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does wonho have a phone? i keep seeing him with a phone in his hand? or is it his yeezy?

Starship gave them their phones back recently for achieving No. 1 on Billboard 🎉

(Edit: Thank you for letting me know!)

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My friend asked me who my animated crush is and I said Asami. When asked why, though, I kind of drew a blank, even though we all know how beautifully badass she is. Think you could help me out with some more reasons? :P

Uh, so many things! Here are all of the things I can think of now that makes Asami so special, but know that there are probably hundreds of other reasons that I just can’t think of now.

  • She’s selfless (helping everyone and anyone)
  • She’s intelligent (made a freakin’ sandsailer out of scraps)
  • She’s morally sound (didn’t become evil, which could have so easily)
  • She’s kind (look how supportive she was of Korra)
  • She’s resilient (lost her mother, betrayed by father, Korra leaving, etc)
  • She’s powerful (young ass CEO in the house)
  • She’s athletic (wanna spar and get your ass kicked?)
  • She’s understanding (forgives her father)
  • She’s gorgeous (like congrats on your face)
  • She’s empathetic (she understands Korra’s need to be alone)
  • She’s charismatic (how can you not like her?)
  • She’s motivated (invents stuff all the time, like whatttt?)
  • She’s not your stereotypical feminine (prissy, but can still kick your ass)
  • She’s caring (she’s always there to comfort someone when needed)
  • She’s a racer (she’s a little speed demon that one)
  • She’s stylish (clothing, hair, makeup all on point 24/7)
  • She’s badass (don’t mess with her electric glove)
  • She’s a good friend (Mako, Bolin, and Korra can all attest for this)
  • She’s good with kids (good with the airbender kids)
  • She’s loving (even after all the shit she’s gone through she’s still got a heart of gold)
  • She’s responsible (has her own company and helps save the world)
  • She’s mature (too mature for her age tbh, she’s gone through so much)
  • She’s able to have fun (let’s race cars)
  • She’s realistic (even as the love triangle unfolded, she was realistic)
  • She’s relatable (we all can relate to her and even though she’s an animated character, she feels so real)

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do you know if Got7 will do a concert this year? BTW, thank you for always updating us about got7 and helping defending them too. I Iove got7 and I think the hate is just so unimportant because of how much our fandom supports the boys. we just have to report someone, that Jackson hater in a proper way so they can be reprimanded properly. anyway, have a nice day! 💚

At the latest mini fanmeeting with fans one of the members said that they won’t have any concerts this year. But maybe he meant in Korea? Because they have a tour in Japan in May. So far there are no plans for a real tour (outside Japan), they only have fanmeetings announced.

They have a fanmeeting tour in Thailand in June and a rumored fanmeeting in Hong Kong in July.

Thank you :)

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the people running this blog are all feminazis who probably voted for hillary lmao

lmao, actually we’re all from europe – except iby, who’s australian –, so we took no part in the 2016 us presidential election. nice try though. -rita

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Like do u hate felicity bc she took laurels spot? Like cmon the chemistry between Stephen and KATIE just did not exist. It was bad. Like I love laurel, she was so much better apart. Also I'm sorry but Emily's acting is 100000x better than Katie's, katie is a brick. I'm not TRYNA hate but I just wanna understand why you're so hateful towards one female character? Why not just support both?

For starters, I don’t think Felicity “took Laurel’s spot.” The only character that exists to take Laurel’s spot is “Dinah Drake” and I have problems with that for reasons I’ve listed time and time again (and especially, most recently in a post that probably hasn’t escaped the first page of my blog). 

