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Question: I thought it was interesting/exciting that NCIS‘ Gibbs thought Abby and McGee would be together in sideways-Gibbs world. Any chance they are teasing something to come? —Emily
Ausiello: Good news — I got an answer for you directly from showrunner Gary Glasberg. Bad news — he stonewalled! “It’s impossible to say if the ‘what if’ moments were actually foreshadowing things to come,” he tells me. “We will just have to wait and see how things evolve over the next 200 episodes. It is fun to think about it, though. Isn’t it?” (Reading between the lines, I think the answer to your question Emily is no.)


Hmmm…. I hope there’s possibility for McAbby. :) And I also like the “next 200 episodes” comment. (we’ve been getting those from the cast a lot lately and even though another 200 is highly improbable, it’s still good to see they’re still enthusiastic. I mean come on, who really wants NCIS to end?)

And in other news– another few sentences of nothing from our shady showrunner. xD

Ask your questions about WestAllen

Fandom, again I will stress the importance of interacting with media outlets in regards to WestAllen, Iris West, and Barry Allen. This week’s episode is going to be mind blowing! Iris confronts Barry!!! She knows he is The Flash!

NOW is the time to ask LOTS of questions! This is where asking questions about WestAllen, Iris, and Barry are important. We need to ask questions about them as a couple and individually. Their relationship will now be different!

How do we ask our questions?

There are multiple ways to ask our questions. Email and Twitter are the best vehicles to meet our needs. Most Entertainment social media sites have Twitter accounts and email accounts for their spoiler columns. This is where we need to send our questions. Sunday and Monday are great days to send our questions because the columns are usually published on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Who do we reach out to? Here is a list.

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With promoting WestAllen we also need to continue with our trending campaign for WestAllen. Candicanes United will be hosting a Twitter Trending event 5/5/15. ~ Iris West Allen Sparks The Flash ~ at 4pm EST.

Make your drafts now fandom!
Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Bones, The Leftovers, Vampire Diaries, Once, Newsroom, Good Wife and More

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Question: Any twists and turns coming up for the Charmings (apart from the baby) on OUAT? —Jenny
Ausiello: There’s a “pretty nasty” development coming, one with far-reaching consequences, teases Josh Dallas, who adds, “There’s something on its way that definitely affects everyone in Storybrooke — and the Charmings, for sure. It creates some weird things within their relationship. I can’t tell you any more.” No worries, JD. You’ve already told us more than enough.