June 15, 2017


by Martin Weekly

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada range the small town of Exeter, California has long played an important role in the economy of the state, as both ranch land and for its agricultural role in growing oranges and grapes. As a gateway to Sequoia National Park however, it also had a long history with the lumber industry, and Atwell Mill—now site of a popular campground—provided much of the towns building materials in the late 1800s. Born in Exeter in 1936 Martin Weekly eventually built a home in the foothills East of Sacramento where he committed himself to fine art, and for several years he and his late wife Pat operated a gallery in Carmel, California where askART says he exhibited his own work along with that of friends. Showing off his talents on a little larger scale in 2001, Weekly’s impressionistic mural on E Street for the city of Exeter remembers the mule trains used to transport logs to the mill many years ago.  

Issue: Gun violence prevention

Every year, 33,000 Americans are killed with a firearm, and every year the debate about how to reduce firearm deaths rages on. What can be done? Ask our panel of experts

We’ve got academics, activists, a firearm trainer, and a Navy veteran here for any questions you’ve got about gun violence prevention. They’ll be answering on Wednesday, November 2—so get your asks in soon.

Art by @somehoodlum

anonymous asked:

Hey Beowulf, I've been trying to workout to get more healthy and fit! (I really want to be able to lift Gigans, you know?) Any advice to get on peak physical condition? I'd love to hear some advice from someone who could suplex a Gigan like nothin'! (I'm... not sure if yoga helps...?)

Yoga is fine and dandy if you wanna work on your flexibility! It’s good to do that stuff to warm up and cool down so you don’t injure your muscles when you work out!

As for being able to lift some Gigans, you wanna go ahead and focus on strength training. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now, so the type and intensity of my work outs will be VASTLY different in comparison to someone who doesn’t do it regularly or is just starting out! ( So don’t feel intimidated when you see me at the gym.) 

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chris-cruel-fyre  asked:

Wait, when Rom and Remus were kids, did they always see their dad as the superhero on TV? (I know they still do too, but, God I can't help but think Rem sees Beowulf's TV show and he's star eyes about the whole thing.) Like: "Remus you know Dad's not rea--" "Rom! He's obviously the Star-Wulf! See??? He's even going to work with Mom!!! They're superheros! Nyoom!!!" And he just goes around pretending he's going to stop the villains as any aspiring hero does.

They always did! Always will. Even when Beowulf retires from his role as Star-Wulf. 

wulfisms  asked:

Beowulf taking the boys camping though. (And Eliza refusing to get out of the RV because she's too damn prissy)

E: I’m not leaving the comfort of civil society to mix myself in this dirty drabble.

B: But I’m making your favorite….

Why was she even invited in the first place, is the question.

docscalpel  asked:

Everytime I see the phrase "Beodad and cubs" all I can think is Beowulf doing Lone Wolf and Cub(s).

Except instead of samurai assassin it’s viking assassin; Lone Wulf and Cubs

I was going to dress up Rom and Rem as Roman children but the Roman empire was long gone before the viking age.