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Has someone ever paid you to do a hit? Or steal some valuable item for them?

Tsuna: “If they want that done then they can call on Reborn or some other hit-man.”

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Have both of you ever just teamed up on a target?

Izuku: “Tsuna normally would go for acting as Bait, but since he’s more recognizable in the Underground, people would be more wary of him. Thus, making our job a bit more difficult.” 

Tsuna: “Izuku, on the other hand, just started out so no one really knows much of him. Not that it matters much; new or not, Izuku could hold his own even if we’re separated.” 

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Ive been following you for some time now but it's my first time sending a prompt! Can we have an R27 Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU? I dunno. I just realllly like that AU but I dunno how that's gonna work. If that's too much, a simple R27 date would be lovely :)

Tsuna leveled his gun straight at his… husband. When the orders had come in, he hadn’t expected to see that his latest target was Reborn.

“Six years of marriage, and you never once mentioned you were a hitman for Millefiore,” Tsuna said offhandedly. Their once beautiful living room had been torn apart by gunshots and shrapnel. The curtains pillowed on the ground, the couch overturned, pouring out its shedding like a bleeding wound. Glass crunched beneath Tsuna’s shoes and he ignored the blood dripping down his cheek from the bullet gaze.

From across the room, his own weapon pointed at Tsuna, Reborn smirked, that infuriating look that drove Tsuna around the bend. “And you never mentioned that you worked for Vongola, darling.”

Tsuna gave him a flat, unimpressed look.

Reborn on the other hand, let his eyes flicker up and down Tsuna’s form. “If I had known how delightfully delicious you looked when handling that kind of firepower, I would have gifted you weapons for our anniversary.”

Tsuna scowled, unable to keep a light blush off his face. “Flattery gets you nowhere,” he asked. Smugly, he looked at Reborn, his husband looking like he had been thrown through a wringer. For once that perfectly tailored suit that Reborn favored was shredded, his top hat sporting a cut from the knife Tsuna had thrown earlier.

Fine, despite looking he had gotten into a fight with a lawnmower and looked like he lost, Reborn still looked stupidly handsome.

“I don’t really want to kill you,” Tsuna admitted. Curse his soft bleeding heart.

Reborn holstered his weapon, hands raised up and stepped forward. Tsuna narrowed his eyes, wondering what Reborn was playing at. Reborn came to a stop at Tsuna’s gunpoint. The cold metal of Tsuna’s gun pressing against his forehead, his smirk curling wider.

“Then don’t,” Reborn all but purred, voice dark and velvety. “I’m not looking forward to killing you either. So why don’t we say screw it all to hell and run off somewhere. You always did say you want to see Paris.”

Tsuna frowned. “If I say no?”

“Then shoot me through, Tsunayoshi. Don’t miss because I won’t let you take a second shot,” Reborn promised.  

“Dangerous gamble,” Tsuna said. “Millefiore and Vongola will chase after us.”

Reborn chuckled. “Let them come. They stand no chance against us. Not against me, the World’s Greatest Hitman and you, my equal in the mafia, the infamous Cielo.”

“And what assurance do I have that this isn’t a ploy to get me to lower my guard,” Tsuna asked.

“I’ll surrender every night into your arms until you believe me. You can even tie me up,” Reborn flirted. “I may have not known you were Cielo, but six years of marriage, I do know you.”

He had the audacity to twist his head to press a light kiss against Tsuna’s knuckles.

Tsuna scoffed and lowered his gun. It was rather tempting and Vongola was starting to become more and more demanding to the point his own patience was beginning to shorten. Plus, it was a two street, for as well as Reborn knew Tsuna, he in turn knew Reborn. There was no faking that level of lust and love reflected in Reborn’s eyes. And maybe… if Tsuna looked in a mirror, he would see the same thing staring back.

“I rather go to Japan first,” Tsuna said.

“Of course,” Reborn said. “Wherever you want.”

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Badass Tsuna? Maybe rescuing his captured guardians or coming to Reborn's 'rescue' (could be a test, could be reborn was enjoying his nap too much to escape himself, maybe he actually needed to be rescued) or anything with Tsuna just obliterating people. Or anything with Tsuna! Thanks :)

Thanks for giving me an excuse to write some R27.


The first - and only time - that Reborn gets himself captured, the mafia realizes just how far Tsuna is prepared to ensure his tutor’s survival.

