Another fan art for talkingsoup’s The Scientist fic. I was going to color this but then I realize I merged several layers to use the blur effect so.. ;__; i tried doing a colorless comic with single colors again

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I can't get over Lexa's face when Clarke bows to her. Like honestly she looks so turned on it's unreal. Girl can't keep it in her pants and I don't blame her

same lexa same (x)


Don’t you ever tell me that Lexa has never done anything for Clarke. Lexa was willing to give up her plan, her Coalition (which would have definitely crumbled without Wanheda), her only leverage against the Ice Queen, all for Clarke’s happiness and wellbeing. Lexa could see it was destroying her, she knew that Clarke putting the knife to her throat wasn’t the real Clarke. She was willing to give it all up for her, which would’ve immediately started a war and an uprising by the Ice Nation. The look on Lexa’s face says it all. She’s finally seeing what her actions turned Clarke into, and she finally expresses remorse. That was Lexa’s moment of giving in — she went to so much trouble to get Roan to deliver her, she spent a week staying away from her, and she made sure she was safe. Lexa had literally nothing to gain from letting Clarke walk free, she actually had everything to lose, but she offered it to her regardless. Remember when Gustus said that Lexa was the Coalition? Well, Lexa almost gave up that Coalition for Clarke. Lexa was willing to give up herself for Clarke. (requested by anonymous)

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I feel like Lexa wouldn't have killed the Ice Nation rep if he hadn't made the weakness comment. She was prepared to argue and assert herself, but when he asked if Wanheda was her "weakness" (AKA if Lexa loves her like she did Costia) and said if she is, then they would step in (AKA torture and kill her like they did to Costia), this is what sent Lexa over the edge. She can handle threats to her coalition, but what she can't handle is threats against Clarke, the person she loves.

“Why Wanheda is still alive…if this is your weakness again, azgeda will happily step in.” 
yes. this is when lexa decided to bless him with a kick in the stomach. don’t threaten the bae in front of lexa.

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I'm looking for a fic that I read awhile ago: a woman (social worker?) sees how broken and haunted bucky looks and mistakes his and steve's relationship for an abusive one. Also bucky has trouble understanding why someone he's never met would care about him. Do you know it?

it’s for sure The thing that drives the wolves away by caughtinanocean. This fic is so popular like we get at least one request for it every three weeks i swear.

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But consider this: Toby is basically a rejected extra from every police-themed movie and/or show ever. Rosewood P.D. will use his incompetence for training videos. "Remember, no employee wants to be a Toby." It's like the Krusty Krab Training Video all over again, except Squidward is actually funny.

S C R E A M I N G. 

What Not To Do – featuring bumbling Rosewood P.D. officer Toby Cavanaugh

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