“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N?!”

     “The werewolf was getting away.”

     “I don’t care if he was getting away, don’t run out onto unstable ice in any circumstances!”

     You fought to keep your teeth from chattering as Dean lead you into your motel room, angrily shutting the door behind him and ripping a blanket off the bed. Your soaking wet jacket and shirt were soon to follow that quick removal, hitting the stained carpet with a light thud before Dean wrapped the heavy comforter around your shaking form.

     “He was gonna kill someone,” you said, voice quiet but not timid.

     “He almost killed you!” Dean shot back.

     “No he didn’t, the ice did that.”

     You held your ground and locked eyes with Dean, willing your shuttering breaths to calm as waves of icy cold wracked your body. You wouldn’t yield, not about this. You did it to saves innocents and you’d do it again.

     Dean seemed to read the conviction in your eyes and sighed, running his fingers through snow-dampened hair. “Just … just promise me you won’t do anything like that again, okay?”

     “Sure. In the incredibly unlikely event that I once again find myself needing to run out onto half-melted ice, I promise I’ll let the werewolf mangle people instead.”

     “Y/N/.” Dean closed his eyes and stilled, his whole demeanor shifting from rage to fear as he knelt down on the floor in front of your chair. “Please.”

     You didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to respond. Dean never acted this way. The anger, sure, Dean wasn’t exactly known for being level headed. But this … vulnerability?

     You reached for his hand and gave him a shaky smile.

     “I’m sorry, Dean. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

     It took him a moment to respond, to show any sign he even heard you. But eventually he looked up, those green eyes shining with relief and fear – fear for your life, you realized. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “Just comere.”

     You leaned over and let Dean pull you against his chest, his hand running up and down your arm and chin resting on top of your head. You savored his warmth, let it seep into your chilled skin and surround you. A shiver ran down your spine despite the heavy blanket. Dean simply pulled you closer and kissed the top of your head.

     “I promise,” you whispered.

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anonymous asked:

OMG dude, I'm all for different takes on canon but that's silly. Of course Lizzie is not totally comfortable about finding out Red is her dad, she said that she have always been scared that the devil is her father, she also said that she was terrified about what it meant, you think just because she's not jumping in joy she does't believe it? That's dumb and if you want to analyse her face how about you go to that very last scene, when she closed her eyes and looked at peace with her dad.

Well this is certainly interesting. I am fascinated when someone comes on my blog to tell me my OPINION is not correct, even dumb.  An opinion is a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something. Our own interpretation of facts. We all can have different opinions. They may or may not be proven right or wrong in the future but last I heard, it was considered perfectly fine to have an opinion, even if the opinion does not match yours. And by the way, who appointed you the Opinion Police in the first place? I didn’t even know there was such a thing. 

Let’s get a couple of facts out of the way first starting with my blog. Here is the post you are referring to for those who want to read it: Analysis of Red and Liz Scene in 04x22. First fact is, I always tag my posts with #lizzington. So folks know where I am coming from. In addition, my blog clearly states I am a #lizzington. It is also very clear in this blog that I do not believe for one minute that Red is Liz’s father. You of course believe differently and that is your right and I have no problem with it. But unlike you, I do not go onto blogs that have different beliefs from my own and attack their view. I don’t think that is right at all. Nor do I send in questions to blogs I don’t agree with to tell them their opinion is wrong or dumb or whatever. And I especially would not send in a question that attacks someone else as ANONYMOUS. If you really believed in your convictions, you wouldn’t hide behind the anonymous tag and use your blog name, as I am doing here. 

BTW, I am fine that you have a different interpretation of the Red and Liz hug. That’s cool. I just move on when I come across a blog I don’t agree with. But you didn’t do that. You felt the need to point out that I am “silly”, I am “dumb”, and that I should try to “make a little sense”. All based on your OPINION. And maybe you will be proven right in the end. Who knows? The show is not over yet. But the point is, let’s respect other people’s opinions enough to not attack them, shall we? 

