Issue: Gun violence prevention

Every year, 33,000 Americans are killed with a firearm, and every year the debate about how to reduce firearm deaths rages on. What can be done? Ask our panel of experts

We’ve got academics, activists, a firearm trainer, and a Navy veteran here for any questions you’ve got about gun violence prevention. They’ll be answering on Wednesday, November 2—so get your asks in soon.

Art by @somehoodlum

Vu Cao Dam ( Vietnam  | France, 1908-2000)

Bio from  "Painter and sculptor Vu Cao Dam was born in Hanoi in 1908. He attended the Ece des Beaux Arts de Indochine between 1926 and 1931. In 1932 he obtained a scholarship to further his studies as a sculptor in France. Eventually he specialized in painting. His painting during this period was mainly on silk, and showed the influence of ancient Chinese art.“

Thank you sweetheart ❤ I am getting so spoiled by all the compliments and kindness, thank you so much. 

Well…I can not resist any types of decorative things, pretty patterns are my biggest weakness.  My inspiration comes from lots of different areas, the main ones are: Rococo (Art Movement) , Fashion from the Victorian and Elizabethan era. Fashion from Tang Dynasties ( Ancient chinese clothing.)  The most recent inspiration is the clothing of Queen Alexandra of Denmark.

(Source: National Portrait Gallery)

I also take photos of things that interest me and keep it in a folder for reference. Just yesterday I found this cute flower pot and I am planning to turn it into a pattern for my OC’s collar. 

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She finally had worked up the courage to look within a mirror. The curiosity was too strong, and with only a few hours until the curse let up the watchdog figured that just a peek couldn’t hurt.  After all when would this happen again? Even if she had turned into something strange it would be over soon as is. There was only a few hours left to the curse after all, and once she would wake everything would return back to normal.

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