Anno: I don’t know how to unshrink him… so I thought it be best to keep him with me until I do… :1

Panel 1(Korean)
Panel 2(Korean)
Anno: 그를 어떻게 다시 원래대로 돌려놔야 할지 모르겠어… 그냥 다시 돌려놓을때까지 계속 보관하고 있는게 최선의 방법일거 같아… :1
(Korean translation by Pern2048)


I am sorry to say that I no longer have the time I need to properly run this blog.

Many life event’s have made me realize the fact that having blogs that I just can’t update is causing me excessive amounts of mental stress. That’s the main reason I am no longer updating.

I will still be drawing Anno and Gumdrop artwork, as I absolutely love them both, but I just do not have the time to answer questions or draw responses.

This blog will stay open and I will post all of the Anno and gumdrop artwork I make and find. I am also hoping that Modmy and Gumdrop can take Anno in and continue the adorable love.

In the case that she is not able, I will be looking for someone to take over the blog. I do have certain expectations, so It won’t be “just anyone”.

Thank you,
- AnMod