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I'm sorry, if I'm perceived as being rude here, I am really not trying to be, But it is honestly offensive to me when you say that Bronies are 'tryna fuck horses', because that is a very small section of the community, and honestly, they're weird and everyone else ignores them. Most bronies are not like that at all. I'm sorry if i sound condescending at all, I'm really not trying to be and I know that the "not all ___" argument is kinda trite, But it is accurate here. I'm sorry.

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TSUKKI, GOD. JUST ASK YAMA YOURSELF. STOP BEING A BABY AND SPEAK OUT. ASK HIM. ASK HIM IF HE WANTS TO GO THAT FAR. How is he supposed to tell you if you don't ask? Dude. Dude, communication.

T: ….But I guess I’ll do that. Maybe. When the time for it comes up.

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My morning wood is so intense right now

What the actual fuck is wrong with you? Do you honestly think for even one second that I care about your stupid dick, or that hearing this news will make my day better? Because if so, congratulations; you are officially the most oblivious person I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing. I literally do not care. But what I do care about is the fact that there is a total creep stalking this blog and sending me anonymous messages about his dick after I thought that things had settled down. Next time you think about that floppy piece of meat between your legs, ask yourself this: “Do I really need to tell a 21 year old asexual lesbian who doesn’t know who I am about this?” If the answer to that question is “yes”, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the Holy Bible, because I’ve yet to meet a single person who needs Jesus more than you do.

You fucked up big time, anon. Honestly I don’t know if you’re the same anon as before or if you’re some completely unrelated anon or if you’re just one of my friends pulling my leg or what. But you should know better. I’ve stressed a million times over and over that I don’t like people sending me this crap, even though I honestly don’t see why anybody would enjoy it in the first place, because it’s absolutely disgusting. Were you expecting me to respond with a funny picture of a hotdog getting chopped up? You’ve gone too far past that point, asshole. This is too far. Like, I’m legitimately curious: did your mother teach you that it was acceptable to pull this shit? Did she tell you that any girl will immediately get into your pants if you start talking to her about your penis, even if you’re in your mid-40s and your dick is as disappointing and as lifeless as Bubsy 3D? Is your life honestly so devoid of people that you have to resort to confessing this crap to strangers? Are you honestly so hopeless with women that the only way you can get them to talk to you is if you tell one anonymously over the internet about your cock?

When I see the little “1” above my inbox, I don’t know what to expect. Is it somebody asking me for my opinion on something? Maybe it’s somebody sending me an ask prompt that I forgot about the previous night, or maybe it’s just somebody telling me about an error in one of the posts I made. Maybe it’s even some kid from Australia sending me weird videos. Usually, I get excited when I see that. Somebody took time out of their day to send me something because they were thinking of me, or because they had something to say to me. I do not get excited when I go into my inbox and see “venting here makes me feel better about my middle-aged sexuality”. That is not the content I want to see, and frankly, that is not the content you should be sending. The fact that I have to even stress this is baffling; you should know this. The fact that you don’t, or the fact that you do but just don’t care, is mind-boggling to me. 

See that number right there? That’s how many people you disappointed today, anon. That’s how many people won’t be able to send me anonymous messages anymore, because you just couldn’t keep quiet about your dick for two fucking seconds, and so now I have to turn anon off and hope that you lose interest and harass some other girl, even though what I would really like to do is call the police on you for sexually harassing somebody over the internet. But by all means, please, carry on. Keep disappointing people. Tell some other girl who isn’t even half your age how intense your boner was this morning. It’s not like you’re good at anything besides disappointing people.

It’s too late to apologize. I’m through with you.