(( Mod speaking: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I thought it would be nice to make some Valentine cards, so, there you are! Each written one is a shout out to someone amazing… I will tag them, hoping not to be creepy.

First one is for @askmastercaesar, because mod is a sweetie pie and she deserves love. And that’s what she will have!

Second one is for @ask-sir-crocodile, because lets’ be honest it’s the main reason that made me come back ask-blogging, and I love our shenaningans. Stay awesome as you’ve always been, dear!

Third one is for @ask-the-warlords, because Resha and Alcka are two wonderful cuties, funny as hell, talented, and amazing friends. I love you, girls! Thank you for everything you do!

Fourth one is for @askarlong, because your blog is the main reason I started ask-blogging in the first place. You will always be senpai and I’ll never get the guts to actually talk to you probably, hehe!

Fifth one is for @asksmoyan, because even if we don’t interact that much on here, Cyd is really a great person! I wish you the best!

Sixth one is for @ask-papa-mihawk, because Sora, let’s face it, you’re awesome, and everyone loves you and your blogs. Our favourite parent ever.

The last one is for each one of my precious followers! I love each one of you, I don’t deserve so many of you and I hope you will have a lovely day. Use the blank one as you wish! Lots of love! ))


This is goodbye~

It has been a fun and wonderful three years running this askblog, but it is time to move on, coinciding with my own cross-country move back to my beloved Washington State. My own voyage ends (and begins) a new page in its logbook this May, and Arlong needs a happy ending of his own. Or perhaps it’s a beginning after all. 

I can’t say that I will never be back, but I have so many other things going on in my life.. this is one project that is falling by the wayside. I’m keeping the askblog up, but the askbox will be closed and no more asks will be answered. I’m sorry if I didn’t get to your ask - I’ve had some awesome things pop up in my inbox, and I wish I had the energy to finish them all before bowing out.

As always, I can be found on my artblog, Maritime Sarcophagus, and on my personal blog, Asphalt Sarcophagus. Feel free to follow either if they interest you - I still draw and post lots of One Piece fanart (some of it NSFW), and Arlong is still one of my favourite characters, so any Arlong fans can be sure to still see fanart of him pop up on my artblog every now and then.

Goodbye, lovelies. And thank you.

“I see a bunch of familiar faces…..and what in the hell is going ON??” 

(For the Fishman Island Festival, hosted by ask-jinbe)

((So um hi, I just managed to finally land a steady internet connection, and I don’t know if I’m gonna try to keep up with askblogging again or not, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to join in on this crazy lil party, but this is a great excuse to draw Arlong in a yukata and jfc y’all look like yer having a blast with these event things, y’all are hilarious))

Okay so I really wanted to pop off of perma-hiatus just for this Rain Dinners Party that Sir Crocodile is hosting, but seeing as my internet connection is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing nowadays, it’s just not possible. So have an Arlong relaxing at home in my pajamas as consolation. 

(tbh this party idea makes me really want to try askblogging again, one of the biggest reasons I ever started askblogs was because of the chance to interact/make friends/socialize with the mods of all these cool blogs. Maybe once I get a steady internet connection again I can see if I’m stable enough to try the askblog thing again. That’s months away though.)  


Here have some fucking valentines

I made them with a few followers/askblogs in mind :3 

First one is for Arlongasm, whose reblog tags are always priceless. Sometimes I draw things solely to see what kind of reaction I’ll get from you :3c 

Second one is for askthenavigator, for being so accommodating for my Nami/Arlong shipping weirdness. Thanks for putting up with it, I hope you don’t mind the pestering D:

Third is for Xiggymatsu, who’s fandom-flailing never ceases to charm and entertain. You’re far more awesome than “not so bad”, but getting more than that from Arlong would be like trying to pull all his teeth out permanently. 

Fourth is for askeustasskid, because hilarious askblog shenanigans and also best friends. \o/

Last one is for askshanks, who is forever a sweetie and one of the nicest people on tumblr. … and also for the old askdofu, because you are the best Dofu and I miss you D: 

AND ALL OF THEM ARE ALSO FOR EVERYONE because you are all great and I love you and I’m happy you’re all here. KEEP BEING AWESOME AND HAVE A HAPPY CIRCULATORY SYSTEM ORGAN PUMP DAY. 

New look for a new start (after a fashion, a few things are gonna change ‘round here). 

I need to add a few things to the About/FAQ page, but other than that, the layout of the blog has been completely overhauled~~

Anyway, some of the new things are pretty small – I’m tired of being so rigid with the typical ask blog protocol, so I’ll probably be doing shit like…

  • posting any SFW Arlong pictures I draw as well as answers to asks 
  • the occasional relevant Arlong-themed reblog
  • random pseudo-roleplay in picture form with a Nami and/or Iceburg blog that doesn’t actually exist, because I need to get headcanon OTP feels out of my system SOMEHOW. 
  • Oh yeah and also I’m finally admitting to wanting to deviate a little from in-canon Arlong to more post-time-skip-headcanon Arlong, because let’s face it, as much as I love him Arlong is a racist abusive asshole and has little room for building meaningful interactions with non-fishman characters, and that’s no fun. So he’s magically getting a softer side because at this point in the game if he doesn’t get one, I don’t think I can keep doing an askblog for him. 8I