Austin & Ally Para: Stuck In The Moment [Closed}

Ally stood in the bathroom next to her room. Her heart was beating faster than usual and it throbbed so hard. Her mind was fluttered with questions running through her head. How could this happen? How do I tell him? This is everything we were afraid of. What if he leaves me? He would never do that…would he? Tears dared to prick down the curve of her eyes as she paced back and forth on the tiled floor. She was freaking out. No one could expect this to happen to her. Not even her self. How could she be so careless? What was her dad going to think? Let alone her mom. They would expect her to be more safe and take precautions but she didn’t. Now she’s in the mess and she didn’t know how it could get any worse. She held up the white stick and her hand as she stopped at the walled mirror against the medicine cabinet. Sighing as she looked down at possibly the worst thing to ever happen to her. Yep, she was pregnant.

Showers and Boyfriends [Closed] K+

Ally was home from a long day at work. Her dad had just left for another convention in Orlando so she was home alone for the rest of the day. She needed a hot shower to ease her soreness and help her relax. She started the water up on the shower head as she dropped down to where she was completely bare and jumped in. About half to an hour she was done, she climbed out of the shower feeling rejuvenated. She wrapped her towel around her hair as she shook it around the brunette hair drying it off slowly.