They also realize just how very devastatingly not human Tsuna is.

Reborn would be amused, but given that he’s drugged to the gills right now and has a pretty bad concussion, the only thing he really is is tired.

But yes, pissing off a creature that devours whole galaxies and was born from the vacuum of space itself? Not in the range of what most would call ‘intelligent life decisions’.

There’s a period of about forty eight hours when everything’s fine. Sun rises, sun sets, moon rises, moon sets, and life goes on.

And then on the third day, everything just stops. 

When people wake up, its not to the sun or the moon hanging in the sky. It’s simply to the void above them. No stars - no, stars emit light, which Tsuna doesn’t want. He’s showing his power, showing the humans how very badly they’ve fucked up by taking the one man he loves above all others. The one man he’s trusted with his True Name. 

The void is silent, and empty, and so very terrible. There is no sound. There is no movement. The entire world seems to be asleep, because nobody moves. Nothing wakes up. Nothing except what Tsuna wants to wake up.

The men that have taken Reborn threaten to kill him. They put him on camera, drugged and beaten and half out of his mind, and put a knife to his throat, and threaten the most powerful thing in the galaxy with his survival. And Tsuna’s answer to the threat is incredibly simple.

The seas dry up.

The trees wither and die.

Animals and plants vanish. There are no bones left behind. There is nothing.

Houses and people vanish too. Again, nothing to indicate anything was ever there.

Vongola remains, and the people inside remain, and Reborn and his captors remain. But that is all.

For a very short time, that is all there is.

Someone mentions sacrificing Reborn to summon something bigger. Something that will eat Tsuna, and set things back to the way they were. Because surely there must be something bigger. There is always something bigger.

Except the first time they put the blade to his throat and draw his blood, black icor that looks like starlight pours out and slathers itself over his body. Blades, guns, nothing is able to pierce it. He still looks human - but he can’t be touched. This, Reborn thinks in a moment of lucidity, is Tsuna’s devotion in action. 

My kind love only once, he had told Reborn. And we burn ourselves out with the fury of that love.

So, Reborn thinks, hysterical laughter bubbling up in his chest. This is what he meant.

And then Tsuna himself shows up in his true form, and the people that took Reborn don’t die. Instead, they beg. They beg for forgiveness, they bow and apologize and crawl and kiss Tsuna’s feet and beg.

And Tsuna forgives.

It is a terrible fate to be forgiven by a galaxy eater.

The sun rises again the next day, and there are plants and animals and life. Reborn is in Tsuna’s arms as he walks them home, but behind them there is nothing but Void. The sky above is a multitude of colors, beautiful jewel tones and pastels that blend together to create an unearthly looking sky. The animals draw close to Tsuna - birds perch on him, deer come to nibble on his shoes as he rests. They nibble on Reborn too, when Tsuna twines their hands together.

He should be afraid, but he’s not. Tsuna has proven with actions and words that he won’t ever hurt Reborn. It’s the exact opposite in fact. 

“What’s going to happen to me?” he asks when Tsuna picks him back up and they continue on. It should be evening by the time they return, but the sky above is still bright, the sun glowing. “I have to die eventually.”

“You will die when you are ready. And I will follow you, wherever you choose to go.”

It’s painfully honest. Reborn lays his head on Tsuna’s shoulder and closes his eyes, breathing in the mixture of smells that only belong to him. 

But then again, isn’t that what Reborn asked for?

“Be honest with me, always.”

“As you wish.”

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Tsuna and Izuku who do you think is the most ruthless?

Izuku: “But if you’re asking between us…”

Izuku: “Since I’m Quirkless, and Flame-less, I can’t do much but try to make it quick.” 

Tsuna: “I usually use the old Mafia style of killing: guns, cement, burning them. But it gets pretty boring after a while. Sometimes, I use the Zero-Point Breakthrough on my enemies and break off limbs from them. It’s amusing to see their sheer panic and horror when I show them what I broke off.” 

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If you could... An R27 where Tsuna is obliviously seducing Reborn by being cute as a button with the family but being a total terror in Boss Meetings/The Battlefield/Scolding his guardians and Reborn is desperately trying to ignore the growing crush he's getting on his very 25 years old very legal pupil? Happy ending please!

Hmm, not quite what you asked, but here you go. 

