Malte looked around Tappers and spotted Boost at work. Hiding behind the corner she smiled to herself. She’d brought him a few Valentines Day goodies. Slowly her eyes landed on the sight of a pile of Valentines gifts on the bar. Suddenly feeling discouraged she wondered if she should even bother. Would he even notice the gifts she’d brung…? Looking down at them, One was a handmade chocolate and blueberry cupcake, and the other a box of chocolate covered blueberries. “Well I guess I should, don’t want the work to go to waste..and besides no one will have to see me! I hope no one sees me..” The racer blushed and quickly made her way into Tappers. Swiftly she placed the items on the counter and turned to leave. “Now, to get out of here before I’m seen by anyone…” She continued to blush hard not really wanting the other racers to see her out of her ‘tough’ state, but, she couldn’t help it. The crush on Boost was bigger than she wanted to admit.

(I have individual pictures I’ll post after this)

Okay! So I have some fan art for a few people~

First of all is 2.0, whom I drew first. I looked at few of the relation images on the blog and drew him from there. 2.0 is hilarious (especially after that Valentine’s Day prank fest) and a pretty nice character.

Next is Reboot, the cutie. I love keeping up with his blog because it’s interesting to see his character progress from a nice, happy guy to someone who’s struggling to keep face (and failing in some aspects).

After that is Boost and Blitz, the little Twinners. I like looking through their asks and they’re both so adorable.

Lastly is GhostBoy!Turbo. He’s such a cute little guy and the fanfictions he’s in are just so cute.

I hope I did justice to each person’s style and I hope you like my little fanarts~