As for Felicity, there are a laundry list of reasons why I stopped enjoying the character. She’s a “reset to factory default settings” kind of character in that she’s one-dimensional and isn’t allowed to grow or evolve beyond what and who we’ve known her to be (which I think is a result of the writers thinking they’ve struck gold with her and don’t need to develop her). For a character to be that way, and get the level of attention/focus/screentime that she pulls week to week, it’s frustrating. There have been multiple instances where the writers have given her a great story, and chosen to do nothing with it, for example, when Felicity was attacked by Darhk and ended up in a wheelchair, the writers didn’t use it to propel her down an interesting, and character-building arc, instead they had a magical chip that restored her ability to walk and she was made to be completely fine — restored to factory default settings. I also find her to lack empathy, and empathy is a quality I admire in characters of fiction and people in real life, so it’s hard to relate to someone who refuses to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to understand their actions and their choices and somehow makes it all about themselves instead (eg. the entire situation with Samantha Clayton, and Oliver’s son). I think her storyline in Season 3 ruined her for me, specifically in her treatment of Ray. I will never understand how she could have played with his feelings like that and talked to Oliver as though she would drop Ray like a bag of shit the second he was willing to give in to his feelings for her (which she kind of ended up doing anyway). And to refuse telling Ray that she doesn’t love him, and has feelings for Oliver, but to still rock up at his place of business and be like, “hey can I borrow a jet?” And ya’ll can say “yeah but it was to save Thea” but she was like “lol let Thea die, it’s not worth it, Oliver.” Her entire romantic relationship with Oliver was forced and rushed and the feelings were fabricated for plot-purposes at the beginning of Season 3, and so it was impossible for me to enjoy them as a couple (and yes, it’s important to bring up because Felicity was basically just a love interest for Season 3 and Season 4). I also hate the fact that we’ve seen no fucking long-term consequences and/or guilt for her nuking Havenrock and for her losing Billy Malone. Ten thousand innocent lives are dead because of her, and she was guilt-ridden for a single scene in Season 5. And we had to see another shot of Emily Bett Rickards “trying to cry” over losing Billy, but we never got the time to invest in that relationship, and she never seems to acknowledge it in a real, human way but instead can use it as a way to justify being pushed into Helix? Again, it ties back to her being a “reset to default factory settings.” And most importantly, I hate that she never has to earn anything on the show — she never had to earn her job at Palmer Tech, or earn becoming CEO, she never had to earn being the main love interest of the show and that development is literally non-existent, she never had to earn being somewhat competent in the field to take on the League of Assassins or the Ghosts, or whoever else she’s fought, and in a show about earning your role as a hero and facing a crucible to become something else, she’s literally done shit all to get to where she’s been. And look, I was a huge fan of her in the first season. But I remember slowly getting sick of it in S2 because her dynamic, and her role was growing very stale. I know people like to think it’s because I’m a Laurel fan, and a Lauriver fan, but it’s not true. The reason I don’t like Felicity Smoak, in a nutshell, is because I fundamentally disagree with how she is written and until the writing changes to fix the issues that I have, there’s no way I can “support her.” But that’s the beauty of the world — we don’t all share the same opinion, and you coming into my inbox trying to say “support both” whilst not-so-subtly dragging Katie Cassidy… it’s not incentive for me to agree. 

I hope that answered the first part of your question. 

On the topic of terrible acting, my initial problem with Emily Bett Rickards was the way she spoke her lines — it often felt like she was reading off a script, and they were very monotonous and almost robotic. Moments where it felt a little better was when she was able to have some personality behind it, and/or some passion. And then it felt like she was improving (specifically the “keep fighting” scene in S2). But it’s still how she delivers the lines, and so I’m not a big fan of it. And beyond that, I don’t think she’s cut out to do serious and dramatic scenes that involve extreme emotions, like being distraught. As funny of a meme the “No, Ray, Olibur” thing is, it comes from a place of how awful the acting and the writing was in that scene to the point where it’s comical. But she’s great at comedy, and she’s great at being the comedic relief. I just don’t think she’s mastered the art of doing serious drama. I mean, did you see the episode of Legends where they tried to make her a superhero? Anyway, you opened the floor on discussing acting ability and so I thought I’d share as well :) 

Now, onto the chemistry part of the question. Chemistry is subjective. You don’t see it for Laurel and Oliver – that’s fine! Frankly, when I look at Oliver and Felicity, it’s kind of awkward. She looks way too young for him, or he looks way too old for her, or maybe it’s both. And the truth is, I don’t see romantic chemistry between them. I see that it’s written in the script for them to kiss and say “I love you”, and that’s how it feels. Scripted. Forced. I like the kind of chemistry that isn’t one-dimensional. I like that Laurel and Oliver can fight, and scream and have conflict and drama because they’re mature about it and it feels real and it feels like there’s all this history between them that bubbles up to the surface during those heated moments. I like that when they are together, romantically, it feels and looks like they belong and all that history has culminated in something beautiful and logical. I like that when they’re friends, you see a gentle side to them and a platform that was established and that will hold through anything. I don’t get that with Felicity and Oliver (mostly because the writing for them never warranted the relationship in the first place, but also because of the romantic chemistry lacking). But as I said, it’s subjective. You think Katie is a brick when she acts? Fine. I think Emily has very limited range and a lack of experience that shows in close to every episode. Each to their own. 

