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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking but was their a reason you stopped updating Bouncy Boba? (I meant to ask this months ago I got distracted)

Well,I guess I just lost interest in mlp.I still like it but,yeah I lost interest.Actually,I meant to make a post on that account about it but,I kept forgetting ;v; I guess there’s no point now since it’s been inactive so long.

*Ze frank voice*Soon after this photo was taken,mod pony broke down and began to hytersically laugh.She then tore the curtain from under her muse,and wrapped herself up,like an everything burrito.Between crying,laughing,and having sloppy makeouts with her tumblr app,she made plans to do a giveaway.Then so ate a bunch of eggrolls,then passed out for afew hours,and then finally got back to the giveaway idea.

Mod-Oh my various gods,I didn’t think I’d have so many followers this quick!I guess it’s really thanks to the awesome someponies that aggressively promoted me,heh.I didn’t do anything special for my 10,20 or even 152 because the count was going up so fast the only reaction I could do was terrified happiness,and chest clenching.So,now that’s it’s slowed down I can finally do a giveaway!You don’t need to reblog or anything really.After I finish up the last two questions in boba’s inbox,I’ll use a random number generator to select 2 peoples from my followers list.They’ll win a free drawing of their pony oc or ponysona.If they have neither,then I’ll just draw something else for them!Thank you all again for taking time to follow me and like my doodles,you don’t know how much it makes me smile!*chuu~*


((Mod- Lately,I’ve been getting alot of asks about bubble tea flavors.I got them all piled up in a sai file and plan to do a big ask about them.I’m sorry to say that I won’t take anymore flavor questions unless it’s very interesting.I’m sorry QAQ but if I continue answering flavors,it’s just gonna be the same thing over and over again.))

I was suppose to finish up the last two questions but I got distracted and started drawing random ponies and,this happened.Introducing Boba’s family.They don’t live in ponyville with boba,they live in Las Pegasus.

The blue pegasus is her dad,Low Sweeps.I designed him after my grandpa who used to rock the elvis hair and hawaiian shirts back in the day.Low used to be a janitor in the cloudsdale raindow factory but is now retired.

The orange earth pony in the light blue wig is Boba’s mom,Cherry Coon.I named her after Eddie Morton’s song “Wild cherry rag(coon song)”,she used to be a dancer and met Low when she and her troupe were preforming in cloudsdale.I designed her with Sylvia Fine,from The Nanny,in mind.

The blue little unicorn is Lil Whisper,Boba’s little sister.She’s very attached to Boba.I was thinking about Wednesday form the Adam’s family when i drew her.

The orange colt in the back is an earth pony and Boba’s older brother,Feather lips.He preforms at a drag queen escort club and has a little sister complex towards boba.I designed him with RuPaul,bunny bennett,and Hana( from tokyo godfathers) in mind.Also *duckface*

Woo!First doodle of 2014!New year,new icon,right?I was also thinking of updating Boba’s reference sheet too.Speaking of updates,next one’s coming soon,as soon as modpone can get the damn background right @~@ I think I may just copy/paste in the background of Boba’s living area. ;u; Backgrounds are hard,I don’t know how someponies do it!