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The Morning After...

Awwww this was so supremely cute to write! I took the liberty of writing it in mini-fic form, if you don’t mind :3

Feel free to ask or request anything! Just… no explicit nsfw, alright?

~Admin Bloo

The Morning After… [Yoosung X MC(you)]

Sunlight peaks through the curtains, rousing you from your slumber. You open your eyes blearily, confused at where you have woken up. Flashes of last night come in piece by piece, and they leave you warm and soft all over. You turn around to see Yoosung sleeping away, his soft breaths making his bangs flutter up and down.

You fail to stop your giggling, and this causes him to stir as well. His eyes lay half open, and he sleepily smiles at you and runs his hand along your smooth hair. You put your own hand on top of his, and his smile grows even wider, complete with reddening cheeks and eyes shining with joy.

Suddenly, his face twists in alarm, and he quickly jumps out of bed. You sit up as well, albeit slowly. Before you can register it, he is hastily clothed and reaches out to kiss you on the side of your forehead. “Don’t move.” He whispers and rushes out of the room.

This leaves you very confused, but you aren’t worried. Instead, you gently rub the place where he kissed and can’t stop remembering last night. You just feel so fulfilled and content; really, you just wish time would stop.

Then, you can hear a ruckus from behind the door. You call out to him, but he yells “Wait! Just… don’t move from there!”

You grab your own tee that was on the floor and put it on. Yoosung then kicks open the door and comes in balancing a tray with omelets and orange juice.

The surprise on your face flusters Yoosung a little. He slowly makes his way to the bed, careful to not spill. If possible, your smile got even wider.

Silently, you set the tray on the bed and give him a quick peck. You thank him softly and the two of you begin.

When he takes the first bite, however, his face scrunches up and he spits it out immediately. You ask him what’s wrong, but he has covered his face with his palms, unable to face you. After a bit of prodding, he mumbles “I forgot to put seasoning on it. I’ve ruined everything.”

You coo at him, assuring him that everything is just fine. He carries on. “I wanted to make everything perfect for our first time. I wanted to show you that I can make you happy, and that you make me happy.”

“You make me feel so happy, Yoosung…” you whisper.

“But I’ve ruined it all. I wanted to prove that I am enough for you” He whines, but you absolutely cannot let him continue.

“You don’t need to prove anything, Yoosung. You hear me? Now come on. Why don’t we make something together instead.”

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4, 50, 77, 208 <3

Hello cutie!

4:Video game I play to chill, not to win?

Well i’d say Sims 4, it’s the game i play the most but GTA V is pretty fun too.

50:How do I destress?

I like to meditate, it makes me feel so much better but music is my priority, my first thought when i want to relax. I just need to put my headphones on and the world doesn’t exist for a short amount of time.

77:What is my current desktop picture?

It’s one of my Granite Falls edits, actually this one (picture 1)

208:Do I collect anything?

No, i’m not that good at collecting stuff :S

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Do you have recs for long andreil fics? All ratings are fine!

Hey! I actually just saw @badacts answer this question really succinctly right here (and she linked a few gems) and I feel exactly the same way like.. 

I love reading fic so much but I just absolutely write more than I read rn

I’ll add the fear no fall series which is a merman/pirate au

and of course the classic lessons series

and you can hunt in my fic recs right here, but it’s mostly oneshots bc that’s what I have time for I’m afraid

I wish I could be more helpful!

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Do you like the Man From U.N.C.L.E. 2015 movie?

David McCallum says it best–

(gif by @ksturf)

It’s MFU in name only, and the characters do not resemble their counterparts in the slightest.  They could have easily named their characters and movie something else entirely, and it would have worked 100%.  What especially hurts is how they turned Napoleon, originally the all-loving, selfless hero, to a sleazy, self-serving, and rather obnoxious person.  I had seen the movie first, and had actually hated Napoleon at first, and had it not been for my friend Faye insisting that TV-Napoleon was not like that at all and that I absolutely had to watch “Summit Five Affair” and give him a chance, I wouldn’t have found this character–and actor Robert Vaughn–who are now both very precious to me.

It also hurts to know that no one informed Robert or David that this was going on (I read in one of Robert’s interviews that, apparently, some of the filming had been near his house, and he was completely uninformed; in another interview, both he and David confirmed that they had known absolutely nothing about there being a reboot and had been out of the loop completely).

