You guys have no idea how much I love this character. 

Dark is among my top three favorite characters. Ever.

And not just my top fan characters. I mean characters as a whole. Of any game I’ve played, any book I’ve read, movie or show I’ve seen, or any project I’ve ever witnessed, he’s one of my favorites, and I think he probably always will be.

And I mean that. Not Dark Link in general, but Tri-kun’s Dark.

Honestly, I hated when people gave Dark Link a personality before. The headcanons she has for him and his development make Dark one of the most fleshed out and brilliant characters I’ve not only had the pleasure to read, but the honor of getting a chance to work with.

It’s a bit of a shame because I’ve seen a lot of people diss characters that start out in fandoms or fanfiction. They can be dismissed as being ‘easier’ to write or half-assed. 

Not so here. His appearance and the one battle Dark Link shows up in game aside, Tri-kun built his story, abilities, and character from scratch. Her dark beings, what Dark is, are one of the most intriguing concepts I’ve ever seen.

Dark is easily one of the most compelling and engaging characters I’ve had the luck to come across. 

But I’ll stop stroking Tri’s ego fangirling for now.