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people are sometimes very mean to you on this blog, and that makes me sad. i think people really need to calm the fuck down and stop attacking living, breathing people over something as trivial as shipping. you're wonderful. your blog is wonderful. you're a ray of light in a very, very hostile fandom and i die a little inside every time i see someone act like a total jackass to you. stay positive. ~much love, a (sort of) sebaciel shipper (who ships cielois a hell of a lot more but whatever)

this is such a sweet thing to come back to!! thank you so much friend :’) youre such a sweetheart and the way you view me is very positive and flattering and im super glad you think of me so highly

thank you again pal  also your shipping choices rock whatever they are stay fabulous 

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If you could replace one celebrity because you know you'd be more awesome than that person could ever be, who would you choose and why?

Chris Brown! Even with my chair I’d be better… and I wouldn’t beat up Rhianna. How can anyone do that to another person? Crazy.