{Pantra| Raises up from her sit, licking the cookie crumbs off her lips. “Before I answer you.” She flings a cookie with her wing into Julianna’s mouth to shut her up. “I don’t believe I had anyone to tell me if I had one before and my time as Deino and Zweilous wasn’t very long. And usually my hair was over where they should be so no one takes a good look at them nor I really cared, but I was just surprised to see your eye underneath them. Why don’t we just say that it’s a good news that I know I had eyes before now?”

{ KaRen | “The reason?” He began to speak, before toppling over on his side. Without any efforts to get up, the Garchomp replied. “Well… it’s only a faint memory, but I still remember certain Aquamarine my mother… I think it was her… adored. Back then, I was quite entranced by it’s color and shape… although I forgot about it as time went. Still, I wouldn’t mind having one myself.”

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{ KaRen | “I’ll probably don’t have to make it clear for Pantra…” He muttered, looking at the relaxed Hydreigon with a grin that was impossible to make out. With a sigh, he did add a few words for himself, only to trail away. “As for me… I do like her, but…”

{ Pantra | She opened her eyes and regarded the Garchomp with a smile, receiving a nod in response. “You don’t have to say it, I’m… okay with how it is for now.”

{ Pantra | “More specificly, under i-” She was cut off with a start as a claw-over flowing with bright blue energy-landed on her left shoulder-neck. 

{ KaRen | He whispered silently to the Hydreigon, “Let’s go have a bit of talk…” and waved off the Gardevoirs… droid, before pausing to quickly speak. “And ignore what she said… they’re used to sense the vibration in the air… ground.. and whatever substance they’re touching against.” With that, he jabbed at the Hydreigon’s back, herding her away.

{ KaRen | “And then… she said something…” He fumbled a little with his own memory. “… ‘since it won’t fit your fin, I’ll teach Pantra how to sew it every time’.” With a sigh, he brushed his coat, looking at the Dewott, showing the basically worn and ragged edge of the coat. “And… it’s not really working out with what I do anymore… turning more close to rag then anything…”