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That clip they showed us with Keith and Shiro, they actually embraced one another after that. Shiro was the one who pulled Keith. I know cause I was in the background watching them :3

good ending: this ask

bad ending: they have a fight

true ending: keith leaves

secret ending: shiro rides up in the white lion with an altean arm and he’s a prince and he pulls keith into his big strong arms and then they adopt kuron and then go into the rift and defeat evil together and everything is just fine joaquim dos santos pls @ me if this is real i promise i won’t spoil ty xoxo


Here’s Kaito’s entire CRYPTON Unit, in all their glory! You’re free to direct questions at them at any time, not only during events where they’re present. They do all live with him, after all. Just in case you ever want to know a little more about them. :)

Thanks again to the AMAZING @askbad-boy mun for the beautiful coloring job!!!

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  3. Vamos entregar o seu premio pelo submit e responder sua ask sem dizer o tipo do prêmio.

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Bad blood - Taylor Swift

Lean on - Major lazer & DJ snake

Escreve aí - Luan Santana

I was here - Beyoncé