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Tsuna and Shinuki have finally gotten together. They confessed to each other on their birthday. :’]

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What would I say…? Honestly, I’d try to avoid him if I saw him. I wouldn’t want to mess up any time-space-dimension stuff I guess… but… if he saw me, maybe it would go something like this.

“Also, there’s a flame inside of you. Never let it burn out.”

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From what the future Gokudera-kun tells me, the future me sounds really cool… And he must be really strong. I remember when I was training in the future, the future Hibari-san said “You’re starting to look more like the Tsunayoshi I know.” I wonder if he’s handsome… or if he married Kyoko-chan… o////o

I’m sure that he is handsome..~ <3 He probably is really powerful. I’m sure that he can protect his family and the ones he cares about without my help at all… I can’t wait until Tsuna grows up to be like that. I wonder if I’ll still be around, then…?

[[ Here’s their opinions written out if it went by too fast for you to read c: ]]

Our guardians? Well…

Gokudera is strong, generous, a little irrational, too quick to start a fight and loyal. He always gets us in messes. Regardless, he always tries to fix them.
Gokudera-kun, to me, is a good friend, protective, strong, loyal, and rash. He puts others (me) ahead of himself. But altogether… he’s still my best friend.

Yamamoto is kinda dimwitted at times, strong, a little scary honestly, and friendly. He always takes the worst hits. Though, he’s admirable; he always gets back up.
Yamamoto is nice, amazing, cool, friendly, and smiles a lot. He was my first normal friend!! He gets along with everyone. I wanna be like him.

Ryohei is loud, not the smartest, persistent, admirable, odd and strong. I don’t get him. But… I’m glad he’s here.
Onii-san is caring (believe it or not!), extreme!, confusing, weird, and scary. Kyoko-chan is kinda lucky to have a good big brother like him.

Lambo is strong, but he’s still just a kid. I’ll protect him with my dying will.
Lambo is kinda annoying, loud, and he calls me names a lot. QnQ But he’s still my little brother.

Hibari is strong, kinda lazy… dependable, and… silly. It’s nice knowing we have such a strong… ally?
Hibari-san is strong, smart, kinda weird when it comes to Namimori… and scary. Honestly? I don’t think he’s all that bad. I mean, look at Hibird!

Mukuro is weird, intimidating, a pineapple, and acts irrationally (he’s a fruit afterall). In the end, he’s still one of my guardians.
Mukuro is scary, weird, strong, and caring, in a way. Everything he does is for his family. He’s… a good guy.

Chrome is strong, very kind, also a pineapple, and brave. She wouldn’t let anybody besides Mukuro control her. It makes her brave.
Chrome is nice, kinda… cute… helpful, and… confusing. I’m kinda confused why she chose Mukuro, but I’m glad she’s my friend.