On Deaf Ears

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairings:  N/A

Triggers:  N/A

Important: N/A

Summary:   It wasn’t Tsuna’s fault that no one listened.

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The battlefield was scorched to ground. Even the tallest of buildings laid in ruins, their cement walls black as night and crumbling to the impressive heat. The earth was charred, embers continuing to burn, to consume, eating everything left and right.

There were no bodies. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Reborn looked at the destruction, a dark thrill racing through his heart. He had always known the potential was there, but to see it in action. There was only one word really.

“Impressive,” he purred.

Orange eyes glared at him, the intense fire still burning bright. “Reborn,” Tsuna coldly greeted.

“Charred to ashes,” Reborn said, still in quiet awe of the destruction. So, this was the level of destruction Tsuna was capable of when finally pushed past his breaking point.

Fools. Everyone looked at his former student and thought weak, kind, gentle, saint. While true on the surface, no one seemed to understand that Tsunayoshi was just as selfish as the next person and that there were lines one did not cross.

Namely he didn’t take kindly when people didn’t listen to him. You could heap on the abuse on Tsuna, could drive him around the bend with chaos. But a lifetime of bullying and people not listening made Tsuna’s fuse short. The mafia continued to push and push, from Vongola to their allies to their enemies. Constantly pushing until Tsuna snapped.

Perhaps it was because Reborn was the one who forged the steel in Tsuna’s spine or perhaps he was an odd exception in Tsuna’s book, but Reborn felt a sharp jolt of realization that he was the only one that got away with rearranging Tsuna’s life without his input. The idea of how close he had come to the edge was exhilarating.

“Are you going to stand in my way, Reborn?” Tsuna asked, voice calm and quiet, yet never wavering in pure strength.

Reborn took off his fedora, bowing deeply. “No. Where you go, I will follow, Boss.”

Tsuna nodded curtly before taking to the sky once more. His Sky Flames surging, rising like a pillar. A bonfire, a signal. A purge.

Reborn couldn’t suppress his dark grin as he placed his hat back on his head. Tsuna had said it before. He had no intention of inheriting Vongola’s sins and… if they forced him to, he would wipe out Vongola.

It wasn’t Tsuna’s fault that no one listened.

Death Will Come As Sure As the Night [KHR/SH]

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo spot 3-4; lygophobia. Mild crossover with Silent Hill.


At fourteen, Sawada Tsunayoshi should be the past the point where he fears the darkness. He shouldn’t need to keep the light on at all hours, even when he sleeps. He shouldn’t have lights in his bedroom and beneath his bed and in all the little nooks and crannies of the house.

Reborn kind of wants to laugh when he first meets Tsuna. Before he discovers what drives that fear of the dark. It’s so childish, so stupid to him then. That first night, he deactivates all the lights, and smirks when the room goes dark.

But then in the next moment he’s covering his ears in shock as Tsuna screams and howls at a level he’d thought previously unreachable. Reborn lunges for the bedroom light, and turns it on. He’s shocked to find deep, furrowed gouges on Tsuna’s arms and face, like claws. He stares, and then looks at Tsuna’s fingernails, which are clean.

Tsuna sobs, wrapping himself up in a ball and rocking back and forth. Nana comes rushing into the room with a lantern and a crowbar of all things in her hand, and looks wildly around. She goes to the closet, checks under the bed, and then whirls on Reborn, looking far more furious than he’s ever thought her capable of. “Did you do it? Did you turn off the lights?”

“Yes,” Reborn says. He’s still looking at Tsuna as he says it. He’s not sure what to make of what he’s seeing. Those marks are claw-marks, far bigger than any wild animal he’s seen. Tsuna couldn’t have done that with a knife or any weapon. And even if he could, why wait for Reborn to turn off the light to do it? There’s just no way, no explanation. But then, what did cause those marks? “I think…I’m missing quite a few things.”

He doesn’t know it, but saying that is the only thing that saves his life that night. Nana Sawada has no problems burying him for harming her child. She’d thought it malicious until he spoke those words. She sighs harshly through her nose, and helps bandage Tsuna up. Reborn watches as she tucks Tsuna into bed, and then beckons him downstairs.

