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A/N: This is part 1 of a request made by @floofy-halfling. I don’t know if this is what you wanted so like just tell me if I’m on the right track :)

Italics: Elvish

Word Count: 1,806

Part 2 - Part 3

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You swing your sword into the spider before it has a chance to attack Thorin. He looks up at you and nods in thanks and you nod back. 

You had joined their journey when they came to stop at Beorn’s place. You were there because he had found you almost ten years ago, badly injured from an encounter with an orc. Since then, you had been living with him and once you met the company, you left with them. Thorin didn’t want you at first since you were an elf, but Mithrandir had convinced him to let you join and here you were, saving his ass.

You pause as your hear footsteps running in the trees and turn towards the noise. Thorin has noticed it too. You see a blonde elf running through the trees and sliding down the web of the spider. He kills that one and slides under another one, killing it as well.

You watch as he moves to stand and you pull your bow, stepping in front of Thorin. You two come face to face, arrows pointed into each other’s faces. He narrows his eyes at you and you do the same.

Don’t think I won’t kill you elf,” he snarls and tightens the string. “I could say the same for you,” you say, mimicking his movements. You feel an arm on your elbow and you look at Thorin. He nods his head and you place the bow and arrows back to where they belong.

“Legolas!” you hear a female voice say and you wince a bit as you realize you had just pointed your arrow at the prince of Mirkwood. You listen to the conversation he has with the female and you look at Thorin.

“ Do you know him? You went frigid,” he asks. “He’s the prince,” you mutter back as the prince comes over to you both. “Search them,” he orders and you are all stripped of your weapons. The guards put shackles on you and you are lead to the palace.

While you and the rest of the company are lead to the cells, Thorin is lead to the the King. You sigh at as you are pushed into the cell. You laugh as you notice a guard stop Fili to take away one of his hidden daggers.

You sigh once again as the guards leave you alone. You sit by the door and look up. You notice the prince standing on the platform above you. You make eye contact with ice blue eyes and he comes to move in front of your cell.

Why are you with the dwarves?” he asks, coming to stand in front of your cell. “I did not think it was any of your business,” you reply not looking at him.

You are in my kingdom,” he retorts.

Really? I thought it was your father’s kingdom?” you ask sarcastically.

So you know who I am?” he asks.

Blonde hair, blue eyes. You must be a Sindarin elf and last I remember, the only sindarin elves to live in Mirkwood were the King and his son. Given the fact that you were out on guard duty, you are the prince,” you explain trying to sound smart.

He looks so surprised that you knew so much about him.

Plus, I heard the female call you Legolas,” you say, shrugging and that causes him to smile. You smile back. “Where are you from?” he asks, taking a seat on the steps next to your door. “The Valley of Imladris,” you tell him.

You weren’t lying. You were just not telling the whole truth. You were from Imladris, but you’ve been gone for ten years. You had an argument with your father, Lord Elrond, and you had not returned since then. You did not know if he was looking for you and you did not care. You loved your life with Beorn and you had not regretted your decision to leave.

“Why travel with the dwarves? What will you get in return?” he asks and you decide to answer him this time. “You know? I have no idea. It’s just something that I wanted to do. A rash decision, yes, but a good one all the same,” you reply, looking at the wall in front of you. “How long have you been traveling with them for you to gain such an attachment?” he asks.

Literally a day or so. I couldn’t really tell how much time has passed in the forest,” you shrug. For some unknown reason, that makes him laugh. “I’ve never heard an elf laugh or smile so much,” you tell him truthfully.

I laugh because you are funny. You join a bunch of dwarves and you will die for them even though you’ve only known them for a day,” he says.

And a half,” you retort, making him smile.

The two of you continue talking until another guard shows up, dragging Thorin with him.

The king wants to see the elf,” the guard states as Legolas stands. He nods and you switch places with Thorin. Legolas and the other elf leads you to the throne room after chaining you again. Once you get there, the elvenking’s eyes widen in surprise.

Remove the chain,” he orders and the other guard does as he’s told. Legolas stares at his father, confused. “Lady y/n. Your father has been searching for you for ten years and he thought you to be dead,” Thranduil states, making his way down from the throne and Legolas’ head snaps towards you.

