Today’s the day for you to ask your favorite Museum’s Curator a question. Visit them on their twitter page with the hash #AskACuratorday from 3-4p.



Special Events: Ask a Curator Day 

September 18 was International Ask a Curator Day (#askacurator) and over 500 museums took part in the world-wide Twitter event including yours truly, the Mind Museum!

Here are some questions directed to our curator, Maria Isabel Garcia (MIG):

by @TreseOnline:

@themindmuseum would you have any exhibit or activity that will showcase science of business/commerce? #AskACurator

MIG: We plan to soon have a Cafe Scientifique on “Your Shopping Brain”. Stay tuned to our FB page so you would be informed.


by @PinasBoardPass

@themindmuseum what do you consider best invention made by a Filipino? #AskACurator

MIG: Baldemoro Olivera’s discovery of neurotoxins based on snails show real promise for pain management. Reinabelle Reyes’ confirmation of Einstein’s theory after looking at 70,000 galaxies is another great discovery.


by @redenmat:

@themindmuseum Ms. Garcia, with the recent feat of Voyager 1, can you explain what “interstellar space” is? #AskACurator

MIG: Interstellar space is the distance between our own solar system centered on our star, the sun, and the other stars.


by @erikajoy:

@themindmuseum What collection object makes you laugh? add to the #museumlol project! #askacurator

MIG: The human story exhibit makes me laugh and think. Imagine a museum curated by insects looking at its own history.


by @MaxMcGruff:

@themindmuseum Hi :) Just curious: Why is there a giant fly on the chocolate exhibit? #AskACurator

MIG: If you were a fly, wouldn’t it be cool to be spotted by your friends on a chocolate bar? Seriously, it is to show that everything is made up of atoms- from chocolates to flies.


by @maelisan:

@themindmuseum Do you have a favorite exhibit / gallery in the museum? #AskACuratorMIG: My favorite is Birthplace, the all-Filipino produced 3D film on the natural history of the planet that spans 4.6 billion years ago to tonight.


 by @AskACurator:

.@themindmuseum RT @Michael_Hale_: To all curators out there, what’s the biggest disaster you’ve ever had? #AskACurator

MIG:One kid tried to slide in our “mathematics” slide head first. One tooth broke but luckily, he still has the rest of his life to develop his planning part of the brain.

by @AskACurator @themindmuseum @Michael_Hale_:

do you run a schools programme? and if so how do you approach learning?

MIG: We do Mind Moving Studios for schools who visit. It is a performance of science topics taking off from art and cultural pegs.   by  @its_me_maan

@themindmuseum re your electric table exhibit at Atom Gallery, kindly elaborate the relationship of magnetism to electricity? #AskACurator

MIG: Electricity and magnetism form a fundamental force called electromagnetism. It is the force that results when positive and negative charges interact.  It is the reason for how things are the way they are in everyday life - like why you do not go through walls.  Here is the list of museums that participated. Ofcourse, this isn’t the end. We welcome more curious questions, just click on our Ask Us button right here on our Tumblr blog.