We need spoilers on the Mark of Cain - Campaign

Since Dean finally got his mytharc it’s been quiet, there was hardly any mention of the Mark of Cain in the last 2 episodes and there are no spoilers or articles or interviews featuring that specific storyline. I’ve noticed we don’t get many spoilers about the show in general but there are a few websites that offer regular spoiler chats where they try to answer questions abut shows. 

I thought maybe if we all send our Mark of Cain questions to those people we might finally get some scoop, some hints or teases. This storyline is exciting and seems popular so it would be nice to hears something.

Everyone can send questions, I’ve compiled a small list but feel free to add if you can think of others.

Eonline. Kristin dos Santos asks to send spoiler questions via twitter using the hashtag #spoilerchat to @kristindsantos

TV Line: they want emails so please send as many as you can to and and you can also tweet @VladaGelman

TVGuide: tweet your questions to @natalieabrams

You can also tweet the WB/CW PR people and tell them how much you enjoy the Mark of Cain storyline and that you would love some teases. @Chico6 and @Hollidayo Please be polite :-)

Please spread the word, the more people send questions, the better :-) 

P.S.: You can also keep tweeting the writers how excited you are about the Mark of Cain story.


Pushing and Promoting WestAllen


First, I want to say bravo for the actions you have been taking to promote WestAllen, Candice, and Grant. You have been amazing.

I of course think we can do so much more with our voice and wanted to share with you some tips I learned along the way in promoting a ship I love.

First, we have to generate interest in our ship. Fortunately, there is a lot of interest in the media about WestAllen but I think Iris’ voice is muted. How do we change that?

We ask questions about WestAllen. We need to ask the media outlets about WestAllen on a consistent basis. Ask questions about Barry and Iris as a couple and individually. We have lots of questions and the media outlets have access to the EPs of The Flash. They can ask our questions.

Now we can do this in an organized fashion or have select members of the fandom designated to ask. I think the more voices the better our chances are at getting answers.

How do we do this?

We ask questions via email, post, tweet the many entertainment sites and they then go ask AK, GB, and the rest!

I will caution you to ask questions:

That you want to know about…
And be positive and ask about characters you like

So who do we write to?

TV Line
The have the Inside Line ( Ask Ausiello ( columns

Kristin DeSantos on Twitter @@kristindsantos

TV Guide
Mega Scoop column

Entertainment Weekly
Natalie Abrams on Twitter - @@natalieabrams

Laurel Brown on Twitter - @@docbrown_tv

I think we can start we these folks over the next month and see what we get. If you are on Twitter these folks always send out tweets asking for questions so make sure you follow them as well.

Let’s start asking questions!!!

Ask About Olicity Monday (10/19/15)

New! TVline is heading to the Arrow set and is taking questions via email only.  So be sure to send your Oliver/Felicity questions ASAP to:

Please take a moment to reach out today to the press and show runners and ask them your Oliver, Felicity & Olicity Season 4 questions.  It only takes a few seconds to get through the list and this is one of those things you can do to make yourself heard, add your voice to the entire Olicity fandom, and really make a difference in terms of reaction.

The important thing to remember this season is to keep being vocal. Support is perhaps even more important now because you want to make sure the Network knows you haven’t lost interest, aren’t bored, are still excited, etc, etc.  So the same things we did in Season 1 - 3 remains our standard operating procedure in Season 4.


1. Marc Guggenheim did a little tease about Felicity’s code name.  Let’s dig with the media and see if we can find out what it is or at least get some hints.

2. What’s up with Oliver wanting to propose to Felicity?  Are we going to see more about that and that ring he stashed at the loft?

3. If you have to comment on the grave thing (which they won’t answer so it’s really a wasted question, imo) Focus on who you don’t want it to be, not who you do. Create buzz and social media support for what you love instead of creating increased interest & reaction to things you don’t like.  It says more when you say, “OMG do not kill Felicity Smoak!” than it does “I hope you kill XYZ.”  Put your “concern” behind what makes you watch & makes you tune in. This way, they can’t claim later, “Well… nobody said they wanted X to stay.”  Get it?  Play super smart on this, Olicity fans.  Can’t stress that enough.  

That said…


+ Focus on Oliver and Felicity and help create information and excitement about the things that excite you

+ Only ask about the things you actually care about

+ As always, keep the mantra in mind: Talk only about the things you like and remain silent on the rest.  