Oh, and one last thing. What bothers me the most about your post is that you suggest that at least some Lizzington ship incest. Well I will guarantee you that is not true for me nor anyone I personally know in the fandom. My Keenler friends could vouch for that. Incest personally makes me want to hurl. You just need to understand that Lizzington DOES NOT believe Red and Liz are related AT ALL. Zero, Zilch. Nor do we believe Red is paternal to Liz. Again, that is our belief. You believe something else. No problem. But give us a break. Incest – no way do we ship that. And if the show ends up going that way, then Lizzington is out. And we will mourn the loss of our ship. And we certainly will not keep shipping that relationship. But ask yourself, how did Lizzington start in the first place? Did anyone in the show lead us to that conclusion? 

I will point you to this post on this subject ==>> HERE 

To summarize that post, the following people either suggested that Red looks at Liz not as a daughter, but as something else entirely or they came out and stated Red is not Liz’s father: 

Ressler (lover’s quarrel, Red has a new crush, etc), Cooper (thought Kirk was Liz’s father), Samar (very curious, asks Liz about it), Anslo Garrick (old boy still has got the touch), Madeline Pratt (was jealous, thought Liz was too young for Red), Berlin (said Red cares for Liz as much as his WIFE), Luther Braxton (your girlfriend), Solomon (your girlfriend, a little of both), Liz (Raymond, I do love….), Jon Bokenkamp (tweets about sexy Lizzington), Daniel Cerone (Red is not Liz’s dad), Daniel Knauf (the question has been answered definitely about 50x. They just shrug and move on), Zee Hatley (It’s been repeatedly said on screen, anything else is people reading into it and not letting go despite evidence), Kat Goodson (Red is Lizzie’s dad? – NO! and she re-tweeted that Red/Liz is a complicated love story). 

Again #anon, all I ask of you is to show a blog that has a different opinion than you a little respect and either move on or don’t read it in the first place. Or at minimum, if you have a bone to pick with someone at least have the courtesy and guts not to hide behind an #anon. But in my ideal world we need not speak to each other again and happily enjoy the show each in our own way. Because it is just a television show we are talking about here. Let’s love it in peace.

Legacy Deck Tech: Goblin Charbelcher

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’re looking into legacy at oe of the staple decks that is most likely one of the most original of the format: Goblin Charbelcher! I mean, there are plenty of very original janky decks, but out of the staple decks this one takes the prize. Last week we looked at a deck based on luck in modern, and this deck also relies a bit on luck; we’ll go over everything and you’ll understand why this deck is so spicy!

Name of the Deck

This fun little card is what the deck is all about! The goal of the deck is to play & activate this card as fast as possible. By that I mean, really as soon as humanly possible. No later than turn 2. You might be asking yourself “but how much damage could you possibly do?” the answer to that is always lethal, since you only play 1 land in the entire deck. Just 1 Taiga, nothing else.

Fast Mana

Since you’re only playing 1 land, you still need to accelerate into your win-condition, so almost the entire deck is ritual effects to make sure you get enough mana. Cards like Tinder Wall, Elvish Spirit Guide, Simian Spirit Guide, Rite of Flame, Desperate Ritual, Pyrtic Ritual, Seeting Song, Chrome Mox, Lion’s Eye Diamond & Lotus Petal. That’s a lot of ramp, but it’s necessary if you want to play your Goblin Charbelcher on turn 1 & activate it as fast as possible. If played right you can win on turn 1 with that much ramp.


Might as well play a few cantrips to make sure you don’t run out of gas & make sure you’re in the clear; paying cards like Gitaxian Probe & Manamorphose really help your plan and are a good set-up for your second win condition.

Finding your Land

This neat little card is amazing for 2 reasons; first of all you get to find your land for free and play it, making this essentially netting your 1 mana and counting as a storm count for the turn. Now you might ask why I mentionned the storm count, well let me explain…

Plan G (Goblins)

Since you’re playing a bunch of ritual in the same turn as well as free cantrips, you can easily get your storm count up quite a bit. Not a lot of decks can deal with 10 goblins on turn 1 (and that’s being conservative) so this card is a neat little side plan if anything goes wrong with your Charbelcher.