You’re Lord Elrond’s daughter?” he asks. “Surprise?” you ask back. He sighs. “Ada. If I knew she was Lord Elrond’s daughter, I would not have put her in the cells,” Legolas says, watching as his father circles you.

Where have you been, milady? There had been many an elf searching for you,” Thranduil asks, ignoring his son.

He was curious. Lord Elrond had been in panic for the first three years of you going missing. He had even left Imladris to search for you, but had been unsuccessful. When the fourth year hit, he did not search, but started mourning. As a close friend of Elrond’s, it hurt to see him in such distress. He had been in that same state when he lost his wife and now his friend had to go through it yet again. The pain must’ve been unimaginable.

I’ve been staying with the shapeshifter, your majesty,” you say, looking dead ahead. You did not like making eye contact when you were being interrogated. Granted, it did not happen often.

And why have you been staying with the shapeshifter instead of returning home? Your father thinks you are dead,” he says, stopping in front of you.

That is new information. You did not intend for that to happen. You knew you should’ve sent a letter, but you could not in your state. Not after he said that he wished you were not his daughter.

“I felt like I was no longer welcomed, milord,” you reply. He narrows his eyes at you.

“Legolas. You will escort the princess back to Imladris back where she belongs-,”

What? Milord! I do not want to leave. I promised Oakenshield that I’d help him. I cannot-“ you start, panicked.

Have you heard of the story of the king under the mountain? Of the sickness that lies under that mountain?” Thranduil interrupts and you nod your head.

Then you know that Thorin Oakenshield will fall under the same sickness just like his grandfather,” Thranduil says.

I do not believe that, milord,” you say. “Whatever you believe is wrong. Legolas, take her back to Imladris,” he says, making his way back to the throne. “No,” Legolas says and you turn to him in shock.

Did he really just disobey his father? His king?

Thranduil turns to his son slowly, frown gracing his face.

What did you just say?” Thranduil asks.

I said ‘no’ father. It is obvious that she does not return to Imladris. She has been happy and safe with the skinchanger. Are we going to take that away from her?” Legolas asks.

Guards. Return her to her cell. My son and I have to discuss a few things,” Thranduil says, glare not wavering from his son. You notice Legolas has the same glare on his face and you can’t help but think that they look even more like father and son.

The guards take you back to your shared cell with Thorin. “What did he want?” Thorin asks as you sit at the door. “He was just curious as to why the daughter of Lord Elrond had been missing for ten years and was found traveling with a group of dwarves,” you reply nonchalantly, still thinking about Legolas and his decision to go against his father’s wishes.

“You’re that y/n?” he asks, surprised seeping through his voice.

Lord Elrond and Gandalf had spoken of you multiple times during their stay at Imladris. It was always with sadness. Fili had asked one of the elves what had happened to you and they had said that you had gotten into an argument with your father and left, never to be seen again. They had thought you to be dead and Imladris had not been the same since.

“Ah. So you’ve heard of me,” you say as you close your eyes. “We had stopped in Rivendell a few months ago and your father and Gandalf had mentioned you multiple times. Everyone believed you to be dead,” he says.

“So I’ve heard. Thranduil had ordered Legolas to take me back to Imladris, but he had refused,” you explain.

“Did he really deny his father and king?” Thorin asks, scoffing. “It seems that the children of rulers are rule breakers. Perhaps when you eventually have children, they will break many rules when they’re under the mountain,” you suggest and that causes Thorin to chuckle.

“I don’t see why not. Fili and Kili already do that,” he states loudly.

“We heard that, Uncle and we do not break rules. We just skirt around them,” Fili defends from his spot in his cell.

“It’s the same thing,” Thorin argues back and you smile. You liked the fact that he could still joke a bit in this situation.

“I reckon the sun is on the rise,” Bofur’s voice sounds throughout the cells. “We’re never gonna reach the mountain, are we?” you hear the youngest ask and your heart clenches a bit.

These dwarves have been through so much, they cannot just be stopped right here.