And once there, she tells him about Silent Hill, and how Tsuna spent the last three years of his life in that hellhole. He went in at eleven - even now she doesn’t know why, because Silent Hill draws in those looking for something, either to punish or help, and what does an eleven-year-old go looking for that would draw such a place’s attention? - and came out at fourteen, barely four months before Reborn showed up.

She tells him about the monsters, about the constant threat of death, how the darkness drew the monsters, and Tsuna always kept a crowbar by his side for the longest time. And she tells him about how, two months ago she started believing too, because the power went out in their whole house during a storm, and for the next several hours she had to listen and watch by lantern light as Tsuna fought and killed creatures that were beyond description.

“The darkness is their doorway,” she tells him, the coffee she placed before him long since gone cold. “Even the tiniest bit is enough. So we keep the house bright, and we… we stay inside at night. We don’t leave windows or doors open. Vents either. If you ever go out at night, always take light with you. And a crowbar, or some kind of weapon. Guns, swords, it doesn’t matter what. They’ll all work.”

It’s a tall tale, to be sure, but Reborn finds himself believing it easily enough. Not just because of Tsuna’s injuries, but because of the near-visceral reaction both mother and son have had. 

“I won’t do it again,” he tells her. And then, “I’ll make sure he’s back well before the dark comes, and if… if for any reason we do have to go out at night, I’ll make sure we’ve got lights.”

She nods. It’s really all Reborn can promise at that time.

And then, after Mukuro and the Varia, after Byakuran and the Vindice, after so much time spent together with Tsuna, he finally discovers Silent Hill.

Fog rolls into Namimori one morning, and right off the bat, Reborn knows its not right. It’s unnaturally thick given the time of year, and there’s so much of it, it almost looks like it doesn’t end. Tsuna’s sleeping soundly, but something in Reborn’s gut is urging him to wake the boy, so he does. Tsuna wakes up almost immediately, rubbing his eyes. “Reborn?”

“Fog,” Reborn says, and he watches as Tsuna freezes, and transitions from calm awakening to panicked horror. He lunges for the window, and stares out. His face goes pale, and drawn, and his eyes gain a haunted look. 

“No,” he whispers. His legs shake, and he drops down onto the carpet. “Please god no, not again…”

“Tsuna? Tsuna, talk to me, what’s going on?” Reborn’s by his side in an instant. He notices the door to their room is open, and hastily goes to shut it and lock it. There’s a rising sense of alarm creeping up his spine. Something is wrong. 

“We’re here, Reborn,” Tsuna tells him, and its no longer a broken voice he speaks it. It’s an eerily calm one, the same as when he goes into Hyper mode. Driven. Focused. “We’re in Silent Hill. Specifically, we’re in the Fog World.”

Reborn feels his stomach drop. “How?”

Tsuna shakes his head. “I don’t know. I don’t know if its us, or if its calling someone else, but its here now and we need to find a way out.”

“Okay. You’ve been here before.”

Tsuna nods, and goes rooting under his bed. He emerges with a crowbar, two pistols, and what looks like a handheld torch and a water bottle of gasoline. “I don’t know the way. It’s never the same - the place changes depending on who’s here.”

“Do you think… is it me?” Reborn asks. He almost doesn’t want to. 

Tsuna looks at him, and it feels like he’s being weighed. “I don’t think it is. But who knows. For now though, we need to–”


Reborn jerks around. That’s the sound of gunfire in the distance.

“Huh,” Tsuna says, tossing him one of the two guns. “Looks like we’re not the only ones here.”

“What about Mama?” Reborn asks. Tsuna shakes his head.

“She’s safe, back in the Real World. She’ll know why we’re gone, don’t worry about it.”

That’s good, at least. “Tell me what to do, Tsuna.” 

Tsuna taps his shoulder. “Get up here, and stay close. Keep your guard up. We’re going to go out, and see if we can do a quick scavenging run, and then see if we can find out who’s called the fog in. Silent Hill proper is in Maine, but if you travel through the Worlds long enough, you can end up there. So we’ll have to be careful.”

Reborn tugs his hat down more firmly, and ensures the gun he’s holding is loaded and ready, urging Leon beneath his hat for safety. “Then let’s do this.”

“Same rules apply,” Tsuna murmurs. “We don’t go out after dark, and we stay in well-lit areas. I hope you’re ready, Reborn. Because some of those lit areas, they’re not nice.”

“We’ll make it, Tsuna,” he replies. “I trust your judgement. You do whatever you think is best, and I’ll follow you until the end.”