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When Kaneki asked "Is someone leaking information?", "Take Hirako" is the first name I thought of ; v ;

Deep Sigh…

I had the same thought. I was waiting until this coming weekend (because I’ll be free) to contact @hirahira about this and generally see if they have any thoughts. My uneasiness comes from the fact he was not in the meeting, and that, as a veteran (somewhat) in the CCG, his presence is crucial because his experience would help the group. Whether the ghoul members of Goat willingly decided not to invite him or not is not clear.

I am particularly intrigued by this panel though, because it seems there is someone else present.

From the general posture and the attire, it looks like it might be him. In later panels we see that Touka is also around (Tsukiyama, Naki, Ayato, Yomo, Kaneki, and Miza are present). Touka however, was not dressed like that, and she is standing right next to Kaneki. 

@m0nsee pointed to my attention that it is probably the mannequin from chapter 99 and most probably no one else was there.

While Hirako’s absence is unsettling, it might not be important because Nishiki is also missing. It is possible that we are blaming Hirako while he is innocent. Yomo’s explanation makes sense: the oggai kids are capable of finding ghouls on their own. This scenario is interesting to me because it shows something about Yomo: I am not sure what exactly, though:

  1. Yomo is an expert and definitely knows more about battle than Kaneki. 
  2. Yomo seems to know Rize quite enough and may be aware of what her kakuhou is capable of and picked on why she has been kidnapped. 
  3. Yomo had (still has?) contact with the clowns and may be easily able to infer what they are planning/how they’d work/how Furuta can be influenced by their techniques and strategies. 

It could be one of these scenarios listed above, all of them combined, or none of them. It is though important to note that Yomo’s explanation, while offers the illusion of Hirako’s innocence, does not validate it. Yes, Hirako may be innocent because Yomo’s explanation  is correct, but Yomo can be correct too and Hirako may be guilty at the same time. 

In this case, I see the following possibilities:

  1. Hirako never betrayed Goat.
    In that case:
    a. No one betrayed Goat.
    b. Someone else betrayed Goat.
  2. Hirako betrayed Goat.
    In that case:
    a. because he is secretly on Furuta’s side.
    b. because he is secretly on Furuta’s side, but specifically, has always been associated/related to the clowns.
    c. because Goat’s ideals and behavior is not true to Arima’s.

I recall Hollis’s meta-analysis [x] about how Hirako was foreshadowed to be a traitor (Judas). I have so much to say about those points but especially more about 2.a, 2.b, and 2.c, as Hirako’s behavior, as well as the odd events that happened in the recent clowns vs ccg vs goat arc offer quite some implicit insight. I’ll probably write more on that soon, while offering this as a food for thought, and hopefully initiating fruitful discussions. 

I am particularly hesitant about how to feel. I don’t mind Hirako being a traitor or being on the clowns/V side… at least then, we would get more insight to his character and he would get more screen-time, more characterization, and more interest from the fandom. This is why I think I am somewhat excited and intrigued by all of those possibilities.

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Could you draw Wilson and the Party Girl's kid being cuuuttteee?

My time has finally come….

Im pretty certain that Party Girl is a witch and just so happen to pass on the witch-y gene to her kid… Meanwhile, Wilson is ready to embrace the cosmos of the entire universe just for them.

So lets just say that these two are sitting on a countertop at some random dude’s house… It may look classy now, but just wait until the neighbors call the PoPo. xDDD 

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I miss you where you go :(

I’M SORRY OH MY GOSH,, i’m back i’m so sorryyyyy ;o;

some personal issues came up and I’ve had some trouble dealing with it all… it’s still going on and i’m super uncomfortable talking about it (so i would really appreciate nobody trying to ask or bring up the topic) ;^;

but i’m baaack and i miss you all so much ajsklff ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

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Why won't Scott and Soo get back together :(

Aww baby, they will at some point for sure! You know, they went through some shit with Sonja and it would be weird to just hop back into a relationship like nothing have happened + they were never actually meant to be together, so I think it’d be better for them to just stay very close friends (for now! I have a great storyline for them in gen 3.3). So don’t worry baby, they will, just not yet :’) (of course it doesn’t mean that they will be forever together then, NOTHING lasts forever in my legacy)

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Hi, i love your blog💖 Do you any japanese ulzzang?

Hello, thank you so much! I’m glad you like my blog. Actually I do know quite a few. Their some of my favorites. o(≧∇≦o)

- naopisgram


- screamer29

- 1ove_it4

- aaaoe__

- _motoshige_kanai_

I really could keep going forever but I’ll let you live this time. If anyone would like to add onto this list just comment. I really need to start tagging descriptions too, like ‘Japanese’ tattoos’, stuff like that. I’ll work on it.