“Not stuck in here you’re not,” you hear another voice say and it’s the hobbit and he’s holding keys. He lets the both of you out first and suddenly, your hope returns along with the fear that you may never see the blonde prince again.

BSD Chapter 53 (51.3) Summary

This  is part 3 of Chapter 51 “Echo”. Well, things happened quite fast and out of everyone expectation I guess. I myself think that it’s the calm before the storm but the storm itself might not happen so soon. 

Anyway, here’s some summary as usual… Trust me the kanjis in this chapter are killing me. So I skipped a lot of parts, as a lot of things can be understood just by looking at the picture already.

I most likely will make mistakes here and there, both English and Jap are not my mother tongue, but I hope I help explain something. I have seen people either getting excited or criticizing the chapter and I hope I can help pointing out some good things after all. 

                                               SPOILERS AHEAD

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It’s Solomons now.

Alfie x reader Shelby!Sibling

Request: Hey could I request an Alfie Solomons imagine where you’re a Shelby and it’s your wedding day to alfie and could you include some drama about trouble with your family on the day or something please ?😍😍

“Tommy, I hope you know I’m gonna marry her.”

“Not a fucking chance Solomons, over my dead bloody body.”

“We will see.”

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“How are things with you and Tommy?” Your sister-in-law asked you over a bottle of wine. You were shocked when you answered the door to find her there, whisking you away to the Garrison for the night. She knew Thomas was away on business and thought you could use a night out, which you did.

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John x Reader

Requested By Anon

“It’s ridiculous.” Ada sighed as she walked up and down in front of Tommy’s desk and ranted at her brother. “I don’t mind that my best friend like my brother, it’s the fact that they won’t admit that they like each other so I’m stuck in the middle of this doe eyed love sick… whatever… and it is getting on my nerves.”

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anonymous asked:

What about as an employee dealing with someone who has an animal they claim to be a service animal? Obviously accusing anyone of "faking it" would be bad. But then how would you properly address an animal acting badly/untrained as the last anon suggested while the owner is claiming it's status as a service animal?

If you are an employee at that particular business, you are allowed to ask these two questions (assuming you’re in the USA):

1. Is this dog a service dog to assist you with a disability?
2. What tasks does it perform to help mitigate your disability?

These are the only two questions you are allowed to ask, according to the ADA. If the dog is being disruptive (e.g. barking uncontrollably and the handler is making no attempt to correct it), unsanitary (e.g. relieving itself in the business), or that could be a danger to other patrons (e.g. lunging at passing people or shopping carts), you can ask the handler to remove their dog.

Consider checking out @actuallyservicedogs​ for more info!  

Love you but I’m leaving

Part 1

Michael Gray x reader

Request: A micheal gray x reader where he absolutely adores her (his wife) but polly doesn’t like her and tries to break them up until she realises how happy the reader makes michael?xx

Note: I got so carried away it will be in two parts now!! 

You are woken up by the sun burning through your window creating a frame of light over your fiance. His strong jaw line clenched and unclenched as he dreamed. You traced his chest with your fingers, his soft skin comforting to touch. You watched him as his eyes flickered open adjusting to his settings, smiling when he saw you staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” he smirked, pulling you closer and turning around to face you. You leaned forward pushing your lips against his as he ran his hands down your back and through your hair. You pulled away slightly as your face rested into a more serious expression.

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anonymous asked:

is the order of who joined the ADA first released? like we know ranpo and fukuzawa are the first as they created it, but who joined next? i was thinking the order went to yosano > kunikida > siblings > naomi's friend (i can't rmb her name rn) > dazai > atsushi > kyouka :0c

I think there were quotes in the books, but I’m answering in mobile and so I’m finding it hard to quote so this is how I remember it:

Fukuzawa + Ranpo -> Kunikida/Yosano -> Dazai -> Tanizaki siblings -> Kenji -> Atsushi -> Kyouka

When Dazai first joined, the Agency already had Kunikida and Yosano, but we don’t know which of them joined first. Untold Story makes mention of Tanizaki as a newcomer, with Kenji joining only two months before Atsushi himself would be recruited. As for Kirako, I dont’ know anything about her aside from her love for Mii-chan (coughSenseicough) and that she’s an Agency clerk. I’ll make a guess and say she joined a bit after Dazai did.


gue mulai nulis sejak awal kuliah dan baru beneran serius blogging sekitar 10 bulan yang lalu. Sebelum ini, gue punya blog polarissky yang mempertemukan gue sama @purpleblueandmint , mbak-mbak INFJ yang kalemnya minta ampun. Sama kayak @martabakkeju yang awalnya ngobrol di tumblr doang terus ketemu di dunia nyata. Si Lala kenal gue pas dia masih di Kendari terus kami berdua meet up pas Lala ambil master di Teknik Informatika ITS.