Tsuna’s smile is faint, but it is there. “Then let’s go.”

And they step out into the fog.

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This is for both Tsuna and Izuku. Whats your favorite part about getting a hit done?

Tsuna: “Mine would have to be the fact that it was done and over with. Not to mention, it being a success.” 

Izuku: “I suppose mine would be a more favorable answer, as I tend to pick out what the person can do. Quirk or no, it’ll do us some good to have more information on what works or not for the future.” 

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Xanxus and tsuna lovers are pregnant and bester and natsu will not go back in their box and are super protective of their lovers sorry about my English

your english is just fine boo and this is a cute idea


“When did Natsu get out again?” Tsuna asked as he came up behind the couch and saw his box animal curled up next to you.

“Awhile ago,” you said, closing your book and leaning your head back to see your husband.

“How is he doing that?” Tsuna mused as he leaned down to kiss you.  He thought about going back for another kiss when he heard a growl come from Natsu.

Spinning around and looking for the danger, he was confused when he looked back at the small lion and saw that Natsu was growling at him.

“What?” he asked the small creature as he leaned down to kiss you again.  He didn’t even get to your lips before Natsu jumped at his face, claws out.

“So I guess he’s overprotective even with you,” you commented as Tsuna pried the lion off his face.

“WHY?” the brunette yelled, his face covered in red claw marks.  “It’s my kid too!”


You left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen, your throat dry and itchy and yearning for a glass of water.  As you padded down the hallway you heard the softer footsteps of the large liger behind you.  “I think I can get some water on my own Buster,” you commented, sticking your hand out by your side.

The large cat strolled to your side and stuck his head under your hand until it ended by his ear and you gave him a scratch.  There was a large purring sound coming from him that vibrated through your hand and it felt calming.  “I guess some company wont hurt,” you chuckled.

You crawled back into bed, your thirst quenched and felt Xanxus wrap his arm around you again.  “We’re keeping a water bottle on your night stand from now on.  And a lock on the damn cat’s box,” he grumbled.  “He landed on me when he escaped to follow you,” he added, pulling your closer and giving Buster a light kick to the nose when the cat tried to jump on the bed with you two.

“I’m sorry,” you said, turning your head enough to give the man a peck on the cheek.

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In which Hibari Kyouya, the self-proclaimed Protector of Namimori, sees a woman being harassed and swoops in to mete out divine retribution. Seeing the woman's fluffy haired herbivore of an offspring (amusingly) take down an opportunist yakuza who was coming around in Hibari's blind spot- he's only ten, he's not quite perfect yet- Hibari decides that he needs to Train This Fledgling Possible Carnivore. Tsuna, meanwhile, wishes he would have just cowered like normal.

It figures that the one time Tsuna manages to screw up his courage and do something about the bullies in Namimori, there would be some kind of crazy man-eating beast around watching him do it. He doesn’t regret kicking that jerk like he did, because its his mom, and Tsuna has enough problems in his own life, he doesn’t need jerks attacking his mom too, but he’s exasperated with the attention he’s been getting.

Hibari Kyouya, Namimori’s ruler and self-proclaimed ‘carnivore’ stares down at him from where he’s thrown Tsuna on the roof of the school and locked the door behind them. 

“Can you just… not?” Tsuna asks, politely. It pays to be polite when there’s someone around that can kick the every-loving crap out of you. 

Hibari, rather than doing just that, smiles. It’s a cold, ruthless smile that makes Tsuna regret everything. “No. Now get up, herbivore. We’re going to fight.”

“What?” Tsuna squawks, and then shrieks when the jerk tries to hit him with a tonfa. “No!”

Unfortunately, no amount of flailing, screaming, kicking or otherwise ‘herbivore’ behavior does anything to stop the jerk attacking him. At the end of it Tsuna finally mans up and bites him. Hibari pulls back to inspect the sluggishly bleeding bite wound on his wrist, and Tsuna thinks this is it, this is how I die.

He’s not entirely wrong. Hibari seems to take Tsuna’s bite as permission to beat him even harder. Tsuna does all he can, but against an opponent like Hibari, there’s just no winning. And when at last its over and Tsuna is being dropped on his porch back home, he says two words that make him groan in despair.

“Tomorrow, herbivore.”

He really, really regrets his life right now.