I have promise a follow forever at 250 followers (now I have 251 haha) so…♥

(all in alphabetical order)

First themohawkassassin because we talk everyday and it’s my ptato and I love her :3

◘ All my senpai that I admire ◘

ayi-san  azur9  berunov  creedofpirates cccrystalclear doubleleaf   jodeeeart  mongoliantiger  nyiro  otoimai  raeoffrecord   riense    ufficiosulretro  xfreischutz 

◘ Mention apart for you because I love you :3 ◘

 arnodorian aidnpearce altmaltotheface chaotichero clarallile  fangirl04 summerflyx  thestarswillmeettheearth viovolpe 

◘ And now people who make me laugh or fangirling or everything happy ( so EVERYBODY) ◘

• A-J •

arnodorianrevolutionary (ow french too, we need to talk :3 ) -  augmented-mind (also for drawings : D )allsoundsasscreed (very great job!)- acfans - acimagines (or howfangirleasily) -  aydenpearce  arno-and-friends - aiglevision - askarnodorian - arno-dorkian - arno–dorianbrotherhoot OF COURSE OMG  - blog-0f-assassinsconnorkawaii (future nexya? :D )connor-life-scratcher - freedom-and-orderget-in-the-animushidden-blades-and-tomahawks - jiruchan

• K-T-1 •

kateri-kenwayle-kenway - livingbythecreed - momovmomoneukgol (also for drawings ^w^)niiyora -official-arno-dorian - official-arnodorianofficialaidenpearcepop-six-squish - sass-ass-in-my-ass - thesassassinscreed  *-* - thevigilantea -  thisiswhereitakeashit (also for drawings) -   yusufdaistanbooty1-800-assassins 

► I have certainly forgot people, I’m sorry D: My internet connexion is pretty bad so look at all the blog was a little pain..

► But HEY, I love absolutely ALL the people I follow so don’t worry ! ♥ ♥ And stay awesome everybody :3

And be happy like Arno ! :D

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Alex Mercer? Turkey Assassin? Charles Lee? A…a f*cking penguin!? Oh mon Dieu, this is not a romantic triangle…