Habis itu, polarissky gue ganti namanya jadi littleschwan. Dan gue belum serius blogging soalnya littleschwan itu emang ditujukan buat ngelatih pola pikir gue aja. Littleschwan ini gue hapus gara-gara followernya terlalu banyak meanwhile gue belum ngerasa siap untuk bertanggung jawab atas tulisan-tulisan gue.

Nah, karena gue emang dasarnya suka nulis, gue nggak tahan buat nggak punya blog. Akhirnya gue bikin tumblr baru lagi dengan nama littleschwan yang endingnya gue ganti lagi pake nama deamahfudz biar tumblr gue ga anonim. Sebenernya, gue itu lebih suka anonim. Tapi karena apa yang gue tulis disini dibaca banyak orang, akhirnya gue pake nama sendiri sebagai bentuk tanggung jawab gue atas segala hal yang gue tulis di sini. Habis lebaran lalu, blog ini sempet agak heboh gara-gara gue ngejawab ask temen gue soal “Kafir”. Followernya naik drastis banget. Hampir gue hapus lagi tapi gue dapet nasihat dari @purpleblueandmint . Jadi yaudah gue pasrah. Mungkin udah takdir tumblr ini dibaca banyak orang -.-

Banyak yang nanya, apakah gue ga pengen nerbitin buku?

ada juga yang nanya,

ga pengen buka kelas nulis buat ngajarin gimana nulis dengan runtut dan enak dibaca?

perkara nerbitin buku, dari dulu sebenernya gue pengen tapi gue belum berani karena gue dulu ngerasa belum bisa berdamai dengan pikiran-pikiran gue. Yang perlu diinget oleh penulis bahwa buku yang dia tulis akan dibaca orang lain dan mungkin saja bakal mempengaruhi pikiran pembaca. Maka di awal proses menulis, yang pertama harus dibangun justeru rasa tanggung jawab terhadap apa yang kita tulis. Semua orang memang berhak mengutarakan opini dalam bentuk buku atau tulisan tapi suatu saat kita akan dimintai pertanggung jawaban atas segala opini yang kita tulis. Gue teringat nasihat ustadz Cholis Akbar di Suara Hidayatullah tentang Fiqih Jurnalistik bahwa dalam penyampaian opini dan berita, kita tidak boleh sekedar menyampaikan berita atau opini tersebut dengan mentah tanpa strategi sama sekali. Harus ada upaya untuk menganalisa bagaimana reaksi ummat atas hal-hal yang kita sampaikan hingga kita bisa menyampaikan kabar atau opini dengan cara yang baik dan menggiring ummat pada kebaikan. Maka buat gue, nulis buku itu bukan cita-cita yang gue kejar dalam waktu singkat. Butuh waktu untuk berlatih mengendalikan ego dan menyampaikan sesuatu dengan cara yang baik.

Masalah kelas menulis, ah gue rasa sudah banyak penulis yang mumpuni buka kelas menulis. Lagipula, tulisan gue itu sebenernya banyak yang misleading lho dalam artian gue nyampein A dengan tambahan B tapi yang ditangkep pembaca malah B nya :p

Menulis itu bukan sekedar perkara diksi atau alur. Sebab dalam membentuk gaya bahasa dan alur penyampaian, setiap orang punya prosesnya sendiri. Dan setiap penulis, punya ciri khasnya masing-masing.

