Issue: Gun violence prevention

Every year, 33,000 Americans are killed with a firearm, and every year the debate about how to reduce firearm deaths rages on. What can be done? Ask our panel of experts

We’ve got academics, activists, a firearm trainer, and a Navy veteran here for any questions you’ve got about gun violence prevention. They’ll be answering on Wednesday, November 2—so get your asks in soon.

Art by @somehoodlum

Francis Silva (1835-1886) was a second generation Hudson River School painter, who did much painting along the Hudson River and along the coastline from Chesapeake Bay to Cape Ann. He became one of the leading marine painters of the luminist style of the mid to late 19th century, especially known for his brilliant sunsets with atmospheric effects. (askart)

(“Sunrise at Tappan Zee” by Francis Silva)

wulfisms  asked:

Beowulf taking the boys camping though. (And Eliza refusing to get out of the RV because she's too damn prissy)

E: I’m not leaving the comfort of civil society to mix myself in this dirty drabble.

B: But I’m making your favorite….

Why was she even invited in the first place, is the question.

docscalpel  asked:

Everytime I see the phrase "Beodad and cubs" all I can think is Beowulf doing Lone Wolf and Cub(s).

Except instead of samurai assassin it’s viking assassin; Lone Wulf and Cubs

I was going to dress up Rom and Rem as Roman children but the Roman empire was long gone before the viking age.