“Family sticks together, no matter what!”

((Featuring: all at once, three excellent big mac blogs: http://askbigredmacintosh.tumblr.com  and - who is still stuck in the phantom zone I believe. It’s been an interesting month, I tell you!)) 


[Boobs chart! In the main cast only Pinkie has huge ballistics (Celestia and Luna are in the “m-m-m-monster tits” category, they are pretty much out of the chart) the rest is small/average. Btw, Twi’s mood is a reference to this post.

And don’t worry folks this is the last puppies update in a long while, is back to red pony for the blog. :) 

PS. 2 millimeters is a reeeeeally small difference.]

Can’t do missy. How ‘bout an old reunion photo instead. (Tryin’ to figure what to do)

[I originally intended to pony but changed my mind and go human with this one :) And yeah, unfinished background ‘cause the toaster couldn’t handle that much information and slow down *sigh*… the rest of the bg was mostly trees so y’all ain’t missing nothing vital I guess.

As a side note: Apple Bloom is doing a thing that a baby cousin like to do.

PS. I wonder how many people will noticed the apple family trait. ]

Travelling beyond the bounds~

[First things first, 2 new magic words to keep the drama away… heavy luggage in case of bulges and a tad chilly in case of nips.

With that out of the way… sup guys mod here, I played Zone of the Enders (HD collection) with a friend a few days ago and that put me in the mood to do a thing but since that thing would have been a bit of a pain in the ass to ponified… I humanized the thing instead. :3

Starring Rainbow Dash as Ken Marinaris and Big Macintosh as Dingo Egret, both from Z.O.E. 2. Btw my human version of Big Mac was mostly based on that character. And no, RD is not half naked… she’s wearing a super tight suit, like Mac… with WAY less mumbo jumbo on it.

Also a little personal headcanon (human version only). Dash loves to throw innuendos (and naughty jokes) at Big Mac, because those always pass flying right above his head and that’s something she finds pretty funny about him. He’s kinda bad at taking a hint. Oh and if this is the first time someone sees my humanized of these 2… yeah, I know Dash is quite short and Mac is ridiculously tall, no need to point that out. :)

Ok that would be all for now folks, see y’all!]

[Kinda out of ideas for an update at the moment :( So instead of not doing anything for another week I just did a clean sketch of that Moo Mesa reference I said I was gonna do (yeah I actually remembered to do a thing I said I was gonna do this time!). And how I needed hands for this (specially AJ) and since I’m not a big fan of doing anthro characters, I picked the human path.

Also, after like 3 years I added a donation button to the blog for the folks who wanted to give me a little support, all will go to upgrade my software since I haven’t bothered to do it in forever (still using CS4). I’ve been thinking in creating a Patreon too… but I’m not really sure what I’ll put in it if I’m honest.

Well that’s all for now, see y’all!]

Dance of the Holy Stallion.

[Ok guys I have some important news, this is the last update… made with the old toaster! New computer is up and running, so is finally back to normal for the blog :D I have to say, sure is nice to be able to run stuff again (specially arkham knight, so good).

Btw Big Mac’s gear is based mostly in Simon’s outfit from Chronicles (both versions) even though my favorite game is Super Castlevania 4. And for now excuse me I have to save Gotham. See y’all!]


[Mod note: Halfway I changed pony Mac for human Mac because I felt the need to do it. (spoiler: more humans are on the way, specifically females but is gonna take a little bit… and by that I mean like 2 weeks maybe. After that, back to miniature equines.)

(Irrelevant) Mod note: Never finished the game, I got bored to be honest. I liked the music though, really catchy.]


Eeeyup. Princess of silliness.

[Well if we use “ponies” and “boobs” in the same sentence that would technically means we are talking “crotch-boobs” and we don’t want to go that way… fortunately I know what you mean, and the answer is nope, the royal puppies are off the charts. Pinkie’s tatas are that big because all the sugar she eats goes up there (some goes to her hips too but mostly to her knockers)

Tadmod dude, you have no idea how much that made me laugh… and now that I’ve the song stuck on my head I’m eagerly awaiting for the rest of the lyrics. Don’t let me hanging compadre! :3

PS. “A” stand for “almost boobs” and “G” for “gravity field" 

- The more you know ~⋆ ]