Latihan menulis memang bisa membantu tapi inti dari belajar menulis bukan itu. Menulis itu tentang bagaimana kita menyampaikan perspektif kita sendiri dengan tetap menghargai perspektif orang lain. Dulu pas kuliah, guesempat gabung sebentar di ITJ (Indonesia Tanpa JIL). Pada masa itu, gue banyak nulis counter opini untuk JIL secara emosional. Gue bilang emosional karena tulisan gue ga pake mikir dan langsung counter opini dengan argumen “pokoknya kamu salah dan kamu nggak boleh gitu”. 

Setelah itu, gue vakum nulis tentang liberalisme dan sekularisme karena gue ngerasa apa yang gue tulis hanya pemaksaan perspektif gue sendiri tanpa menghargai perspektif orang lain. It doesn’t mean gue setuju atau nganggep tafsir Al Qur’an dengan cara orang Liberal itu benar. Menghargai di sini dalam artian gue nggak boleh menulis opini secara emosional, berdasarkan asumsi sendiri dan ilmu gotak gatik gatuk. 

Dalam menulis argumen, kita harus berani total mencari referensi. Meskipun tulisan kita ga sampe level akademisi seperti Ustadz Adian Husaini, ustadz Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi atau Syed Naquib Al Attas. Tapi minimal jangan pakai persepsi sendiri dan langsung mengatakan pemikiran orang lain salah. Perdalamlah referensi biar kita bisa mengupas lebih dalam ide seseorang hingga kita tahu di titik mana pikiran kita sama serta di titik mana pemikiran kita mulai berbeda. Dari situ kita bisa mulai mengcounter dengan cara yang baik.

Banyak yang bilang bahwa sekarang ini adalah era teknologi informasi yang paradoks dimana keran informasi semakin terbuka lebar namun kita menjadi semakin bodoh. Buat gue, teknologi itu alat. Cara hidup manusia memang bisa berubah karena teknologi tapi bukan berarti teknologi bisa mengendalikan kita. Kita harus stop blaming ke teknologi karena teknologi cuma benda mati. Fenomena paradoks di era teknologi informasi hari ini adalah kesalahan kita yang terlalu terpaku dengan media sosial sehingga kita lupa mengasah perspektif kita lebih mendalam.

Gue aktif di medsos. Ngecek instagram, twitter dan medium tiap pagi buat tau perkembangan yang terjadi. Gue juga nyisihin budget buat nonton film untuk mengetahui bagaimana imajinasi khalayak tentang dunia. Tapi gimanapun, kita nggak boleh terjebak di situ saja.

Kita perlu membaca buku yang kata orang lain ‘berat’. Dulu gue nggak sanggup baca buku shirah nabawinya Syaikh Shafiyurrahman Al Mubarakfury. Tapi pas gue nyoba menaklukkan buku itu, gue jadi pengen nyari yang lain sampe gue ketemu karya Buya Hamka, Muhammad Natsir, Syaikh Qardhawiy, Sayyid Qutub, Said Hawwa, Tariq Ramadhan, Syed Naquib Al Attas, Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, Walter Isaacson, Karen Armstrong, dan lain-lain.

Membaca buku-buku yang demikian wajib sebagai seorang muslim agar kita bisa meringankan tugas para ulama. Kadang gue ngerasa kasihan sama ulama ketika ada orang yang berkomentar:

“Ah pembahasannya terlalu berat untuk orang awam”

apakah selamanya kita akan berkata demikian? Kapan kita beranjak dan merubah bataskeawaman? anggaplah bila yang disebut awam hari ini adalah orang yang belum bisa baca tulis huruf hijaiyah, mestinya beberapa tahun lagi, batas awam harus bergeser sehingga definisi orang awam adalah orang-orang yang minimal tahu dasar-dasar ilmu fiqih.

Dalam proses membaca, kita pasti bakal bertemu dengan teori atau opini yang tidak sesuai dengan pandangan kita. Contoh kecil aja opini tentang Rohingya. Ada yang bilang bahwa ini bukan konflik agama, opini tersebut kemudian beradu langsung dengan opini yang mengatakan bahwa rohingya adalah konflik agama.

Di ask, ada yang nanya gimana sikap gue tentang opini yang dibentuk dalam konflik rohingya dan apa yang bisa dilakukan selain aksi dan menyumbang uang.