(I do want to say, though, that despite not being a fan of one’s acting ability, I have nothing against Emily Bett Rickards personally and actively do my part to make sure people from the LL don’t direct hate towards her on Twitter, which is more that I can say for the Olicity fandom that targets Katie)

Now, the reason I don’t and can’t support both is because I’m not willing to overlook serious flaws and spend my time on my blog being fake. If you go all the way back through my blog, you’ll see that I used to be a fan of both and I used to adore Felicity Smoak. I don’t anymore (for some of the reasons I mentioned above). Hope that answered your questions! 

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How expensive would you say cosplaying normally is, on average?

I have done exactly two ‘proper’ cosplays in my life so I can’t really comment on the average cost. I would say ‘expensive’ is about right. You can, of course, do closet cosplays and there are ways to be thrifty, but it still all adds up as a hobby. Costuming is an expensive hobby.

I don’t remember how much my terrible Ahsoka cost, but my Hera was pretty pricy. It’s a deceptive costume that looks v. simple but isn’t in execution. I was also striving for as close to absolute screen accuracy as possible - I think
I got pretty close, though my shirt needs alts. I’m a person who tends to go all in and throw money at things I care about, and Hera was a serious passion project.

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My husky doesn't like anyone touching his feet lol he screams and howls but its mostly cause he's a drama queen. is there any way to trim his nails? they're getting long x.x

You could do positive conditioning (is my terminology right??) where you reward him for him letting you touch his feet, then hold them briefly, then hold them longer, etc, then progress up to the nail trims. It can work but can take a while.

Or just go to a vet.

A couple of mine have turned into wimpies for nail trims as they’ve gotten older, even with us doing it frequently all throughout their lives. I just do my best, clip what I can, give them breaks if they’re stressed, and come back to it later to get them trimmed up.

Running around on hard surfaces helps to wear them down naturally, too, and some people have made scratching board things, which you could try doing too.

Some dogs do better with dremels rather than clippers too, so you could go that route.

Good luck!

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why did they take away the boys phones in the first place ????

Once they debuted, Starship took away their personal phones so they could focus on their activities. They said they would give them back once MONSTA X won in a music broadcast show. Sadly, it’s been 2 years and no win yet, but since they have accomplished so much and they achieved No. 1 on Billboard with The Clan 2.5, Starship recently gave them their phones back (the right to own personal phones).

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Mark being jealous really is precious but have you seen Jinyoung on jealous mode? He was savage during his solo vlive when he saw a fan's username being 'mark and me' and not to mention how devastated he was that time when Mark chose Jackson as the most loyal member! Markjin makes me 10 years younger lol

XD yes I have seen~ and I screamed about the markjin too!! ^^ I kinda think Jinyoung gets jealous whenever anyone favors anyone that’s not him though heehee (*whispers* petty prince 🙊)

but yes, markjin gives me life ❤️️ *yells from the rooftops* OTP!!!!

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I love your older fics as much as your new ones! Do you have a favourite out of the ones you've written so far?

Dear god, anon, let me first say that I am so, so sorry for sitting on this ask for as long as I have. I received it before having to go away for work, so I’ve got no excuses, only that it was such a sweet and indulgent ask I wasn’t too sure how to answer it without coming across as the most pretentious wanker in the world. I’m still away for work right now (its goddamn never ending), but it’s been too long so let’s get these asks done one at a time, starting with yours, sweet thing!

Firstly, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to talk about my writing. Whoever you are, I want to give you a hug. Your friendly curiosity is a jewel that is much too rare for how wonderfully kind and generous in spirit it is. Much love to you. 💕 

Secondly, I’m going to put all of it under a cut because this got away from me. I’ve also tagged some people underneath, but you guys don’t have to read it. 

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I'm sure you've answered this before, sorry if you have, but what materials did you use for the lekku? I'm struggling to find the right stuff. Thank you for your time in advance!

I don’t know if I have here - I got asked a lot at SWCO!

I made them so long ago, I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures to show. It’s a fairly simple process, anyway.

