It’s my cover of F3nning’s “Heaven” based on the askblinddash tumblr ask blog.

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Journal of PoF Twilight Sparkle 23041003CE:

There are times when I have found her in her room, leaning against her old Wonderbolts poster. I haven’t really found the courage to talk to her about it yet.. It just feels like one of those personal things… I know that she must have heard me walk in the few times I caught her, but she never says anything. I- *ink smudges a few lines* -f Celestia, I swear that I will find a way to help her fly again. I promise, Rainbow Dash, you will fly again. - Twilight Sparkle

Detailed version.

Dunno know why I came up here.
Maybe it’s because being here feels like flying again.. Can’t fly without help from Twi, or ‘Shy, I guess.
But when Twi goes up to study the sky or whatever researchy thing she’s doing, I can’t help but ask to come along.
Something is wrong with her, too, and she says it has to do with that thing that hit me far up north. Bit weird cause I’m pretty sure I took most of the hits? I don’t know what it has to do with the moon, but…
I guess this is alright. Just sitting here, listening to the sky. Better than staying on the ground all the time. Being here makes the itching in my wings go away, and I guess I can kinda forget if I shut my eyes that I can’t see anything anymore.
I’m not alone at least. There’s something nice about listening to Twi’s voice. Without it, there’s just this scary emptiness in the air and I feel like I’ll get lost.
Maybe that’s why I followed her here…