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When is chapter 8 coming with your amazing drawings? 😍✨

Still shooting for a week after last chapter was posted, depending if fic / art is done. Last chapter was posted on Saturday I think. Give or take a day

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ermAHGERRRRRDDDDD wee lil lexacoon sculpt is super adorable. i know u posted a to scale pic of lexacoon's dagger along with a coin (penny?) a while back but by chance do u have one with the finished version? thanks and feck yeah i'd throw money at a wee lexacoon in the case u are making them to sell

Hey thanks very much! Here’s a scale pic for ya

I’m on the fence if I want to sell this one specifically yet. Still playing with the idea. Was sorta a test run one. I definitely want to make some more though, and those I would be willing to sell :)

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Demon!Clarke. The fact that the tip of her tail, ONLY the tip (this is important), is poking inside the frame makes me so happy and I don't know why. Also: First frame. Tail's tip shaking mischievously. Second frame. Tail's tip pointing upwards. <(⁀ᗢ⁀)ノ

Glad you like! There will definitely be more tail action in the future ;).

I like to think her tail shows her mood a bit (perhaps similar to a cat yeah). And maybe gets a little clingy to Lexa :p

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How long does it take for you to draw a drawing for these fanfictions? 💕

Honestly it really depends. I have a full time job, and other little responsibilities besides that.. I try to get out art for it once a week but sometimes things get in the way :x

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i have a g!p lexa fic rec for you! it's one of my fav fics ever and it's rly fuckin beautiful archiveofourown(.)org/works/10667421

Oh man I read this one the other day, and it is so good. KonstantineXIII does some great stuff, I love their work! Era AU with fluff mixed with angst and a dash of smut? All the yes

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Are you going to write a story about that last drawing? Because I love the idea!!

Ahhhhh, I’m glad you like it! But probably not, in the end. 

I can see myself drawing more for the AU (because having a demon causing a little trouble would be funny), but I wont write out a whole thing @__@

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When is the next chapter of Bloodbound coming? I need more it's so good omg 😍

sooon soon… just gotta finish the art for it. Which I should be able to do by tonight or tomorrow latest (finally off work for the week!) It’s a good chap tho, worth the wait ;)

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following what anon asked how gay are you?

I mean??? I’m really hella gay, friend

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Omg yes, please do side pics for Bloodbound! It's one of my favorites and I absolutely love all your drawings for it!

Thanks! It’s great to hear people enjoy it. It’s so fun to draw for and @raedmagdon is doing an amazing job with the story (just wait to see what pans out!! :O )

But yeah side pics seem really fun and could be a cute look into little things here and there, just daily life cute/flirt/stuff :p

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I just wanna say that demon Clarke is the most cute thing that I even seen!! I want more of them pleeeasee ❤❤❤💖💖💖

Aw thanks! I really enjoy their interactions :D

Should be more in a week or so! I’ll be off vacation and free to draw (and then there will be more fic too)

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Are you coming to ClexaCon as a vendor? Just curious - would love to buy your work! Or are you on Red Bubble?

I am gonna go to clexacon!! Waiting to get a ticket next week :). I wanna set up a booth with some stuff but I’m not sure how to go about that yet…. 

Aside from that I’ve been trying to get info on opening an online shop too yes! (where yet, not sure, weighing options on diff sites.)

It makes me really happy to hear someone would buy my stuff :D

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Can you draw more Clexa Sexa? It's just so hot

Planning on it once I get my art tasks this week done ;p got a few old asks I wanna hit up. I think it might be time to get the blog I made for smut specifically actually posting

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I second the idea of a separate nsfw blog. I don't think it would be too much work??? (Personally I wouldn't mind more of the nsfw in my life LOL) I actually have a side blog as well for reblogging dirtier stuff ;))

Yeah I’m really thinking it’s the way to go. (And heck yeah always room for more nsfw :p )

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Hi sorry to be a pain I saw you saying you'd probably read all abo clexa fics on a03 and I was wondering if you could help me find a fic: Clarke was kidnapped had two kids with Lexa but has amnesia she remembers she was pregnant when kidnapped in a later chapter?

It sounds kinda like this one: My Grief is an Ocean

Hope that helps!