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I'm curious about your arcana MC! Do you have any sketch of them yet? What's their name? Any headcanons? I'm sorry if I sound too pushy but I love your ocs and I would love to see more of them :)

her name is orion adanya and let me tell u she is aDONEya with lucio’s shit

bonus naughty cat faithful familiar artemis

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im.. too shy to come off anon but, gosh, every time i see your art it makes me so emotional and my heart swells with how sweet and homey it feels, its truly wonderful...!!! your art is beautiful, im glad youre keeping it up!!!!!!

sends yall kisses..,

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Hey hey! Look alive Bakugo! I think it's about time for a magic anon if I do say so myself, and I say so! For as many asks as you feel like, you have been granted the gift of invincibility! Now go! Be free! And fight whomever your heat desires!

I would fight people, I don’t need invincibility to win by the way asshole, but there is something called the law that stops me anyhow. I would still get in trouble if I just deck someone in the face. Hero-in-training remember, I’m not about to break my chances of becoming a hero just for your sick amusement.


This doesn’t say invincibility only during a fight, does that mean I’m technically invincible in everything, that I can’t lose? Ok new plan.

@ask-allmight One v one me m8, no items, Fox only, Final Destination. 

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Jaebum is a fuxking paradox. He say he can't speak english when he knows what 'def' means, or even 'make it rain'👀 He's a sweet baby, but he looks cold/sharp.. But he's not that sweet either :P He loves RnB and his soundcloud is g o l d, but inside he's sooo emo lol. He's the kind to over-think everything (and he's damn self reflective) but in the same time he don't give a fu*k about shits... And when he's out to slay, he'll make sure everyone remember it for decades 💛💛 He's the best.

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