On a polystyrene headform I sculpted out my lekku from clay. First I built out the headform with clay to my measurements, then I used wire and newspaper to mock out a basic form for the lekku to minimise weight and the amount of clay needed. (Chickenwire would have been more helpful, but I didn’t have any to hand and couldn’t be bothered getting some.) I then covered this with clay, shaping and smoothing it to the shape I wanted. I was trying to achieve Hera’s fairly unique sweetheart shape so they were more exaggerated than most lekku out there. (Possibly too exaggerated, but I really like the effect achieved, I feel it is currently kind of unique among other Hera cosplayers, and it’s just… I dunno. It’s a more romantic lekku look? Which feels appropriate for Hera somehow.)

When I was happy with the shape, I started coating the form with liquid latex. I applied it using foam brushes, making sure to extend down over the headform at the root of the lekku. The first layer will be kind of patchy as the liquid latex moves over the clay, but coverage will built up evenly after a couple of layers. 

I applied a layer of latex, let it dry (it doesn’t take too long). Once a layer dried, I dusted it all over with talcum powder. Apply another layer of latex, dry, dust, repeat. The talcum powder helps to strengthen the latex. I think that I applied 10-15 layers of latex, but I don’t really remember. I applied a few extra in-between layers to the underside of the lekku curves just to help strengthen that exaggerated shape.

Once I felt I had enough layers, I let the whole thing sit for 24-48 hours to just cure all the way through. Then, I peeled my brand new lekku from my sculpt, making sure to keep dusting the newly exposed latex with more talcum powder as I went. This prevents the latex from sticking to itself. You will probably have to destroy your mould at this point if you want to have your lekku as one single piece. This especially applies if you do a more exaggerated shape like I did. 

However, as I was making Hera-inspired lekku, and she wears a cap, I just cut through the latex between the two lekku and peeled them off individually. I just slot them into my cap. It all depends on what twi’lek you have in mind and their headdress/lack of. 

(As I used this individual-lekk method, I was able to make another two pairs of lekku.)

To stuff  the lekku, I filled around an inch and a half of the tips with rice, then poly balls (ie. beanbag filling) up to that curve, the polywadding through to curve to around an inch away from the root. The root I then sealed up with expanding foam to give a solid supportive root. Filling the lekku like this means that they aren’t rigid. The rice in the very tips weighs them so that the lekku don’t float around randomly and instead sort of bounce and sway; I get a lot of natural movement as I walk around which I love, and I got a lot of fantastic comments and questions about that. 

For painting, I recommend using whatever you will use on your face. I was a little worried about this as I elected to not use alcohol based body paint (which would have meant your lekku would perfectly match and remain relatively pristine no matter.) What I did was I applied my make-up (Mac chromacake - it’s basically overpriced Kryolan, and a waterbased pancake) using Ben Nye Final Seal (an alcohol based setting spray). Then, after applying Hera’s markings, I sealed the entire thing by sponging over prosaide. Not only did this seal the colour in near perfectly (I’ve had to touch up one or two spots where they’ve been banged about or worn by the cap edge), but it also blended it really nicely so the markings look more natural rather on painted on. I then dusted the whole thing with a translucent setting powder to mattify it, and voila! Slot into cap and you’re good to go.

I do not recommend knocking over your headform at any point in this process. Which I did. Several times.

(Photo by the lovely Alexandra Lee) 
(I should note that my lekku were slotted into my cap at the wrong angle for the entirety of SWCO, which I realised on my first day and then just… never fixed. i was slightly concerned about lifting the make-up around the root of the lekku and was too tired to deal.) (Also in this picture I am leaning so awkwardly against a pillar)

archangeles replied to your post “My thoughts on SPN episode 12x19: Oh snap. This is some trigger…”

i honestly at this point live my life by cherry picking the deancas scenes out of spn episodes and i’m actually ok with that…(but seriously, THAT MIXTAPE SCENE i’m not sure i breathed)

 Same. Same same same. SAAAAAAME. I don’t I can even say I’m wearing shipper goggles anymore. They’re just my eyes at this point, let’s be real. 

@squidbles replied to your post “i have faith that they’ll come back for these plots of course but not…”

Well I feel like the rest of AT’s run will be these mini-series formats. Which on paper is not a bad idea, and even with its faults I still like Islands and Elements and what they’ve done. I mean, if they did more mini-series for the rest of the run I would like that, but you do bring up some good points about some of the problems with that format though.

the format works for big arcs but imo they tried to stuff in too much plot in this one

i did enjoy the pacing up until the last ep, it was nice and casual til everything was rushed in skyhooks ii

unfortunately this is the last miniseries so everything will have to be resolved in the regular episode format from now on :u