What would I say…? Honestly, I’d try to avoid him if I saw him. I wouldn’t want to mess up any time-space-dimension stuff I guess… but… if he saw me, maybe it would go something like this.

“Also, there’s a flame inside of you. Never let it burn out.”

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Ah, I'm sorry. Then, just some interaction between Tsuna and Xanxus in the End of the Night Verse almost directly after he's released from the ice, if you please? Thank you!

This is the second unfreezing! I think the first one was messy but i’m not ready to write it tbh. Follows directly from here, and includes the last few lines of that snip in the beginning.

Xanxus opens his eyes, and there’s a beat of blankness before total comprehension crashes down on him, and he wraps one hand around Tsuna’s wrist, as though desperate for something to ground him.

“Takeshi,” Tsuna says, not looking away from Xanxus. “Get Superbi here.”

There’s a beat, and then the sound of footsteps crossing the room, the door opening and closing.

Xanxus’ grip on Tsuna’s wrist is bruisingly tight, but Tsuna doesn’t say anything. Coming out of the ice is horrifically disorienting, from the bits and pieces that Tsuna has picked up, and he’s not willing to deny his Commander any comfort that will help him steady himself.

They stand there, just waiting, for a long time.

Finally, Xanxus sighs and steps close, letting go of Tsuna’s wrist. Instead, he leans close, lets his head fall onto Tsuna’s shoulder.

Tsuna breathes deeply, prepares himself to order his Guardians out of the room. Before the words can leave his mouth though, there’s a collective shuffling from behind him, and the sound of the door opening. 

“We’ll be outside, Boss,” Hayato says, before the door closes.

Tsuna breathes out, slowly, and blesses Hayato, not for the first time, for his uncanny ability to know exactly what Tsuna needs these days.

Wrapping an arm over Xanxus’ broad back, he waits. Eventually his Commander will be ready to make plans, but for now, this is what matters. Touch. Contact. Heat and life and breath and patience.

It takes less time for Xanxus to steady himself than it did in the future. Tsuna doesn’t know if it’s ten years less on ice, Tsuna’s increased finesse with melting the Zero Point, familiarity or the memories. It doesn’t matter.

Eventually Xanxus draws back, standing up and squaring his shoulders.

“How long?” he asks, voice low and gravelly with disuse.

“Five days since we came back. I wanted to be earlier, but travel arrangements were…complicated.”

Only half his menagerie of Guardians and wards have valid passports, and most of them fly with horrifically illegal items. Arranging surreptitious, private transit, without informing the Ninth, was a difficult affair.

Xanxus makes a noise that might be a laugh, because he understands.

“Get yourself a private jet,” he says, “solves all the problems.”

“Is that how the Varia do it?” Tsuna asks, and he keeps his voice light and his eyes smiling at he meets Xanxus’ gaze.

“Something like that,” Xanxus replies. “Squalo?”

“Takeshi is getting him. I thought we’d discuss the options with your Captains before making plans.”

Xanxus looks knowingly at Tsuna.

“You want to walk out the front door in front of God and everyone, don’t you, Generale?”

“Don’t call me that,” Tsuna complains, and doesn’t deny it.

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Delinquent AU: Hana is all sorts of terrifying but it takes the rest of the mafia a while to catch onto that. Tsuna and the rest find it hilarious and not just because Hana's collection of hotwired vehicles is taking up garage space.

aaah Hana totally makes stealing cars her Thing ™ and it’s ridiculous. 

Liberties taken with the Lamborghini Venano–it looks lethal and so Hana would want it, but there are like ten in private hands so. We’ll say it had a somewhat less limited run.

The thing is, people treat Hana like she’s not even there, sometimes. Which, sure, gets annoying. They look at her, hair tied back, reading glasses on, court suit precise and pristine, and they think Tsuna’s made a mistake.

Still, it always makes Hana smile, that “we can take her” look on people’s faces when she sits in on meetings. She never gets it back home. Either people back in Namimori have a better understanding of what that fuck off looks like, or Italian men are just stupid.

(Given what Bianchi’s had to put up with over the years, Hana would bet a small fortune on the latter.)

“Hana,” her Boss says, breaking through her contemplation of the idiocy she now lives with, “One more thing.”

She turns to look at him properly, already sighing with exasperation.

“As nice as the new Maserati is,” he says in a monotone, eyes laughing, “didn’t I ask you to stop walking out of people’s compounds with their very expensive cars after the incident with the Veneno?”

That elicits a reckless grin. People should not boast about their expensive cars and even more expensive security systems in front of her. It makes her fingers itch. Mafia men are terrible at not pushing her buttons.

And at security.

(Paulo Albani raged at Tsuna for four days over the loss of his Veneno, and Tsuna just raised an eyebrow and lit another cigarette. Eventually he offered the Albani boss a tour of the garage, and commiserated with the man over the price of good cars, standing in front of Hana’s new, emerald green Lamborghini.

She took Tsuna out in it that night, and they drank wine and laughed themselves sick.)

“It’s not stolen, Sawada,’ she says. “It’s Kyoko and Haru’s wedding present.”

Tsuna raises an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know that either of them needed a cherry-red GranTurismo.”

Hana waves a hand dismissively. Why is Tsuna bothering her with this? She has six cases to review and he also wants her to do something for her actual job. One more sports car in the garage does not merit this kind of interrogation.

“I’ll have it repainted soon, but I gave Tonio and the rest of the crew a month off after the Venano had to be taken care of so quickly.”

Tsuna leans back in his chair. “Ah. Well then, go on, have fun, try not to bring back any cars covered in blood spatter this time.”

It’s obvious he’s joking–the Corvette is one of Tsuna’s favorites. She always tells him not to drive it around when he’s under investigation, but he likes the way it makes cops twitch.

(Hana sometimes thinks that all of them are just the products of their misspent youth.)

She bares her teeth at him.

“Just for you, Sawada,” she says, and leaves his office before he says anything more.

Her bat is waiting outside the door, and she picks it up, careful of the nails as she swings it over her shoulder and heads for her garage.

Tsuna didn’t make a mistake with her.

He made a monster.

She clenches her free hand into a fist, feeling the heavy silver of the ring on her hand. She smiles to herself, and then gets, as Kyouya puts it, really pissed off.