Bagi gue, mau berpendapat itu konflik agama atau bukan, asal kesimpulan tersebut disimpulkan dari informasi yang valid, gue bakal hargain. Karena dalam hal ini, kita punya keterbatasan. Bisa jadi dua kubu itu punya informasi yang valid namun kurang menyeluruh sehingga kesimpulan yang didapat berbeda.

Konflik agama atau bukan, yang terpenting hari ini adalah gerak cepat untuk memberi bantuan. 

Apa yang bisa kita lakukan selain aksi dan ngasih sumbangan mungkin salah satunya adalah mendidik diri biar tidak emosional memproses informasi. Mungkin kita bisa mengumpulkan data tentang berita dan foto mana saja yang hoax dan fakta. Ini penting banget untuk mencegah kemungkinan konflik yang lebih besar.

Jangan sampai juga kita dikenal sebagai ummat yang emosional dan tidak bisa dipercaya karena informasi yang kita sampaikan berasal dari hoax padahal para ulama di era sahabat dan tabi’in terkenal valid informasinya karena adanya sanad.

Kita nggak bisa membenci opini orang lain. Yang bisa kita lalukan adalah mengkritik dengan cara yang santun dan berbekal informasi yang valid. Hal ini tentunya nggak bisa kita lakukan bila kita masih menganggap bahwa menulis itu cuma perkara diksi dan alur.


Pramoedya Ananta Toer dan Buya Hamka sangat sering berselisih tapi mereka berdua tetap santun saat bertemu. Muhammad Natsir dan Bung Karno pun sering adu argumentasi di harian Panji Masyarakat dengan tulisan yang santun dan dalam.

Semacam kemunduran ketika gue ngelihat twitwar perkara rohingya dari generasi 150 karakter seperti kita yang sering emosional dan berbekal foto hoax. Gue ga bermaksud mengecilkan semangat dalam membahas kasus rohingya. Hanya saja, kita perlu mengubah tradisi literasi kita. Agar sebelum menulis sesuatu, kita sudah terbiasa menundukkan ego kita sekalipun ego tersebut mengarahkan kita ke arah yang benar

Selamat menulis. Selamat berlatih. Sorry panjaang banget tulisannya.

The Elf and the Dwarf

Overall Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain.

Chapter Summary: The end is finally here. You are ready to get married to the one you love.

Pairings: Thorin x Fem!Reader

A/N: Here it is folks. The last ever chapter of the Elf and the Dwarf. This is the very first story I’ve posted for The Hobbit and there is absolutely no regrets. Now that it’s done, I have to admit: this story was actually going to be reader going on a trip to destroy the ring, but I didn’t do it because I already have that in Adventure Awaits. Thank you to all those who has been there from the beginning and have stuck it out with me till the end even though it went from good to shit. I love you all so much. Everyone single one of you. I also will be posting little dribbles of life together. 

Previous Chapter: Chapter 8

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Fallout 4 Companion asks - Personal questions edition

Ada: Could you forgive somebody who hurt you by accident?

Cait: How do you cope with difficult situations?

Codsworth: What’s something that reminds you of your childhood?

Curie: What’s a topic you find fascinating?

Danse: Have you ever changed your opinion on something you strongly believed in?

Deacon: Can you tell when somebody is lying, or are you easily deceived?

Dogmeat: Name something or someone you love unconditionally?

Gage: Do you follow directions well, or do you prefer to be a leader?

Hancock: Have you ever reinvented yourself or changed your style significantly?

MacCready: Have you ever lost anyone or anything you care about?

Nick Valentine: Do you feel like you should have been born in a different time period or decade?

Old Longfellow: Could you be happy living alone, or do you prefer living with other people?

Piper: Has there ever been a time where you were right about a gut feeling?

Preston Garvey: What’s your idea of the perfect world?

Strong: What’s a hobby, skill or detail about you that others may find surprising?

X6-88: Do you ever feel like you have trouble relating to the rest of the world?

Where did you go?

