder, do we really make a good couple? *dean looks at cas like he always does but w/ more love in his eyes*


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"You're a big baby when you're human, you know that right?" Dean watched the glare spread over Cas's face and tried not to laugh. He was learning Sam's bitchface. Tying off the last suture, he placed a bandage over the wound. Cas was still pouting, so he leaned down to place a gentle kiss just above the bandage. Blue eyes met his immediately and Dean smiled. "I'm glad you're okay. Please remember you're human the next time you take on three vamps, okay?" Cas nodded and Dean placed another kiss.

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"Rose, can I ask you a question?" The Doctor had noticed that Rose, wherever she went wore her Leather Jacket like armour. She turned to him and waited. "Rose, I was wondering why you always wear that leather jacket?" She looked down at herself, tugged at the jacket and then she gave him a sad smile that made his singular heart clench. "When I met you, you wore a leather jacket. This was the only thing that really felt familiar in this universe. It made me feel like we were still connected."

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Dean sighed with frustration. "For the last time, Cas, we are not getting a bird."

Castiel had stopped by the same stall in the market he always did, the one that made Dean’s skin crawl. The magical market was filled with all kinds of strange, horrible things, but the stall with bird cages hung from it’s awning was the worst one. 

All the birds looked so miserable, hunched over themselves in their tiny gilt cages. It gave Dean the creeps, but it was where he always found Castiel, staring at the birds with a kind of horrified fascination. 

Castiel turned to him, his eyes wide.

“I don’t think they’re birds, Dean,” he whispered. “I think they’re people.” 

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The Doctor scarcely felt so powerless as when another man stole Rose's heart. And he was so insufferably smug about it, the way he looked at the Doctor and just knew that Rose had become his with little effort. But even when she looked into this man's eyes with more adoration pooling in her own than he'd seldom ever seen, he allowed it. His ship knew, just like he did, what he would become some day, and not just because he had two hearts. This man, still a tiny little thing, was also his son.