+ If the facebook page doesn’t allow you to leave a comment (and has no recent Arrow related posts), you can always tag them on a Facebook post on your own page & they’ll receive notification that way, too.What to tweet? Short & simple works great!  Doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just show the support.  :)

What Do I Do? Just send your comments/questions to:


- TV Line’s “Inside Line” column:

- TV Line’s “Ask Ausiello” column:

- Tweet it to Eonline’s @kristindsantos

- TV Guide’s Mega Buzz: or to @adam_bryant

- Entertainment Weekly: (magazine) or on twitter @ew

- Natalie Abrams (EW Spoiler Room) @NatalieAbrams and Samantha Highfill @samhighfill or email:

- Mashable’s Sandra Gonzalez on Twitter at TheSandraG

- Vlada Gelman (TVLine)

- The Hollywood Reporter (@THR)

MTVNews (@MTVNews)

Westallen Fans!

We need to keep our social media presence up. We’ve been doing an amazing job so let’s remember to keep tweeting and emailing media outlets all of our questions regarding Westallen and Iris West. I saw posts about this before, and we have been lucky enough to have had some of our questions answered in the past. Let’s continue to do so! Here are some people you can email spoiler questions to:

TV Line

TV Guide

Spoiler Room (They answered my questions in the past, so I’d recommend sending more questions to them or just more specific questions.)

People to tweet:

-@DocBrown_TV (Always answers spoiler questions**)

-@KristenDSantos (E! News)

-@kenbakernow (E! News)

-@MichaelAusiello (TV Line, somewhat of a troll, but he still answers)

-@insidethetube (Entertainment Weekly, usually always tweet back**)

*Feel free to reblog and add more if I missed any!*

Example emails/tweets:

“Hi, I was wondering if you have any new scoop on Barry and Iris on The Flash? I love their relationship!”

“Hey! I just love Iris West on The Flash, and I was wondering if you could tease anything coming up for her in the near future?”
Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Bones, The Leftovers, Vampire Diaries, Once, Newsroom, Good Wife and More

Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to Question: Do you have any scoop on Castle Episode 8? —Jess Ausiello: Titled “Kill Sw…

Question: Any twists and turns coming up for the Charmings (apart from the baby) on OUAT? —Jenny
Ausiello: There’s a “pretty nasty” development coming, one with far-reaching consequences, teases Josh Dallas, who adds, “There’s something on its way that definitely affects everyone in Storybrooke — and the Charmings, for sure. It creates some weird things within their relationship. I can’t tell you any more.” No worries, JD. You’ve already told us more than enough.

Ask your questions about WestAllen

Fandom, again I will stress the importance of interacting with media outlets in regards to WestAllen, Iris West, and Barry Allen. This week’s episode is going to be mind blowing! Iris confronts Barry!!! She knows he is The Flash!

NOW is the time to ask LOTS of questions! This is where asking questions about WestAllen, Iris, and Barry are important. We need to ask questions about them as a couple and individually. Their relationship will now be different!

How do we ask our questions?

There are multiple ways to ask our questions. Email and Twitter are the best vehicles to meet our needs. Most Entertainment social media sites have Twitter accounts and email accounts for their spoiler columns. This is where we need to send our questions. Sunday and Monday are great days to send our questions because the columns are usually published on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Who do we reach out to? Here is a list.

TVLine - email - email
Michael Ausiello - @MichaelAsuiello via Twitter
Matt Webb Mitovich - @MattMitovich via Twitter

EOnline - Spoiler Chat
Kristin Dos Santos - @KristinDSantos - via Twitter
( Kristin is on Facebook and Instagram as well and questions can be left there as well)

TV Guide - email
Twitter account - @TVGuide

Entertainment Weekly
Natalie Abrams - @NatalieAbrams - via Twitter - email

Tiffany Vogt - @TVWatchtower - via Twitter

Entertainment Tonight
Philiana Ng - @insidethetube via Twitter

Laurel Brown Of
@DocBrown_tv - via Twitter

With promoting WestAllen we also need to continue with our trending campaign for WestAllen. Candicanes United will be hosting a Twitter Trending event 5/5/15. ~ Iris West Allen Sparks The Flash ~ at 4pm EST.

Make your drafts now fandom!