Michael x reader

I am so sorry this is so long and rambly but i looooove it. Michael leaves reader to deal with an abortion by herself and she comes back to small heath with or without a baby ;)

He would be home in a few minutes and you were unbelievably nervous to tell him that you were pregnant. He’d be a great dad, but it wasn’t the baby that worried you. It was you. Recently Michael had been doing more and more “business” with his cousins. He would never tell you what was troubling him, you would barely talk at all anymore. You saw each other a couple times a week, each time you’d hope he’d take you out or stay longer than an hour for sex. That never seemed to happen though. He wasn’t the Michael you fell in love with a year ago. He was a different person altogether. That’s when the door slammed open.
“What the hell is so urgent we have to meet now? I have places to be (Y/N). You look fine what do you want?” The tone in his voice made you want to cry, maybe you shouldn’t tell him. You swallowed the lump in your throat and stepped back from him.
“I’m pregnant”
“Well shit.” There were a few moments of silence you didn’t know what he was thinking but he was definitely thinking.
“I can get the money for your abortion to you tonight on my way to the garrison” This was the moment your heart broke, you let the tears brim over.
“No.” You whispered feeling absolutely crushed.
“Yes. You’re not keeping it don’t be so ridiculous.” He started to walk to the door but turned round on his heels.
“If you get it done before, I’ll be over on Thursday for an hour or so.”
“Are you fucking joking Michael.”
“I’m not your bloody whore.” This made Michael laugh under his breath before looking you dead in the eyes.
“Well, what are you then?”
“Get out of my fucking house. Get out!” And with that he walked out the door slamming it behind him. You slumped to the ground sobbing. There was no light in his eyes anymore he wasn’t the man you once knew. You cried for hours until you eventually fell asleep. When you woke up the next morning you went through to the kitchen. On your table was an envelope with the money Michael had promised you. And all of a sudden you were no longer sad just angry, you had so much rage. You packed your suitcase and phoned your mum telling her you were leaving for London and she could do whatever she wanted with the flat. She begged you to stay but nothing was keeping you hear having to see his face every day. You slammed the door behind you and walked to the train station ready to leave small Heath behind you.

A couple days later after Michael had come home from his bender. He’d had a good sleep and earful from Polly about being stupid and going out drinking for days he remembered his conversation with (Y/N). He drove from Pols country house to (Y/N)’s flat in small Heath.
“(Y/N)! Open up! Listen I’m sorry let me in!” He got quite the shock when (Y/N)’s mum opened up the door.
“Michael, didn’t she tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“She’s gone.” And with that, his heart sank.
“What do you mean? Gone where?”
“London I believe, she said she needed to get away for a while, I’m sorry.”

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Groupie - Tommy Shelby

You and John get a little closer, Tommy reminds you that his brother is off limits. 

Groupie - Tommy Shelby | part 6 of Gods + Monsters

The club Tommy took you to was nothing like the places people went in Birmingham. There, the nicest place to get a drink was the Garrison. In comparison this place looked fit for royalty. There was a live band playing music on a stage, ladies dressed far better than you could ever afford totted around trays of alcohol. Tommy walked first into the club, heading for a table right in the middle. Arthur followed behind his brother, head high as he walked through the crowd. John stopped behind you, laying a hand on your lower back and leaning close to your ear.

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It’s too late | Michael Gray

Request: @rheuryribeiro Can I request where the reader is Michael gray girlfriend and he with the help of polly threw a party so Michael can propose to y/n, only to be surprised when she comes to the party knowing he cheated on her with her best friend and got her pregnant, and all of this happened before the reader and Michael got back together again please? You can choose how it ends.

Notes: there’s been several versions of this… I read the request a few times and took a new angle each time, so I hope this works for you! <3

“She’s going to realise something’s up.” Arthur pressed.

“No, she isn’t. Ada’s keeping her busy and mum’s going over later.”

“She’ll definitely realise then.”

“Shut up, Arthur, alright?”

Michael was stood on one of the rickety ladders that Arthur clung onto in The Garrison as he tied the last of the bunting.

“You decided how you’re going to ask yet, lad?”

“No… but I think I’ll just say it.”

“Big crowd if she says no.”

John walked through carrying the cake as Polly followed behind him.

