Well, you guys just keep coming, so it’s time I do something to say thankyou. WELCOME TO SKETCHY’S “WHERE THE HECK DID YOU COME FROM?” CONTEST

Now the rules are very simple and similar to other blogs contests, but I’ve modified them to satisfy my own curiosity.

You can earn a max total of THREE ENTRIES

  1. You must be following to enter
  2. You can earn one entry from liking this post
  3. You can earn one entry by simply re-blogging
  4. OR you can earn TWO entries by re-blogging and adding text saying how you found this blog in the first place. for example “I saw this particular post” or “You kept popping up on such and such’s blog.” (Even if you joined because you saw this post!)

WHY? Because I’m a curious sort and I think it will be very interesting.

There will be a total of SIX winners. THAT’S RIGHT SIX.

First prize wins a cameo in the comic AND a full body, fully shaded pic of their character.

Second place wins a cameo AND a either a fully shaded bust of their character or a flat colored full body pic.

Third place wins a cameo AND a flat colored bust or icon.

Last three all still get cameos! Woooooo!

Contest closes February 16th. Good luck!


Hi guys. No eating love now, it’s time instead to eat crow. I intended to do a lot of stuff last week and it didn’t get done. If you want the full story, I suppose I’ll reblog this in a bit with the deets on life to my modblog, but suffice to say the last week and a half has been crazy and I’m dealing with a lot of uncertainty right now. This has robbed me of time, energy, and motivation to finish it all, but I’d like to tell you whats coming whenever it does finally come.

1. A blog revamp. This blog needs more buttons, a reference page, and a functional wiki page to give those interested a quick lowdown. So I’m working on it.

2. Sketchy will soon be following people and asking questions. This is a secondary blog, I therefore have been unable to ask or follow anyone from it. For this purpose I’ve made another separate tumblr to do that, named ASketchyPonyAsks (so clevurr durhurhurhur) so yeah.

3. A animated gif attached to a contest. That’s got a lot of work left on it. (Curse her 3d bangs. Curse them.) But here have a WIP.

All these good things are coming. Soon? I really hope so…But my future’s pretty uncertain at present. Nothing too climactic, but I don’t know how able I’ll be to work on much more than my current commissions. But good things will come to those who wait, this much I swear…