Value Grab

Something to make the deck even spicier, playing 4 Burning Wish in the main deck. This lets you adapt on the spot to whatever your opponent is playing and have answers at the ready. With this, you can grab all your 1-of in your sideboard to deal with what’s going on; cards like Goblin War Strike, Shattering Spree, Past in Flames, Reverent Silence, Tendrils of Agony & Reforge the Soul. You also need another Empty the Warrens, just in case, as well as Xantid Swarm & Pyroblast in the sideboard but that’s another story.


That’s it for the deck! I hope you enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did! If I missed anything let me know. Also, on a side-note, this deck is fairly cheap for a Legacy deck, sitting at around 800$ and is considered a tier 2 deck, so you can get some pretty good results with it and even win some events if you’re lucky enough. The deck is also very fun and super “out of the box” kind of playstyle. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week for an EDH deck tech!

I dont understand how there are people who just… don’t read. I can’t not read. And I don’t mean that in a bragging, holier-than-thou, i’m so smart way, I mean it in an “i dont understand what i am listening to unless the words are expressed visually in front of my face, and thus i literally could not function without reading” way.

–I have to watch movies with subtitles
–I play video games with subtitles
–I have to have the lyrics in front of me when I listen to new songs
–I can’t do podcasts and audiobooks
–I prefer to communicate via email or texting
–If you call me I will let it go to voicemail so your message gets transcribed
–If we are talking in person I will ask you to repeat yourself at least 3 times before I understand what you are saying

Like… how are there people who can not only exist without reading, but intentionally and actively make an effort to avoid reading?

What is it that you consider to be a perfect world? What would you like to see existing? Ask yourself this, and really consider it. If the world was ‘perfect’, what would change?
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Let that sink in for a minute ...

“Some people have the disease of criticizing all the time. They forget the good about others and only mention their faults. They are like flies that avoid the good and pure places and land on the bad and wounds. This is because of the evil within the self and their spoiled nature.”
— Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, rahimahullaah

Questions to Ask Yourself

When you’re writing a story, there’s obviously some things you need to know. Here’s a list of important questions to ask yourself as you write, divided into several sections: What, Who, When/Where, Why, and How.


The first question you should ask is What is my story? I recommend keeping this answer as short as possible–one sentence is all you should need.

Other What Questions:

-What is the protagonist’s goal?
-What is the antagonist’s goal?
-What is the purpose/moral of the story?
-What are the ultimate consequences?


You’ve heard it once, or maybe a million times: Character is key. Make sure you know all of your characters better than the back of your hand.

Who Questions:

-Who is the story about?
-Who affects the main character?
-Who is trying to stop the protagonist?
-Who is trying to stop the antagonist?
-Who are allies?
-Who are enemies?
-Who ‘wins’?


When doesn’t seem as important to plot, but the reality is, it changes everything. Make sure you know your whens just as well as you know everything else. I’ve combined this section with where as well.

When Questions:

-When does the story take place?
-Where does the story take place?
-Where is the character at in their life?
-When is the deadline?
-When is there a change?
-Where is there a change?


Why is the motivation behind each and every character. It is essential in a sorry worth reading. If your character has no motivation, then the story is shallow and unimportant. Take some risks!

Why Questions:

-Why is the antagonist 'evil’?
-Why is my protagonist against him?
-Why does anyone keep fighting?
-Why do they care?


How is the story itself. It’s the characters’ journey throughout, and without the how, you have nothing.

How Questions:

-How does the character get out of this situation?
-How did they get into this situation?
-How do they get from this point to this point?
-How do they change throughout the story?

There are many, many more questions you should ask yourself–these are merely the bare essentials. Asking questions is important in making a plot, so question everything!

And that marks the end of yet another day. One more has come and gone. Did you live it they way the wanted to? Did you make a positive difference? What could you have done better to improve both yourself and the lives of others’? Take a moment to think about it, and be honest with yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

anonymous asked:

the ONLY thing you've said that's indicating you could be LGBTQ is that you wouldn't date men because it's inconvenient to you. You choose to be straight so you can benefit from privilege but claiming to be LGBTQ when it's useful to win arguments. That's worse than being legitimately heterosexual because you use your sexuality as a free pass to safe spaces but can take it off like a costume when you don't want to be oppressed anymore.

and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling anons