An update on the blog and life

I’m not sure if you noticed, but we turned off anon. We were getting too many (redundant) cosplay questions that were crowding up our blog. We hope that this will make it much more enjoyable for your dash scrolling :) Please continue to send us questions! We are going to try to film something this summer so more asks would be nice. Due to the fact that our nepeta gave up fanart, we are trying to move the blog to be more cosplay ask oriented. Please keep this in mind when asking things.

A few things about us you may be interested in:
-We both finished our first year of college :D yay! We unfortunately go do different schools, but we’re trying to change that.
-Our Nepeta is getting a BFA and our Terezi was going to culinary school, but she’s looking into something more video game related now.
-Our Nepeta got a job at a local art supplies store as their graphic designer and marketing consultant.
-Our Terezi has been cooking and gardening like crazy.
-We will be at Hama-con!!!!

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More features! This time, it’s the lovely ladies of AskArsenicGallows! The two are cosplayers, and one of them, Waffles, is a very skilled bellydancer as well, as you can see in the video! Along with this, they can also sew and draw pretty well! They’re lovely people, very beautiful, and talented, so have a look!


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Help me improve my FAQ

I know I made that huge, long FAQ… but does anyone actually read it? Is it too long? I still get asked questions from it T.T Please, let me know if I should shorten it or reorganize it.

I’ve also been working on a master wig styling and buying post, plus a post for at least 10 wigs options for every single homestuck character with hair. It takes FOREVER and I wanted to know if it’s worth finishing. Let me know if you really want me to finish it. 

Also, I just learned indesign and I’m thinking about making a pretty, graphic homestuck cosplay 101 thing with pictures because it’s just so hard to explain things in a plane text post. Would anyone be interested in that?