A friend asked what the kids fused into Chisk would look like

“Hark” the herald angels sing
they’re trapped in a fusion of suffering

Don’t Worry--We’re Still Here!

Uh, hey everybody!  Dipper Pines here.  And yes, don’t worry–me, Mabel, and everyone else at the Shack is still very much alive.

Well, uh, to an extent.  Turns out some of those Lilliputtian guys actually followed us to Piedmont and tried to beat us with golf clubs in our sleep?  So yeah, not fun.

But yeah, I know what you guys are thinking…”Are you still gonna answer the rest of the questions in your inbox?  You’re not getting bored of the whole askblog thing, are you?  Why’d you just up and vanish like a Category 8 ghost on a bad day?”

The answers to those questions are yes, no, and, uh, I can totally explain.

See, no more summer means no more summer break.  And trust me, Mabel and I are up to our eyeballs in homework.  Sure, I’ve handled a decent course load in the past, but like, 8th grade is rougher than I thought it’d be, man! 

Turns out actually being honest in your “What I Did This Summer” essay isn’t always good enough for the more skeptical teachers.  So guess who’s been rewriting that for the past four hours.

Meanwhile, Grunkle Stan and Great Uncle Ford seem totally chill with answering asks from their boat or whatever, but it seems like they’ve been pretty busy too.  Apparently some kinda sea monster took a bite of their rudder the other day, so they’ve been super occupied.

Also, I can’t imagine they get very good wi-fi out there to check the askbox in the first place? So there’s that.

And of course, Soos is running the shack, Wendy, Pacifica, and all the others are back in school, like…everybody’s got a pretty full plate!

The only person in town that I can think of that isn’t busy is Toby Determined.  But, I, uh, I wouldn’t let him touch this blog with a fifty-foot pole.  No offense.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is we’re going on a bit of a hiatus.  Sure, a lot has happened that we’d love to talk about!  But until things settle down for everyone, I feel like we won’t be able to give you more than one-word answers.  And I mean, that’s just lame for everyone, right?

But rest assured, the blog isn’t closing downAnd no, we’re not gonna disappear indefinitely and consider that a hiatus, either.  We will be back, and hopefully soon!  We’ve just got a lot to take care of before we do.

So yeah, guys!  Thanks for being so patient and stuff. Like, seriously, that really means a lot to us.  You all really are great, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things so we can get to all your questions!  Cause trust me, there’s a lot to get to.

‘Til then, stay tuned, y’know?

We’ll see you soon!


remember when Onceler askblogs where the thing of tumblr and people made like Greedler where it was an edgy onceler with pointy teeth and a long tounge and everyone wanted to fuck it?? well who remembers that constipated onceler askblog?? like people actually sent in asks and the blog would respond with art of onceler trying to shit like does anyone else remember this or 


The finalized storyline arcs for my askblog, @askthefallenhuman!

Phew! After a long time brainstorming and revisions, I’ve finalized what I have in plan. I hope you’ll look forward to what I have in store! ;) 

Ask Apple Blossom Gaster is now open!

I’ve been wanting to do an askblog for a reaaally long time now, and it seemed like a good excuse to draw two things I love - flowers and Gaster! I’ve never told a story through this format before, so I’m curious about the adventure!

*Me whenever a RP ask is sent to my Inbox*

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