• Ψiioniic:uegggh im just
  • Ψiioniic:kfc.
  • Ψiioniic:i just
  • Ψiioniic:it's
  • Ψiioniic:making me so hungry looking at it
  • Ψiioniic:extra crispy fuck yes
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:oh my gooooooood *drools*
  • Ψiioniic:oh my god there's one on my way to work too
  • Ψiioniic:a miracle has fucking occured
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:YESSSSSS
  • Ψiioniic:fuck yes they're 5 minutes away from one another
  • Ψiioniic:god damn fucking yes sheit
  • Ψiioniic:im so sick of chicfila i could die
  • Ψiioniic:oh god they have sandwiches
  • Ψiioniic:aw man but do they have extra crispy boneless
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:I think SO
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:like boneless thighs and breasts u can have them extra crispy
  • Ψiioniic:oh go
  • Ψiioniic:d
  • Ψiioniic:i have a chicken boner
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:is it
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:*gets really close*
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:*squints and whispers*
  • sam needs to calm the fuck down:finger lickin good?

askanerdwhos2spooky replied to your post: I hate it when I’m talking to people and the topic…

ive never had a bad english teacher and ive loved all of the ones I had, because they all genuinely cared about me and the work that i showed. cant say the same about my math classes though.

This is what I’m talking about though. “I had a good teacher once, but then I took a bad one to the knee” or something. No one ever wants to go on at length about the good ones. It’s like how businesses fail because one person has a bad experience and tells everyone but the people who have good experiences just forget that it happened.


I’m going to shut up now. Sorry. 

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heeeyy duuude, i found out ill be back home from Dec.15 til whenever school starts back up in january. is the invitation still open to have the homestuck christmas meetup at your house?

Right now I’m not really sure I’ll have to see how work is doing shit because I did get a job and they’re going to have me working quite a bit over the holidays. With me being so so-so about it it might be easier to plan it for somewhere else. Since I’m probably not going to know until like the week of….

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lilac, gold

Lilac: I’d love to see the eight wonders of the world all in one go. Travel from oldest to youngest in order. Something remarkably dorky like that.

Gold: A story that makes me smile? Hmm…
I guess I’ll go with how I met one of my best friends, Andrea. It was in the early childhood literacy class we both had to take. We were seated in a circle with our professor, who demanded we call her by her first name. We introduced ourselves, and the professor immediately got on my shit list for saying she “watched [my] eyes glaze over at the start of the class expectations” when I announced I was planning on being a science teacher. I just wanted to be like “bitch, I was reading two or three grade levels ahead of my classmates through all of elementary and middle school and I devoured books like you probably gobble cocks”, but I didn’t. At the end of class, I suggested that perhaps when we had our biweekly meetings at a nearby elementary school to do one-on-one work with the K-2 students’ reading skills, Andrea was the only one who took me up on it.

The first thing she said to me in the car was that she didn’t think it was cool for the professor to address me like that. Plus one to Andrea. Then she made a fart joke. Plus 10. THEN she made a reference to Potter Puppet Pals and it was over for me. I knew I had to hang out with this girl outside of class obligations.

After a few weeks of carpooling together, we were officially in love with each other, and she’s been one of the most important people in my life since then. She is my darling ducky and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

(And as an aside, the major reason why this story always makes me smile? Is that during one of those carpool sessions, we dubbed the professor Midge Pinky since she was missing the end of one pinky.) 

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G: Yes, because at this point I’ve had too many encounters not to. My parents’ house is haunted and the ghost there has played pranks on me, my mother and my uncle Manfred. I was in St. Augustine Lighthouse and had my ponytail tugged.

V: It’s funny you ask me this, because Chris and I were talking about kids the other night. Yes, we want children, and we’re really hoping we have a girl first. (We even have a name already- Sophia. How silly are we?)

Y: I won’t change myself completely for love. Not again. I did it once for a boy in high school, and all he ended up doing for me was rushing me into being sexual and then dumping me six months later… and then screwed around with my head for another six months until I was finally away from him at school and met Chris. He’s changed me, yes: but for the better, and not deliberately. It’s more growth and not a forced change.