“Looks good, Mikey.” John commented at the decorations as he set the cake down.

Michael was too busy staring at Arthur’s little grin as he stepped down the ladder to the floor.

“She isn’t going to say no.”

“… but what if—“

“Arthur!” Poll clipped as she stepped over to Michael to fuss with his hair as she licked her thumb to set it back in place.

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The Kids: Part 3 - John Shelby

33, john Shelby
“Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”

(I just want to give a shout out to @yjrevolution for messaging me and helping me work out where to go with this)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

John doesn’t come back that night, so Polly goes to get Finn and the kids and brings them all to hers. It’s crowded but with everyone looked after I can take some time to think about things.

“What you gonna do?” Ada asks.


“Want me to slap some sense into him?”

“I honestly don’t think that would do anything.”

Ada leans across the table and takes my hand.

“I know he’s my brother, but-” she glances around to make sure there’s no kids about “-he’s an absolute fucker. What kind of person walks out after their wife tells them they’re pregnant, I can’t even-”

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Cats Day 4

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: You introduce Bard and Thranduil to Kitty!Thorin

A/n: A Drabble a day keeps the fans at bay

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 5

Today was going to be an interesting day, you were sure of it.

Thorin had a meeting with your father and Bard. Something that occurred once a month just to make sure that Mirkwood, Dale, and Erebor were getting along.

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RE Character Ask Meme
  • ADA WONG: Do you have any secrets nobody knows?
  • ALBERT WESKER: How far would you go to achieve your dreams?
  • ALEXIA ASHFORD: How smart are you? What's your IQ?
  • ALEX WESKER: What scares you the most?
  • ALFRED ASHFORD: Do you have any siblings?
  • ANNETTE BIRKIN: How loyal are you?
  • ARK THOMPSON: Would you ever want to be a detective?
  • ASHLEY GRAHAM: Are you related to anybody famous?
  • BARRY BURTON: What's your favorite sort of sandwich?
  • BILLY COEN: Ever committed a crime?
  • BRAD VICKERS: How do you respond to a crisis situation? Do you panic?
  • BRUCE MCGIVERN: Do you have an accent? If so, what type?
  • CARLA RADAMES: If you could be anyone, who would you want to be?
  • CARLOS OLIVEIRA: Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
  • CHRIS REDFIELD: Are you fighting for anything?
  • CLAIRE REDFIELD: Are you a workaholic?
  • CHIEF IRONS: Any creepy quirks?
  • DAVID KING: Are you good at handy-work?
  • DEREK C SIMMONS: Any current obsessions?
  • EXCELLA GIONNE: How fashionable are you?
  • FONG LING: Do you like attention from the opposite/same sex?
  • HELENA HARPER: How cynical are you?
  • JAKE MULLER: Would you sell your grandmother for fifty million dollars?
  • JAMES MARCUS: What's your favourite animal/insect?
  • JESSICA SHERAWAT: Ever used charm to get what you want?
  • JILL VALENTINE: How headstrong are you?
  • JIM CHAPMAN: Would you consider yourself sassy?
  • JOSEPH FROST: Favourite breed of dog?
  • KEVIN RYMAN: Favourite type of alcohol?
  • LEON S KENNEDY: Do you spend a lot of time on your appearance?
  • LISA TREVOR: Any physical quirks?
  • LUIS SERA: Are you a player?
  • MOIRA BURTON: How often/much do you swear?
  • MORPHEUS D DUVALL: How far would you go to be beautiful?
  • NICOLAI ZINOVEIF: Ever betray anybody?
  • OSMUND SADDLER: If you could; would you want to lead a cult?
  • PARKER LUCIANI: What nationality are you?
  • PIERS NIVANS: Would you sacrifice yourself for somebody else?
  • RICHARD AIKEN: Do you like reptiles? Do you have a favourite?
  • SHERRY BIRKIN: How dysfunctional is your family?
  • SHEVA ALOMAR: Any tattoos?
  • STEVE BURNSIDE: Ever been in love?
  • VINCENT GOLDMAN: What's the most evil thing you'd do?
  • WILLIAM BIRKIN: Do you like Science? What's your favourite scientific discovery?