There’s too many men in this world. We need a new plague.
—  Zoë Nightshade, probably at the Hoover Dam
Make me choose: Tenka or Sousei

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This couldn’t be happening! His eyes were fine yesterday and now, all of a sudden, all he saw before him darkness. An endless see of darkness. Was this a punishment from Arceus himself? How was he supposed to do his work like this?! He couldn’t be a spy for Team Magma anymore like this. He couldn’t do anything at all for the team like this!

Despair settled in. Tears falling down from the eyes he couldn’t see through anymore.

When he heard his alternates voice, his ears perked up. He knew it was one of his alternates talking to him, but, he didn’t know who exactly.

“I… I can’t see anything…” His voice croaked, hands touching his surroundings.

This was a nightmare!

Ruby blinked in curiosity. He couldn’t see anything? Well, that was strange. Moving towards the Magma slowly, Ruby rested a hand on his shoulder and knelt down.

“You can’t see anything? At all?” Ruby waved a hand in front of his face to see if it’s get a response. If the Magma was crying then this was serious. 

“Maybe we should go to an eye doctor? Maybe they can tell us what’s wrong.” Ruby suggested helping his alternate up. “I mean maybe it’s temporary?”


“I can’t believe we actually did this.”

“Your scarf is really nice though.”



DUDE.  Okay then.  OKAY. SO THEN Let’s get to business.

How many times have these been used?  Going by McGucket’s and the fact that they are labeled by name instead of ‘Name 1’ or with dates we can guess that each one can be used multiple times.

Which means that Mrs. Gleeful could have been mind wiped SEVERAL TIMES.  Not only that but notice that Pacifica’s is right next to it.  And Robbie’s is in the same pile, who just happened to have been mind wiped recently.

This means that this is probably either an unsorted pile or a 'frequently used’ pile.  Perhaps both?

My question, then, is who else is in this pile?  Anybody close?  More on this later.

Another thing to note is that McGucket’s memories were triggered by things he saw, meaning they weren’t erased completely.  They’re still there just not under immediate recall.  Which leads to something else that could be interesting…

The one on the left is cracked.  While we don’t know how the gun works it’s apparent that it absorbs the memories and stores them.

What happens if the container is cracked or broken?  Does it simply break down or does the person regain their memories?  Are they lost forever since what holds them is a combination of their mind and the container?

What if Stan had been mind wiped?  Way back when?  And his container was broken and he regained his memories?

What if he CHOOSE to lose his memories, like McGucket?  What if losing his brother was too much and he wanted to forget?  Mabel was ready to forget her failed romances, how much damage would losing your other half do to you?

How desperate would you be to forget?

What if he then found the journal or stumbled upon the portal, broken and completely dark?

And then it all came rushing back?  Everything.  All the memories of you growing up, all the memories of you two fighting, all the memories of losing him.

And the one memory that hurts even more than losing him: that you were willing to forget him.  You were willing to forget him instead of fight for him, fight to get him back.

What would that do to a man?