remember when Onceler askblogs where the thing of tumblr and people made like Greedler where it was an edgy onceler with pointy teeth and a long tounge and everyone wanted to fuck it?? well who remembers that constipated onceler askblog?? like people actually sent in asks and the blog would respond with art of onceler trying to shit like does anyone else remember this or 

(Now that Chikage Consults I’ve decided that I will probably not make another event like this on the blog. A lot of it was a huge learning experience, and brought good and bad things with it. Sometimes, things don’t work out how you think they will, and that can be good and bad also.

I’ve progressed immensely as an artist since this began, but also realized the limitations and problems with the format of the event. If anything like this is ever done in the future, it will likely lack follower input in it’s entirety until I can find a way that works out without me stressing too much over it.

That said, I’m glad the project was overall well-recieved. Neither me nor the person who started this ever expected it to get this far or this grand. Thank you for sticking around, but now onto actual askblog things. Whenever I’m not completely burnt out on the topic, I might handle some post-CC stuff but, otherwise, I’ll leave well enough alone.)

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You've been quiet for a while now. Is everything alright?

[[ Yes, I’m fine, just on and off busy. (and a little sad for obvious reasons, but I’m okay)

I’ve got quite a few messages relating to previous posts that I’m just trying to sort through so I can reply in a good story telling order and wrap up the young zach/sword stuff in a nice way that doesn’t go on for too long.

I’m gonna try to work on more askblog things this weekend since I should be pretty free so expect some stuff soon. Gotta start using the queue more unlike last week where I just posted everything as soon as I was finished drawing. 9u9; Haha.

Thank you for checking in on me. I really appreciate the concern. <3 ]]

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I saw an ask asking about how Asgore, US Paps, and UF Sans would show affection. Well... I'm curious about the two classic skeles and maybe Toriel? I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I'm kinda new to the 'imagine askblog' thing.

Don’t worry about it, I got you covered! ~ Mod Dari

Undertale! Sans

He’s not a very affectionate person but he does want to know that he cares for you

He’ll give you little gifts related to your hobbies

He’ll try to get into your favourite shows, games, books, etc. in order to better invest himself in your interests

He really likes kisses but since he doesn’t have lips, he can’t. So instead he presses his teeth against your lips, cheek, etc.

CUDDLING; he loves it! Especially after a tough day and when he just wants to sit down with you and unwind.

Undertale! Papyrus

Lots and lots hugging; he touches your shoulder and arms a lot

Will remember your favourite meals and drinks in order to have a stock on hand

Always remembers important dates for you

Cuddling, the few times he finally settles down and just relax with you, especially if you need him to

He’d leave little notes for you through the day, placing one in your lunch at work, slipped into your bag or your pocket and just little quotes of encouragement

Undertale! Toriel

Baking, baking for days!!

Lotta lazy days, curled up with you either on the couch or on the bed

Stealing tiny little kisses throughout the day

Spoils you a little, buys the things that she knows you would really like or enjoy

Takes up remembering your favourite desserts, comfort foods, and so forth

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Hey. I was wondering if you'd have advice on something- I want want run a Pokemon askblog thing (I'd do daily to be hip, but.. I couldn't draw something pleasant to look at even if my life depended on it.) And would it be easier to keep it separate from my main blog with a completely different account, or should I make one or the other a side blog?

Hello ! If you are worried about drawing, it’s okay ! You will get better only by drawing more, so a daily/occasional/weekly/etc blog would probably be good for practicing and upping your drawing skills!

As for the actual question, I’ve run this blog as a sideblog since the beginning ! It’s worked really well for me, but if you want to interact with other blogs more, it’s probably easier to keep it separate, so you can send asks directly from the blog and people will know it’s you. For interaction reasons, I recently moved this blog to another blog of mine and changed the url of this main blog to @flygon-daily-here, so people will know it’s me !

I’d say maybe separate blog is better, but if you like to manage your blogs from the same place, have it as a sideblog! It’s up to you !

*Me whenever a RP ask is sent to my Inbox*

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A: ….But what’s this? An ask blog? He’s into blogging? Like socializing? What an interesting thing my brother’s gotten into! That’s so neat~

I’m kinda curious about this whole askblogging thing now! Let’s see what’s that all about now, shall we?

Send them to me!

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Have you tried flirting with Aranea?

once upon a time, yeah.

but then i decided i didnt vwanna havwe my bulge near kooky mind-controlling dames who havwe an alternate timeline complex. 

heres something though; she flirted vwith me once. vwas it the best thing ewver, youre probably vwondering?

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Okay so I really wanted to pop off of perma-hiatus just for this Rain Dinners Party that Sir Crocodile is hosting, but seeing as my internet connection is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing nowadays, it’s just not possible. So have an Arlong relaxing at home in my pajamas as consolation. 

(tbh this party idea makes me really want to try askblogging again, one of the biggest reasons I ever started askblogs was because of the chance to interact/make friends/socialize with the mods of all these cool blogs. Maybe once I get a steady internet connection again I can see if I’m stable enough to try the askblog thing again. That’s months away though.)