“I… I guess.”

We kissed by accident:
[] continue kissing
[] smile
[x] awkward
[] walk away
[] be like wtf 
[] kiss you back

If you hugged me:
[] hug you back
[x] let you
[] hug you heaps more
[] push you away

Would I date you?
[] yes
[x] no
[] maybe
[] probably
[] already have

You should:
[] text me
[] get in my bed now
[x] talk to me more
[] come see me 
[] leave me alone!

[] Probably
[] Maybe
[] Yes
[x] No

ask-actual-flame-princess asked:

It's Flame Princess your Highness!! *She waves to the window*

Bubblegum furrowed her eyebrows slightly upon seeing Flame Princess. She grabbed one of her latest inventions; a gun that instead of harmful little things contained an umbrella inside. Jumping out the window, she pulled the trigger on the gun way before reaching the ground, making the umbrella come out. Once she was standing in front of Flame Princess, she dropped the gun and straightened her dress. “I wasn’t expecting you here. Is there something wrong?”


(( First off, you are all the best! Thank you for putting up with all my attempts at being a *decent* Flame Princess!

As you all know, I use images for all the asks I receive. 

It has been brought to my attention (very politely, thank you anons) on a couple occasions about citing where I get my art from, so I decided to bring this to you guys!

I’m working on figuring out how I can get all these cites. Until then, there are a couple things I can do.

  1. Keep posting images and then cites when I get them
  2. stop posting images until I can get cites
  3. or stop posting images with all my asks.

Any and all of these are okay. If you would be willing to help me make a decision, please leave me an ask with the number listed above that you would like me to do, or you think would be best. 

I want to be able to give all credit where credit is due! ;A;

Thank you all again, Flame Princess and I love you all, and I hope to be getting your feedback soon!

Much love,

Flame Princesses Mun <3 ))