It shouldn’t be peculiar to see another Tsuna around here… albeit, a female Tsuna too…

She’s so… perky. Wait, no!  I mean, like, her personality! Her personality!! D8;; I’m not a pervert;; N-no, Shinuki, stop glaring at me. please. omg i’m sorry D8

What would I say…? Honestly, I’d try to avoid him if I saw him. I wouldn’t want to mess up any time-space-dimension stuff I guess… but… if he saw me, maybe it would go something like this.

“Also, there’s a flame inside of you. Never let it burn out.”

[[ ooc: wow I did not mean to make Tsuna talk that much. .u.;;;
I love little Tsuna and that’s probably why I worked so hard on this~ XDD I think it’d be fun to make an ask blog for kid Tsuna but idk;; i already have this blog XD; ]]


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I meant to release this on their birthday, but lots of things got in the way… so i deliver it to you now! a day after my own birthday teehee

Tsuna and Shinuki have finally gotten together. They confessed to each other on their birthday. :’]

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